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  1. Steve540

    Possibly buying an E32. Looking for advice

    @Bronson I want to restore one Id like a black e23, e32 and e38 beside other
  2. Steve540

    Possibly buying an E32. Looking for advice

    @Bronson haha seen that one. Very ambitious pricing. I’m just after a black one. Any engine any condition
  3. Steve540

    e32 750iL Calypso Red

    14 months of hibernation ended last week when I pulled this car out. I just sold my e34 and e38 so now I’ve time to focus on this! ( and the 540 ) Gave it a wash and a really good clean inside. Also cleaned the leather and put some conditioner on it. There’s some scuffs marks in various places with peoples nails etc that I’d like to get touched in at some stage but overall the interior is in remarkable condition Going to give the car a full service. Gearbox, diff everything. Starting with the engine of course. I plan on pulling the intake manifolds and getting them refinished and also checking the dreaded intake gaskets I’ll also do whatever else needs done while I’m in there. The car is running really poorly. I imagine it’s a combination of bad petrol and sitting for 14 months. The spark plugs are probably ruined from starting and stopping it, so it will be glad of a new set I’m sure Going to have a look at the brakes, I’m sure they will need either cleaned up or replaced from sitting so long Last but not least the body needs attention. The bottom of every door is bubbling along with rear boot lid and bottom of the rear arches. I want to have it running perfectly before I get the body sorted This isn’t a progress update but more of a taster of what’s to come haha I would love to have a black e32 750iL, but I doubt I’ll ever be able to find one with a spec similar to this car. Personal taste I guess, I just have a thing for black long wheel base 7s
  4. Steve540

    Possibly buying an E32. Looking for advice

    Ahh no worries. I’m on the look out for a black e23 Enjoy the e32, I’ve recently pulled mine out to start working on it. Great cars
  5. Steve540

    Possibly buying an E32. Looking for advice

    Sorry for the late reply, only seeing this now Thanks for the info, have you got a thread up of your new purchase? Would love to see it Is the 730i that the gentleman owns an e23 or e32? If its an e23 I would be interested in seeing some pictures of it Thanks
  6. Steve540

    Possibly buying an E32. Looking for advice

    e32s are fairly bullet proof. Id just be checking the essentials.. overheating, gearbox working as it should. 730s aren't that desirable though. They came with a 6cyl and v8 Im looking out for an e23 at the minute. What put you off that one? They are very hard to find
  7. Steve540

    Contour seats wanted

    I’m looking to get contours for my 740. Picked up leather parts last week including door handles, lower dash, centre console and upper dash. The car I took them from had a Nappa leather interior, so I’ve also taken the back bench but I want some Nappa contours to match the rest Thanks
  8. Steve540

    e32 750iL Calypso Red

    They are a very pretty wheel, I bet they look great on your touring. It’s a pity they have become unobtainable but there are plenty of other options out there. Even 18inch softlines would look nice. I’d love to try a set on
  9. Steve540

    e32 750iL Calypso Red

    Thanks sharkfan, that makes sense now I saw the e31 classics on eBay and couldn’t believe the price of them!
  10. Steve540

    e32 750iL Calypso Red

    Absolutely nothing has happened to the 750 since. The 740 has got whatever attention I have outside of exams! It’s just loving life in the shed I think/hope I've settled on my wheel choice of using the parallels of my e38 when the 21 alpinas are put back on for the summer, and will stay on as I won’t be using the 740 as a daily after the summer So I was planning on putting low profile tyres on the parallels and getting them diamond cut with no lacquer. That along with spacers and a slight drop in the suspension should leave the 750 sitting how I want it Contemplated doing a 3 piece style 5 conversion, but I’m not in love with the wheels enough to pour in £2500 when I could have pretty much any other wheel I liked for that sort of money This blue alpina keeps catching my eye and make me doubt my wheel plans though. If I thought I could get my car to sit with the same stance I’d buy a set of 20 soft lines and do it, but something tells me it’s photoshopped because it looks too good to be true.. I’m also doubting if they are 20” softlines, they may be 18s (what do you think?), either way it looks fantastic
  11. Steve540

    E34 540/6 Orient blue (Ireland)

    I wouldn't even buy that at 1K... and its beside me
  12. Steve540

    M5 Mirrors Genuine or fake?

    I don’t know why but I have it in my head that if I put £250 into a genuine set they would hold their valve better than replicas But I wouldn’t be planning on selling them anytime soon, which kinda contradicts my thinking haha if anyone knows of nice genuine set tag me
  13. Steve540

    M5 Mirrors Genuine or fake?

    Havnt really looked into them. Someone about having genuine M5 parts excites me! also want the interior mirror too
  14. Steve540

    M5 Mirrors Genuine or fake?

    Thanks for the advice man l’ll probably hold out for a complete working set !