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    Adelaide South Australia
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    My E34 BMWs, working on cars, family outings.
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    1994 E34 525i M50 single vanos, 1990 E34 525i M20.

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  1. alex525

    Stereo Wires

    Hope this helps with the rewire
  2. alex525

    Stereo Wires

    I would say yes to that,I recently swapped out the other way and spliced into an adapter so I didn't have to cut the wireing loom.
  3. alex525

    535se finally back on the road

    Looks brilliant well done.
  4. alex525

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Well it wasn't today but I replaced all 4 control arms, the rocker cover gasket and spark plugs. Next on the to do list are the dog bones on the rear. It will be interesting to see the difference in the handling as I thought it was pretty good before.
  5. alex525

    Diff swap

    Wondering just what issues I would have if I swap the diff from my 1990 m20 4 speed auto and put it into my 1994 m50 5speed, is the swap a simple bolt up project or will I have fabrication issues, only looking into it so I can rebuild the original and refit. All opinions and answers appreciated. Alex
  6. alex525

    very heavy vibration through car at 40mph

    As I said in a previous post check the bushes, it is an easy job just pull the retaining bolt it pulls out and see if you can move the centre with your fingers if you can it is stuffed, I had this on mine and replacing them fixed the issue. I paid $68 au each.
  7. alex525

    very heavy vibration through car at 40mph

    Check your lower control arms had the same on mine and am replacing them, they have oil filled bushes on the car end and this fails over time and they leak.
  8. alex525

    M5 valet today. Results

    Stunning looking car, your a lucky man
  9. alex525

    New owner of M5 3.6

    Very nice, bit jealous , but I love my 525. Alex
  10. alex525

    Probably asked before but

    Thanks Duncan Alex
  11. alex525

    Updated my stereo with a factory look.

    Does it run the CD stacker?
  12. alex525

    Probably asked before but

    Thanks Duncan, was just looking at lifting the compression ratio after doing some reading. Alex
  13. alex525

    Probably asked before but

    Does a piston from the S50 engine fit the M50?
  14. alex525

    Hi all - forum newbie and first time beemer owner.

    Nice car but alas I could never afford anything that flash, but that doesn't stop my admiring them.