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  1. Wow! Comprehensive answers, thanks for the heads up both Dan and Dennis. Long time lurker, but it still surprises me the wealth of info on here! Spent the evening pulling the Alpina center caps apart, so was great to come back to some answers and it's really helped with the next steps. Will put the wheels back on as they are after a refurb at platinum over in Swindon - it's got a pair of half decent contis on two wheels at the moment (4mm and 5mm) though the Michelins that were on the rear are done. I've only heard good things about the Goodyear F1 asymmetric 3's and at £130 a tyre I'm tempted to try those on the rear, get a little more life out of the conti's, and then a few thousand miles down the line rotate back to front and put a matching pair on the rear. Really liking the idea of the front spacers, will have a look at how it sits when they're back on, and after a German roadtrip that I've got coming up will do some homework - any brands in particular you'd recommend? Cheers and all the best BK
  2. Hi folks, was looking for a little guidance on a set of E39 Alpinas, so any wisdom appreciated. I've got a set of Genuine Alpina softlines that I'm looking to put back on an E39 530D saloon, and it's running a square setup with 245/35/19 tyres all round. Wheels beneath the centre caps read 8.5x19 h2 E24. I know this isn't technically correct as the B10s ect. ran a staggered setup, however I'm covering 20-25k in motorway miles a year, and like the idea of being able to rotate tyres - will I run into any problems if these go back on, or would it be recommended/ will it fit going up a size on the rear tyres?