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  1. The diagnostic app is superb, it found some specific errors that no other ODB2 diagnostic app could find. Much like Bimmercode, it queries each control unit independently so can be very specific in the errors it finds. It's almost worth buying an iPod touch or an old iPhone just to use as a coding and diagnostic tool.
  2. I've used Bimmercode on iOS rather than Android, but I believe it's basically the same. I've also used ISTA on a laptop, which is indeed a great option, but for casual coding and option enabling, Bimmercode is a fast and safe way of doing things. On iOS (check if the same is true for Android) you can revert to previous coding options easily, which is great when you make a mistake or enable something that causes an error.
  3. £591 fitted for all four, on a staggered 18" setup.
  4. Yes and yes - those tyres and staggered setup, which limits our choice somewhat. Very pleased with these tyres. I had my first very wet drive in them yesterday and they inspired a great deal of confidence, including when braking.
  5. I've just switched to Dunlop Sport Max all-round (non runflat) and I'm delighted. It's smoother, quieter, the grip is a lot better, it doesn't tramline anymore and the overall feel is a lot more assured and confident. They were pretty cheap through BlackCircles, too.
  6. Ditched the runflats, gone for Dunlop Sportmax all round. Other than my usual saga of needing three or more attempts to balance the rear wheels (every. single. time.) I'm delighted, SO much quieter, more comfortable, grip feels much more secure at all speeds. Delighted! Next time, I'll seriously consider buying a new set of rear alloys in case my balancing problem is nothing to do with tyres.
  7. I spoke to my local dealer today and they said the parts are on a 4-6 week backorder, so they've added me to a waiting list and they'll book the car in when the parts arrive. They want the parts to be there, before even looking at the car. It suits me fine because the car is running well, but it does make you wonder if it's the wisest move given this is a safety recall.
  8. RobM

    N47 remap advice

    My only bad experience of modifications and insurance, was with an old Toyota Celica I had. I swapped the wheels for another type of Toyota wheels and I changed the standard spoiler to a Toyota TRD one. I was 19 at the time and naively thought it didn't need to be declared since it was all factory fit options I was swapping around. I was wrong. When I had a no-fault accident and the body shop prepared their report, I got a call from the insurer asking me to pay the extra premium to cover the mods before they'll process the claim, even though it was non-fault. It was all entirely fair as I was in the wrong, but it shows how much data the repair network can go into and how aware they are. Whether that extends to ECU data probably depends on the severity of the accident.
  9. RobM

    N47 remap advice

    That's a very important point actually... me and my Mrs have had to claim through Admiral (for different incidents, both no-fault) and they were superb throughout. There are cheaper insurers, but I'd pay a little extra to feel confident that my claim will be handled well.
  10. Android rarely works well in our setups. Sometimes you hear of phone and car combinations where everything works as you'd hope, but most of the time is an impossible task to make it all work. BMW must assume only iPhone owners buy their cars.
  11. RobM

    N47 remap advice

    I've used Direct Line, Aviva and Adrian Flux in the past, none of whom have charged a fortune for covering a remap.
  12. Got my letter yesterday (63 plate N47T) so time to let the fun begin..
  13. RobM

    N47 remap advice

    Mine is declared, has been on all cars I've had remapped. I've found insurers either don't want to touch you, or don't care much and add very little to the premium. From memory, I'm paying about £30-40 more per-year, but I save that in fuel and the car is better for it, so I'm happy.
  14. RobM

    N47 remap advice

    DMS remapped mine (N47T 520D) and on the rolling road it showed 239.9bhp. It drives brilliantly, smooth and very OEM in the way it drives, but much easier to get up to speed on a partial-throttle, with fewer down changes when accelerating. My fuel economy has improved as a result, as I'm driving far smoother and not having to increase rev's significantly to get going.
  15. Keep us posted on how this goes. I've thought about getting something similar (NBT version) so I'd love to hear your thoughts when you've installed it and lived with it for a while.