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  1. farzad

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    My work has now installed charging points........hurray...... My journey is 27-28 miles each way. One morning, when it was a bit warmer, and car had pre-conditioned, I managed to get to work without the engine kicking in..........! I was amazed, but then it's only happend once so far. I usually have to run the engine for 2 miles or so each way. This is all with the AC off and being very gentle with the gas.
  2. farzad

    2019-2 Maps available on Upload Manager

    Mine did the auto update for the UK maps a couple of month ago for the first time in a long while.
  3. farzad

    BMW Connected phone App - Ver 10.1.1

    BMW quoted me £5k for a bit of bent bonnet, slightly bent wing and the head light needs to be replaced........
  4. farzad

    BMW Connected phone App - Ver 10.1.1

    Oh no. I feel bad enough with my 18 month or so car, but only 6 days old ??? That sucks. Hope you get it sorted quick.
  5. farzad

    BMW Connected phone App - Ver 10.1.1

    Thanks guys. Jimmy38, I feel stupid. Never thought of deleting and re-installing. Just did it and it worked. Thanks. Just in time as well to keep an eye on my car, which is being picked up by a garage for bodywork repair tomorrow since a deer decided to run in front of me yesterday morning.
  6. Since updating to the latest version, the app has stopped working on my iPhone 7. As soon as I fire it up, it disappears. Anyone else got this problem ? Anyone know how to revert back to previous version ?
  7. farzad

    Charging display key

    Is that while the key is still in the middle of the charge pad ? Sometimes mine move to one side if I'm driving a bit enthusiastically !
  8. farzad

    Charging display key

    Mine works with a qi wireless charger as well. Gets a bit warm though.
  9. farzad

    Map Update Today

    On Friday my car updated it's GB maps to 2019-1 automatically......... Nice, but I spent 3 hours only a couple of weeks ago updating the maps manually !
  10. farzad

    Wiper Speed

    Not quite what you asked, and may be you know it already, but on the wiper stalk there is a little lever with 3 settings. It sets the sensitivity of the auto wiper.
  11. farzad

    Delivery Leadtime

    Wow, that's amazingly quick Brilliant Not long now
  12. farzad

    Delivery Leadtime

    Welcome and not long now before you get to enjoy your new car Would you be charging at home ?
  13. farzad

    Delivery Leadtime

    only a week to go What have you decided regarding a home charger ?
  14. farzad

    Service Booking Sytner

    Definitely worth it..............for me....! Apart from the reduced BIK tax, which has now kicked in for me (love it when the tax man pays me for a change !) it's costing me a fair bit less in petrol+electrics. So for me it's worth it, but it's not a car for daily high milage people.
  15. farzad

    Service Booking Sytner

    Best I've seen on mine in the past year has been 27, which would quickly go down to 26. As the temperatures are dropping, I'm seeing a drop in electric range. Lowest I had last winter was 16...! I wonder if the upcoming service, and possibly any software updates, will make any difference