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  1. McBeemer

    Bosch Areotwin Wipers - Ugly View

    Small o ring worked fine.
  2. McBeemer

    Bosch Areotwin Wipers - Ugly View

    The old Bosch had that horrible hole in the arm clip. I had those and put an o ring to seal the arm spindle. New Bosch range is much better and you order with the bespoke clip already on and seconds to fit and aesthetically loads better. I bought a set for my F10 and a set for the wife’s mk6 Golf for less than £35. Bargain really.
  3. That my friend is a raving result!
  4. McBeemer

    How dirty does white leather get ?

    If you’re ocd like me - it stays spotless!!!
  5. Taken last year in my local park.
  6. I had an Aegean back in 2006/7 - always regretted selling it. Lovely car and such a nice interior. (I bought an E60 530i to replace it). PN53HGC - I've seen it in Autotrader a couple of times up for sale but it's had a hard life since my ownership. Great cars.
  7. McBeemer

    EGR cooler 2nd Recall

    Mine was booked into Sytner Tamworth this morning to check on the 'recall' notification. They only had the car 20 mins - they checked on their system and could see the prior recall replacement in 2019 and said no need to act unless you have any issues/warnings with the car. I havent. They could see the revised EGR cooler was used on the recall on their system and said the 'recall' marker on the car is a cursory flag in case any further issues occur with the EGR. They implied it effectively marks it as a form of warranty but I doubt a prior replacement would stand a free replacement in future! The COVID process is a bit of a pain but not too bad. Only thing is thy anti bacc'ed all round the centre console and start button. Given i have piano black trim it needed a proper clean when i got home. Mine is due back in for door corrosion re-repair (minor surface corrosion on one door annoyingly). No courtesy cars allowed until at least July so 2-3 days without it i want it done but they are happy to have the car straight away as the body shop is short of work. Dealer sales team everywhere prepping for Monday opening and one guy was collecting a nice 12 plate M Sport Tourer - at arms length! All the AUC cars have 'COVID Clean' cards hanging off the mirrors to show the cars have been sanitised. Weird....... So - in conclusion. If you've had the EGR done under recall in the recent past, I wouldn't bother with a visit unless you have any symptoms.
  8. McBeemer

    EGR cooler 2nd Recall

    Bored watching the TV and mine comes up as needing the ‘enhancement’. I followed the links and it’s let me book a slot in at the dealer tomorrow! Not even sure they are open for service so will call before I head out. It was done 18 months ago - surely they are not pulling them in again? This is the message: There is an open technical enhancement on this vehicle. Please go here to book an online appointment for your vehicle selecting "service as required" or contact your local retailer here for more information. Enhancement code: INFO211056
  9. McBeemer

    Is this a viable space saver?

    Why would it be a joke?! I was a perfectly sensible question from someone not in the know to understand whether this was a viable option. Since it isnt - I will take it to the local tip once they're re-opened. Thanks for the replies.
  10. Pal of mine was having a garage clear out and gave me this. I think it might be a 1 Series rim? Not sure of the offset or whether it's a feasible option with space savers and or longer bolts? I don't intend carrying it in the boot. Just something in the garage for emergencies I can throw on. (I have non RFTs/can of goo/compressor in the boot and Green Flag!)
  11. McBeemer

    Rare F10/F11 examples

    Not sure how rare mine is - only seen an M3 in the same colour - Individual Moonstone metallic. It has also an individual pack including piano black trim with oyster leather trim.
  12. McBeemer

    What do you like about you 5 series.

    Simply the fact that there isn't another car which does what the 5 series as a complete package. I'm on my 5th. 2 E39's (523 and a 530i Aegean) and 2 E60 530i's and now an F10 530d. Every time I've looked at other options (A6's etc) and every time I stick with the 5. I do miss my petrol though.......so next is a 540i!
  13. McBeemer

    Oil/burn smell after oil service

    I would be asking for a service credit - i.e. a free service next time around (assuming you trust them after this debacle).
  14. Firstly - a rant. How can BMW justify £150+ for an air filter and pollen filters when I can purchase OEM equivalent Mahle filters from Opie oils for £45?!! Madness. The thought of paying £450+ for a service when I can pay £129 for an oil service and swap air and pollen myself and save a fortune makes it a no brainer. I will sort a fuel filter swap with my indy later. Pollen filter - I know how it comes out but is it a must to disconnect the battery and the airbag? Different vids show an either or approach.