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  1. Updated pic - got rid of chrome wing trims and gave it a full polish.
  2. pdq

    New F10 M5 owner

    Hi Al, seems we are all getting m5’s again at the moment. How is yours going? i got an F10 a few weeks back. David R
  3. pdq

    First Five, Fifth BMW

    Bet that has a super smooth ride as well, always fancied a 530 in that shape.
  4. 67k - has some nice options such as the factory rear entertainment, doesn’t have the leather dash which I fancied. i have codes a few settings into it using my Carly adapter so the HUD shows more info now, TV works when driving etc. yesterday it attacked by a few friends with polishing machines and now looks 1000 times better - more my standard of clean.
  5. Well a couple of years later ………. the V10 M5 of always brokenness was sold...... then last week I bought this - trying to find out some more of its history if anyone knows any....
  6. More progress: Drivers front top mount ordered from BMW - to cure a knock that developed All software updates applied by BMW - confirmed at Main Dealers today SMG Clutch Service Tests done, all passed and clutch biting point updated. - still getting the 1 error sporadically though Battery was registered as 90ah but was actually 110ah so have re-registered it using Carly. May have cocked up and written wrong code to the CAPPL module - now Idrive is stuck in its trying to boot cycle and the module CAPPL has become unresponsive - so wont let me overwrite the cocked up code I put on it. Probably needs a replacement CCC which is a few £££, nevermind that's the risk of learning coding sometimes. Never bricked an ecu before for any car - so annoyed it had to be the expensive bmw one!!! Unless anyone who codes can remote in and take a look?
  7. I have been loving the car, quite rapid! just the SMG "under shot" message and a 'clonk" from the front somewhere to solve and she will be pretty perfect. strangely beginning to enjoy car cleaning videos?
  8. Its been an OK start, the car wasn't perfect when I got it but I know the prior owner so was told about all the faults before I bought it, so went in with open eyes. Luckily he had just bought his own garage so only sold this really to help fund that and buy some replacement equipment Known faults when collected: SMG Errors sometimes pop the car into the 'drive moderately' warning message. Rear Silencers had been removed - sounds like an F1 car even on idle No AUX Port - its a 2005 and this car wasn't sold with it from the factory. Discs & Pads will need changing within a few thousand miles. Passenger side seatbelt has to be plugged in even when no-one is sitting their or the dash moans Work done: SMG Pump Replaced OEM Rear Silencers from front box back purchased from eBay and the garage welded them on for me, a really neat job! Car is now sensible again AUX Port fitted (£3.99 cable from HongKong) - now just need to sort the coding but having INPA issues with SP-Daten version - I have the latest by the order list of my car still throws an error after reading the VIN Codings using Carly (I have the BMCable as well from owning an M3 previously) Mirrors now fold on locking, unfold on unlocking Indicators now display in HUD Error Codes cleared from ECU - only 04F0 remains, more on that below Car cleaned , took me 2 hours to rinse, foam, rinse, shampoo, wheel cleaner, rinse, wax, tyre dressing, wheels waxed and protected with sealant. As it sits now it has 1 issue left to solve and that that when the revs drop coming to a junction sometimes I get the cog on the dash due to a 'pressure under-shot' error. Now the SMG Pump has been replaced I am thinking to replace the electronic motor that connects to it, or maybe the battery. The error log shows the rpm is always around 750rpm when it triggers and the battery voltage is at 12.5. I tested the alternator and its charging at 14.1 under normal driving.
  9. quote requested on my E60 M5 - requested via online form.
  10. Just found this board after buying an E60 M5. I'm used to BMW's having had a few M3's previously.
  11. pdq

    Track day at brands

    200sx was sold and replaced with an E60 M5 - on Andy's advice I decided to replace the SMG pump, rod bearings and pads before we put it on track