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  1. McBeemer

    New tyres advice please - front only.

    Some good discount deals on www.blackcircles.com so don't rule out premium brands.
  2. McBeemer

    Run flats ditched = transformed ride.

    Spare is a can of goo and full Green Flag membership!
  3. So this morning I had the P Zero run flats taken off (rears we’re down to 2.5mm) and having spent an age deliberating on whether to go for the full swap, I had four non run flat Michelin PS4’s fitted. I inspected the PS4’s before they were fitted and what stood out was how soft the tyre wall is in comparison to the RFT and how different the rim structure is. Instantly on driving I could tell the difference. The crashyness of the ride was instantly gone. I accept you could argue it’s new rubber versus old regardless of the tyre type but the ride is so smooth in comparison. Wet grip on a 20 mile run and the PS4’s are impressive. in simple terms I feel like I’ve swapped an M Sport for an SE! Total cost for the swap was £640 versus £450 for two rear P Zeros. The part worn P Zeros (5mm) are going on EBay to claw some cash back. Appreciate its a personal choice, but I wish I’d done this first time around. No criticism of the P Zero though - been a great tyre. Down around 3mm though they were shot.
  4. McBeemer

    Recommendations for puncture kit

    Aldi were doing the bigger HOLTS cans for £3.99 so chucked one of them in the trolley as a quick contingency measure. How effective are they? Do they have enough PSI to pump a tyre up?
  5. McBeemer

    Oil/burn smell after oil service

    I would hazard they’ve spilt oil on the refill or removing the oil filter and not cleared the spillage.
  6. McBeemer

    Recommendations for puncture kit

    Cheers for that - will check those links out.
  7. I've taken the plunge and ordered 4 Michelin PS4's to replace the run flats. Black Circles did a decent price and with fitting I'm in at £645 for the 4. I need a repair kit as a back up for the boot. Loads on EBAY and some genuine kits as well. Any recommendations? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-5-Series-Ring-Tyre-Kit-Car-Compressor-Puncture-Repair-Sealant/281424464602?epid=22017023336&hash=item4186348ada:g:4vYAAOSwPe1T~wEp
  8. McBeemer

    Tempted by these wheels on eBay

    Seems steep me.
  9. McBeemer

    Rear End Suddenly Sliding out on Tight Corners?

    Run flats do go off at about 3mm. My rears are 2.5 and it’s all over the place at the minute. Just searching the best deals to drop the run flats on all 4 wheels and go with normal tyres.
  10. McBeemer

    F10 530d microfilter replacement question

    Perfect. Thanks both.
  11. Daft question - all the videos on the web are for LHD F10's showing the microfilter casing under the right hand passenger side. For the RHD models - is the microfilter casing on the right hand or left hand side of the cabin!? Loathed to give BMW £160 for what seems a 30 min task. Thanks.
  12. McBeemer

    F10 door corrosion

    Annoyingly I had both rear doors done 18 months or so ago and one of them is showing signs of bubbling already. The repair is under life time guarantee but it shows there is a significant weak spot on these cars.
  13. McBeemer

    Car sitting - not doing much....

    You could sell it to me?! Or swap it with my 530d?! :)
  14. I have a rather lovely high spec 530d M Sport Individual but since having it in July 2017 I've never gelled with the engine despite its urgency/torque. I miss the sweetness of the 6 pot petrol..... Given I work in the centre of Brum where we have a ULEZ type charge coming in in January I've decided to re-focus in getting back into a petrol 5 series. I'd had 2 E39 530i's and 2 530i E60's before my first foray into diesel. I wont be doing it again!!! If there is a petrol owner (528/530/535) out there wishing to look at swap options - I'd be interested to hear from you. I do realise how rare these things are though - I searched for months for one before giving up and going for the diesel. In the meantime - the search for a similar spec (MUST not have black leather!) petrol 5 series is back on again......
  15. Interesting take on the differing approaches by the dealers. I rang mine proactively (Sytner Birmingham) who gave me a lead time of two weeks and said they will have the part in and ordered as a precaution. That led to mine being turned around in a day (I work in Brum so no inconvenience or hire car needed). So - if you're being proactive, maybe an idea to ask your dealer to get parts on order for a future visit? Made mine a doddle to get sorted. It's a fair old part they change though. Can't be cheap even at trade and base warranty labour rates.