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    Rotating tyres and TPMS

    Cheers, I was hoping it would!
  2. The time has come that my car needs 2 replacment tyres. What is currently on the car is 4 x Contisports 3 SSRs (what the car came suppied with origionally). However I wish to make a change to the Goodyear runflat equivalent as they appear to have better performance, more economic and quieter. I have had two punctures in the past year (pot hole caused the first on the front and a 2 screws on one the rear tyres). So I wish to move the one of the part worn tyres on the rear to the front (to have matching part worn Contisports on the front (both have approx 7 mm of thread) and have matching 2 x new Goodyears on the rear axle. My query relates to the TPMS. Will the system get confused and think the wheel which has now moved to the front is still on the back (when displaying the tyes pressures). Or will a TPMS reset resolve the issue and the car somehow determines where each respective wheels are located after they have switched axle?