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  1. Hi All, So i have a very odd intermittent issue with my passenger side auto dimming mirror, basically the drivers side and rear view mirror both dim as you would expect when its bright behind but the passenger side does not, however, if I flick the switch over to move the mirror, adjust it down and up a few clicks, then flick the switch back to drivers side it starts working again.. does this every single time without fail.. If it was a loose connection id expect it not to work all the time, or on and off occasionally without me having to intervene.. also thought could be a dry joint, but in reality have no idea.. has anyone had similar or any ideas how to remove the cover so I can see if the connector is loose? Cheers
  2. Greenninja

    Funny vibration from steering when in lock

    I dare say you are correct and when I looked in there last time I noticed quite a few joints that could fail so I guess it's off to garage to get it checked over!! More money on top of the service and MOT!! Bloody cars
  3. Greenninja

    Funny vibration from steering when in lock

    77000 miles, I was thinking the same as it seems odd it's only at full lock.. will be booking in with my mechanic to get him to check those. Thanks
  4. Hi all, I have a funny vibration coming from my steering when on full lock and most noticeable at low speed when gently braking. The car drives fine and power steering seems perfectly normal all other times but this odd vibration is getting on my nerves.. Any ideas where I should look?? Thanks
  5. Greenninja

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    No, extra load non runflat
  6. Greenninja

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    So to give the final update ive now had my alloy wheels refurbished and new Khumo tyres fitted.... and the difference is night and day, more comfort right from the off and way better grip.. so for anyone who is interested Khumo tyres arent rubbished, ive gone for the Khumo Ecsta PS91. Very happy, do it!!!
  7. Greenninja

    Centre Caps for staggered 19s

    Ok, incase I missed it, are the 65mm floating ones ok for the 19s I've got on my car with the current 68mm ones?
  8. Greenninja

    Centre Caps for staggered 19s

    Ahhh ok, is the link Andrew posted for F10 then? It's just the ad said 65mm not 68 but assume that's because they are spinners?
  9. Greenninja

    Centre Caps for staggered 19s

    Does anyone have the correct part number and maybe eBay link for the floating ones for the F10?
  10. Hi All, getting my alloys refurbished on the 29th and figured that spanking new look alloys would look rather poo with old bubbled caps, but cant seem to find what size they are.. I see plenty on EBAY that suggest they are 68mm but does anyone have a definitive answer?? im on staggered 19s in case it made any odds... Thanks in advance
  11. Greenninja

    F10 525d brake pads and discs

    So here are the old springs side by side, you can see the one on the rightmissing the top of it... apprently a bit of a pain to do as to access the the top of the shock you need to remove the rear speakers on the shelf!! Once out removing the slring was easy with the machine they have.. Now the car feels totally transformed.. spring must have been fubar for a while
  12. Greenninja

    F10 525d brake pads and discs

    No, apparently didnt need it... there is some sort of test that can be done to determine if its needed and mine wasnt.. doesnt feel like old brakes at all, stops bloody well now!!
  13. Greenninja

    F10 525d brake pads and discs

    Ok so a few days in to new brakes and so far so good, feels a lot better under braking, less grinding noise that was there before.. still can’t really stamp on them as I was told to bed in for 500 miles so making sure I do as told for a change.. car is back in Friday though to have 2 Sachs rear springs fitted to hopefully improve handling again, although can’t say I noticed it being bad before.. we shall see though!! will report back once they are done and what brakes are like once fully bedded in
  14. Greenninja

    F10 525d brake pads and discs

    Wear sensors are front passenger side and rear drivers side, I know for certain as my nephew showed me them on my car whilst it was on the lift..
  15. Greenninja

    F10 525d brake pads and discs

    All done, £500 down but all shiny new discs and pads done, feels so much different!! Look at the state of the old ones though!! Also discovered a snapped spring!! Bloody cars... will be back for replacement ones in the week!! front discs 348x30 rear were 330x20 I think..