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  1. Jonny2400

    Remap and suspension upgrades to 530d?

    You will get more responses on this subject on the G30 owners club on Fb, loads have had remaps done there.
  2. Jonny2400

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4

    I have the PS4S on my G30 and have been happy, compared to the AS3 they replaced. The only major downside is the increased wear rates. Combined with the X drive, the grip levels inspires impressive levels of confidence, at every speed.
  3. Jonny2400

    any firmware update at service?

    I hear your points, but I always use eco pro, first thing I do when I get in the car, 99% of my driving is in eco pro and since last service two months ago, it definitely drives differently, than it did for the last 3 years and 45,000 miles since I’ve owned it. Its not like, I only had a few weeks before or used eco pro occasionally, I know how it drove and it’s definitely changed.
  4. Jonny2400

    Thinking of going for a 530e from 530d

    I get 40 mpg ish in a 530d xdrive and over a weekend in a loan 530e, I covered about 170 miles and I managed 16mpg (no charging) I also found it very heavy feeling and less enjoyable to drive, the boot size was also far to small for my needs.
  5. Jonny2400

    any firmware update at service?

    Funny you say this, I got my 530dx serviced last month, and it’s definitely changed driving style, over the 45k I’ve put on it since new. I noticed it most in eco pro mode, especially when using cruise control, before if cruise was at 70mpg and I approached a hill, the system would almost instantly add power and I’d maybe only drop down to 68-69mph before speeding back up to 70. Now it happily lets me drop to 64-66mph before increasing power again, it seems more economically minded than before. I posted the same question on the G30 FB group and was also told if was my imagination .
  6. Jonny2400

    Photos of the 3 Pre LCI Grills

    Possibly if I decide to keep it, in the US if you paid to add the shadow trim pack, the fog lights are black, but with Cerium grill, just as mine is now.
  7. Jonny2400

    Photos of the 3 Pre LCI Grills

    Yes your right, It’s hard to describe its a Matt gold / Titanium / Grey. I felt a little underwhelmed after fitting, but it’s growing on me. I was always undecided about the black grill, plus it’s so common, the Cerium it’s much rarer as it was never available on any of the G30s sold in the UK.
  8. Jonny2400

    Photos of the 3 Pre LCI Grills

    Here are three of the four Genuine BMW grills for the pre LCI. M sport chrome, M performance black and M-Lite Cerium Grey, modelled on my alpine white 530dx. Obviously the Cerium Grey is the rarest of them all in the UK, as this was never available in the Pre LCI 5 series here.
  9. Jonny2400

    N47 remap advice

    I had a Celtic remap done to my F10 520d, had no issues and my mpg increased slightly to around 42mpg from 39.9ish. Done about 40k after the remap, until I changed to a G30 530dx which is a massively quicker car.
  10. Jonny2400

    Leaving the G30 fold

    Sounds good, what engine did you order ?
  11. Jonny2400

    Leaving the G30 fold

    This is very Interesting as honestly I’ve no idea where to go, from my 530dx .. I mean I’d love a M550i but with petrol prices due to break £2 a litre by H2 2023 (latest fuel cost forecasts) and me doing 20k a year, it’s a pipe dream. To change to the same spec model I have in a LCI would be easily 30k, which for basically is just different head & tail lights isn’t appealing, it makes more sense to just keep my G30 until the new new 5 series comes out. I wasn’t impressed with the G20 and the X5 is a big beast of a thing, I had assumed the X3 was closer to a G20 than a G30. However from what am seeing you lot feel the X3 is closer to the G30, then the X3 M40d could be a very interesting option. On a side note, I was super impressed with the f40 and have one on order for the mrs and did toy with a M135i lol
  12. That’s what leather seats look like after 137,000 miles when the owner takes car of their car ..
  13. Long gone are the days that 100k miles is scary, I popped 137k on my F10 in just over 4 years, mostly A roads, and it never once missed a beat, apart from normal servicing that’s all I done, gearbox oil never changed and it still changed as smoothly as my brand new G30.
  14. Jonny2400

    BMW Stopping Wheel Storage

    My winter tyres home, had a small shed made with space for them as didn’t want them in my garage taking up space. while I currently have 18 inch winter set up and 20 inch summer, once my winter tyres are worn out. They will be replaced with cross climates all season tyres, which I feel are safer option in the UK, due to how variable our weather is over winter, in a single week you can experience -1c and then 2 days later it is 14c, before dropping back to 3c two days after that again. I certainly notice at above 12c my pure winter tyres don’t feel as stable as I would like at motorway speeds. On my F10 RWD I ran cross climates for a whole year, amazing in snow / ICE and also great in the sun on 22c days, brilliant tyre.