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  1. Christhepara

    Led lights

    Probably a topic well hammered by now buy has anyone change from old style headlamp bulbs to LEDs type
  2. Christhepara


    Hi can anyone put links to reverse led lamps ,main beam and fog (the orange lamps make the car look soooo old)
  3. Christhepara

    Car wont start

    Guy never showed up... but im told its ekp or epk type so does anyone have an idea how i can check this please
  4. Christhepara

    Car wont start

    Im told by halliwell jones bmw chester this car has a fuel pump module and doesnt have relays things is im getting 0 volts at the low pressure fuel pump which was renewed as it was burnt out. Hopefully I'll get the car fault code history tomorrow...
  5. Christhepara

    Car wont start

    No because the car is relatively new compared to the old bangers ive had all my life....stupid really. I just got a false sense of security as the cars only a few years old
  6. Christhepara

    Car wont start

    Hi sorry its a 520 d 2011 plate f10 dunno engine type.... Based near chester Ive checked every fuse in the boot im gonna check every fuse in the glove box as for relays i dont know where they are ive seen one in the boot but dont know what its for....
  7. Christhepara

    Car wont start

    Hi all. Well the other week i got a drivetrain fault i carried on as i dont use the car often an then it cut out on me.i thoivht id ran out of fuel.it started then ran for ten mins now thats all i can get it to do .thing is i cant get it to anyone with a fault code reader .i have changed my low pressure fuel pump as the terminals had burnt out.now theres no volts at the pump when ign is on any ideas anyone please