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  1. Lukenkarl

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Gave it a wash. First one since ceramic coating. Just wash and dry, no polishing.
  2. Lukenkarl

    Goodyear Eagle or Michelin Primacy?

    Goodyear asymmetric 3. 20k miles plus plenty of grip in the wet. Quiet ish too.
  3. Lukenkarl

    Quote please

    Could you quote for the wheel centre caps too please? I think the part number is 678353604
  4. Lukenkarl

    Quote please

    Hi please could you price inc delivery to West Yorkshire Left hand side kidney grill (with human recognition camera) Also, are these available in gloss black? If so could you price for both L&R please. Also, wheel center caps please. chassis D438330
  5. Lukenkarl

    Front Discs & Silencer (F11)

    This is just what my dealer told me. They were wrong again...
  6. Lukenkarl

    Front Discs & Silencer (F11)

    The minimum thickness depends on the brake set up you have. Blue calipers means thicker disc. (22.4mm min). Normal (silver) caliper min thickness 19mm
  7. Lukenkarl

    ctek mxs5 charger setting??

    I have just set up the charger under the bonnet. As far as I know the battery has never been charged in its life. Reconditioning cycle recommended?? Or shall I just charge it and let the ctek decide? It has 12.1v at the terminals before charging so a little low.
  8. Lukenkarl

    ctek mxs5 charger setting??

    So, by my understanding, you can’t remove the battery and charge on the bench, without resetting the car software. I found this, has anyone got any feed back on it? Seems a bit more info on the screen than the ctek, https://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/garage-equipment/battery-chargers-jump-starters/ring-12a-smart-charger-charge-and-diagnose
  9. Lukenkarl

    ctek mxs5 charger setting??

    Maybe someone can shed some light on my question. if the F11 has battery monitoring and you have to code when you replace due to the SOC and discharge over time. Will it be ok to charge because if you fully charge / recondition the battery the battery monitor will still think that the battery is in its old state not new fully charged?
  10. Lukenkarl

    Tyre Pressure Monitor (RDC) failure

    I had a wheel /tyre valve issue. I went to a guy in Bradford who sold new valves and sensors. He had a hand held unit which he held next to the valve on the wheel. This told him what frequency, the pressure and if it was working. You could try that. Also if you have any extra sensors anywhere in the car it won’t read because it thinks there is more than four wheels. I found this out when I put my winters on last year and they were in the boot. It wouldn’t reset or read the pressures until they were away from the car.
  11. Lukenkarl

    Check out the spec on this F11!

    I thought that when I got mine, but in the flesh I think it looks good and isn’t black. Had a lot of good comments too, but each to their own
  12. Lukenkarl

    Radio volume button illumination

    1 Ha Ha I only use the button to mute and the steering controls to alter. You will notice it’s pointing upward. They way it should be lol
  13. Question for all F11 lci drivers. Does your volume button illuminate in the centre of it? The sort of circle with a line in it. Every other button illuminates on the radio including a surround light around the said button. BMW dealer says it doesn’t, and I may be wrong, but why is it there if you can’t see it in the dark. (Apart from the surround illumination) Thanks for any replies
  14. Lukenkarl

    F11 bumper damage

    A good body shop will remove it. But it's a repaint too. What about a genuine bmw rear bumper cover? I have one it also stops scratching the paint too. About £55 as I remember