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  1. Greenninja

    Opinions needed for brake

    ive got mtec discs on the front of mine drilled and grooved and they are superb, mate has them on 2 track cars too and they stand up to a pasting all day on track without issues, replacing my rear discs with mtec too and new pads all round, will likely go OE on pads though just because its a nightmare to find the right ones.
  2. Greenninja

    Confusing brake pad options!!

    thanks for the replies guys, I will call cotswalds tomorrow morning and see what they say, aside from the discs i dont mind going OE for the pads at all, like you say, dont save on brakes.... I will just give a big shout out to MTEC discs though, the fronts i have on mine are bloody superb and got rid of my "constant warping" of aftermarket discs, mate uses them on his track car too and they have taken a beating around cadwell park and donnington so they are good, coated in black stuff to stop them rusting too.. well worth a look if youre in the market
  3. Greenninja

    Confusing brake pad options!!

    Thanks for the reply, unfortunately i thought exactly that and gave them a call, the girl i spoke to was almost as confused as me with the options listed for my car, the rear ones seem to be easy as they are one size and all the same, its mostly the fronts that seem to be an issue and i dont want to waste time and money buying a set to find they wont fit and have to send them back.. i may just have to take a wheel off and see... shouldnt be this hard though should it!!!
  4. Hi all, Been a while since ive posted and sort of approached this subject a while ago, but i need to replace my pads all round but finding the correct ones for my car seem to be impossible!! Real OEM gives me a million options none of which make sense, so bottom line is what do i need? I have 348x30 discs at the front, and 330x20 at the rear ( i know the fronts are without high speed system as i replaced the discs a while ago and the 348x36 didnt fit as the caliper would not go over them) Ive seen front pads with strange hooks on them which didnt fit (had a set supplied with last discs and threw them away due to not fitting) can anyone point me to what pads i might need front and rear, im replacing the rear disc with MTEC which i have on the front and i know the size of those, its ust the pads im struggling with. any help appreciated
  5. Greenninja

    Ista connection problem

    for anyone else getting this error and its not the lead, reinstall the software over the top of what you already have in place... mine was doing this regardless of the new lead i purchased, turned out some directories had gone missing somehow (funny as i hadnt touched the laptop for weeks and was working fine before) once re-installed all was good
  6. Greenninja


    Aftermarket radio?? sounds very old fashioned Can you give more details exactly what you mean by after market? and maybe some pictures?? are we talking replacement screen running android?
  7. Greenninja

    Aggressive gear shifts

    Forget this, myth!!! best thing to do is get someone with ISTA to do a gearbox adaptation reset on it, ive done it a number of times on mine with 8speed auto and it makes a hell of a difference. Because the car learns how you drive if its never been reset youll have all the learnings from previous owner.. if you do that and it continues then get the gearbox oil changed, may as well do pan and filter at the same time because why wouldnt you if its already in the garage?? then get the fluid level balanced out using ISTA again and do the reset
  8. Greenninja

    Can you get a 12.3" display for 2016 f10

    what was your dealings with Bmods like?? ive not been having the best time with them replying and also saying they had a unit in stock only to tell me after i paid that they didnt have it, then to be told after a refund they did have it... as yet not re-ordered
  9. So to throw in my 2 pence worth, i had my discs replaced twice and the judder was still present, had control arms replaced, still there... new Mtec performance discs, still there, 4 new tyres ( with fitter using a drill and wire brush to clean mating surface ) vibration gone... so either tyres were issue, or mating surface was issue... worth going to a tyre place and having them remove and refit after a clean and see what you get
  10. Greenninja

    Android Head unit replacement

    any pictures or videos of your android unit working? which one did you get? in holding out for a new one from bayernmods.com called the "galaxy" which is 13 inch and has apple car play built in... looks good from what i see, suspect ill need to do the aux thing though
  11. Greenninja

    Brake judder at speed

    I had this forever on my 525d F10 and after the discs were replaced twice it was still happening even with Mtec discs fitted, turns out after all 4 tyres were replaced, and full tracking done the problem is gone... i was told by a previous garage i had lower suspension bushes with play in them but the garage replacing the tyres found nothing.. either way problem gone with tyres and tracking..
  12. Greenninja

    Android replacement

    How much was the unit you used here and where did it come from? is it CIC or NBT and does it use AUX or straight inline with the old harness no messing around? some of these units had to plug into the AUX port in the arm rest and im not liking that idea
  13. anyone??? has coronavirus killed you all?? used to be a busy hub of activity on here
  14. Hi All, So i have a very odd intermittent issue with my passenger side auto dimming mirror, basically the drivers side and rear view mirror both dim as you would expect when its bright behind but the passenger side does not, however, if I flick the switch over to move the mirror, adjust it down and up a few clicks, then flick the switch back to drivers side it starts working again.. does this every single time without fail.. If it was a loose connection id expect it not to work all the time, or on and off occasionally without me having to intervene.. also thought could be a dry joint, but in reality have no idea.. has anyone had similar or any ideas how to remove the cover so I can see if the connector is loose? Cheers
  15. Greenninja

    Funny vibration from steering when in lock

    I dare say you are correct and when I looked in there last time I noticed quite a few joints that could fail so I guess it's off to garage to get it checked over!! More money on top of the service and MOT!! Bloody cars