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  1. Lukenkarl

    F11 front brake parts

    I can get a picture if required.
  2. Lukenkarl

    F11 front brake parts

    4 6 and 7. But the clip / pad retainer is nothing like that on my car. It’s like the picture I posted. so 2x no 7 4 x no 6 4 x no 4 but as I say no 2 is not the same as on my car.
  3. Look on the rear suspension arm on the n/s. Where the exhaust goes over the suspension arm check for debris. Mine had a small stone wedged between the two and made a clatter. Might not be your problem but worth a check.
  4. Lukenkarl

    F11 front brake parts

    Morning, could you you give me a price for 2 off number 3 4 off number 7 4 off number 8 in the diagram? Any forum users that have any views on these replacements solving the creaky brake syndrome please let me know. Do I really need to replace number 8, the guide pin? Not a cost issue just wether or not it helps. Chassis D438330 Thank you.
  5. Lukenkarl

    Wheel alignment and ADAS recalibration

    In that case after wheel alignment and you hit a small pothole putting the wheel alignment out again, the camera alignment will be out too.
  6. Lukenkarl

    Wheel alignment and ADAS recalibration

    I thought it strange, but looking at the old reliable internet of truth, even the AA say it’s needed. The garage who brought it up said he issues a form when he does the alignment to say it needs doing, just to cover himself.
  7. Hi, i have been been speaking to a number of garages to check my 4 wheel alignment on F11 only one has said I would need to have my safety camera system recalibrated. BMW did the last wheel alignment and I watched. No ADAS recalibration just the usual print out. Anyone else come across this? As I say out of the 5 I rang only one mentioned the camera system. See below Advanced Driver Assistance Solutions are increasingly becoming standard in vehicles today. Such as park assist, lane guidance, emergency braking assist etc ADAS relies on multiple data sources within the vehicle, when these systems are disturbed or vehicle repairs happen it means ADAS systems need re-calibrating. To maintain the accuracy of ADAS systems it is essential the vehicle position and alignment are kept accurate ensuring safety at all times.
  8. Just after ceramic coating was applied.
  9. Lukenkarl

    Battery top-up

    What about if you want to remove the battery from the car to recharge / recondition. A battery shop said this was the best way ? Very confusing.
  10. Lukenkarl

    Service intervals

    Reading the above post. Does this mean that I can book my car in 1600 miles before oil service is due(interim service)? i have the 50000 mile service pack. The car has done 49906 miles and shows service due in 1600 miles. Anyone know?? Huddersfield BMW have said not but I will get on to bmw customer services if I can.
  11. This is a common way of the dealer to push your bill up by the ridiculous £20 per litre they charge for the oil. They tell you it needs a top up when I doesn’t, you aren’t sure so maybe you say ok then top it up. They take a little from the litre can and leave the rest in your boot. i had the same with Audi and bmw. I didn’t have it topped up but checked when the car was home. Both times the level was fine. Both times they apologised at the trainees mistake.
  12. Lukenkarl

    My 530d F11

    Nice car. Is that Sherwood Pines ?
  13. Does anyone know if the N47 S1 engine is in this recall.? I have read various web posts but not totally convinced.
  14. Lukenkarl

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Gave it a wash. First one since ceramic coating. Just wash and dry, no polishing.
  15. Lukenkarl

    Goodyear Eagle or Michelin Primacy?

    Goodyear asymmetric 3. 20k miles plus plenty of grip in the wet. Quiet ish too.