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  1. Dave Tunstall

    E39 U.S. lenses

    Hi. Ive just bought an e39 imported from Japan and want to replace the tired headlight lenses. Does anyone know who supplies the angel eye lenses with the Amber corners?
  2. Dave Tunstall

    E39 angel eye lenses with Amber indicators

    Hi. I bought a lovely fairly low mileage e39 recently imported from Japan. It's a 2003 model and I find it refreshing that it has Amber indicators on the rear light clusters, and the side ones are Amber too. The front lenses are in need of a polish or replacement even and I wondered if anyone could tell me where I could source new lenses for my angel eye headlights but with Amber indicators. I can't find them online anywhere but I've seen photos of cars with them. Was it a U.S. thing? Anyhow, if anyone has a tuppenceworth, I'd be very grateful. Cheers, Dave