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    My E34 BMWs, working on cars, family outings.
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    1994 E34 525i M50 single vanos, 1990 E34 525i M20.

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  1. alex525


    Go the tu it has the single vanos
  2. alex525


    If you’re handy with spanners you could go with a m50b25 with 3.0 internals with an upgraded ecu tb and maf other wise just go with the b25
  3. alex525

    Suspension question

    Thanks Flandy and Carl for the replies I was just curious because the store I get my parts through lists them for sedan only or touring only, thanks again
  4. alex525

    Suspension question

    Dumb question time, what is the difference between the gas strut inserts from sedan and wagon and are they interchangeable?
  5. alex525

    To all the newbies :-)

    Welcome all
  6. alex525

    BMW e34 South Africa

    Very nice and still jealous of those 3 E34’s, welcome to the forum
  7. alex525

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Last week I finally got round to fitting a new radiator
  8. alex525

    Trans fluid

    Thanks whiskychaser looks like fun times ahead for me
  9. alex525

    Trans fluid

    Could anyone tell me how to top up the trans oil in a 5hp auto it’s the model without the dip stick . Any help is greatly appreciated. Alex
  10. alex525

    E34 Buyers Guide?

    Same here because to register my 525i it’s the equivalent to 337 euro a year
  11. alex525

    Which auto box

    Thanks whiskychaser at least now I have a start figure to work with
  12. alex525

    Which auto box

    Which of the 6 cylinder autos would be strong enough to handle a forced induction system as I’m really not too interested in a manual swap, at the moment I’m running an m50b25tu. Thanks in advance for any advice Alex
  13. alex525

    E34 M50B25TU Bosch Alternator

    What is the starter motor out of I changed mine with one out of an e39, mine is a 94
  14. alex525


    Thanks again for all the replies I’ll keep looking into it as I have also read on the turner Motorsport website that they have one that works with an adapter cord Thanks Alex
  15. alex525


    Thank you stevenc3828 only asking as I’m looking into getting myself a code reader