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  1. Monkeyfinger

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    Not arguing about what your getting, but after 2 years, my full electric range rarely tops 18 miles.
  2. Monkeyfinger

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    Don't get your hopes up... I'm just coming up for my first service after 2 years. Maximum range hasn't been indicated above 18/19 miles for some time now (with AC off). But still, I can charge at work now, and my average consumption over 2 years is 70.7mpg, which I am very happy with. I just need to remember to run the engine for a mile or so most days, otherwise who knows what might happen...
  3. Monkeyfinger

    Detailing Thread for G30/31

    I use Dodo juice sealant. Makes cleaning the leather very easy.
  4. Monkeyfinger

    Annoying Sat Nav in the display

    Totally agree...not annoying for me and a major contributor to my safety. But yes, its always going to be personal preference
  5. Monkeyfinger

    Annoying Sat Nav in the display

    Doesn't happen if you have HUD on...
  6. Monkeyfinger

    2019-2 Maps available on Upload Manager

    I personally get really annoyed with the process of using a memory stick to do an update, to the point where I can't be bothered any more. It seems OTA happens occasionally, so I will probably leave it at that and deal with any mapping issues if they occur. It really shouldn't be that hard, but it sometimes makes me wonder how safe the driver assistance actually is, if they can't get their update downloads sorted.
  7. Monkeyfinger

    If you complain about BMW options

    It can be turned off...I have mine set to brake only during parking style manoeuvres, and it's been useful at times.
  8. Monkeyfinger

    Drive Mode Selector - poor design or faulty?

    Mine do the job, and I can select by touch alone.
  9. Monkeyfinger

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Agree...just making a small point and stereotyping fast cars!. Don't agree on the electric comparison. The 2 litre petrol turbo in the 530e is also smooth but you sure as hell notice the difference when using the electric. It's just so much nicer in low speed situations, and unfortunately that's where I spend most of my time. Of course, that won't apply for everyone.
  10. Monkeyfinger

    Time to Change the Company Car

    I have 530e...so far, no suitable replacement in view from BMW. I'm thinking full electric next time, so I guess I just have to wait for a bigger i3 to appear. I'm definitely sold on the electric side of things, and it works so well for my daily driving and being able to charge at work. I'm glad I've finally (at 54) worked the noisy fast car nonsense out of my system, but still appreciate them. Of course I may still have a certain Coventry machine in my garage awaiting finishing, which will satisfy any lingering urges to wave a willy...
  11. Monkeyfinger

    Rear Seat Bench Removal G30

    Clips along front edge will require a strong pull upwards, if anything like every other BMW I've owned.
  12. Monkeyfinger

    Vehicle data archive

    I found it in my online BMW portal account. In the profile area I think. It's all part of data privacy and transparency apparently.
  13. Monkeyfinger

    Vehicle data archive

    This may be old news to most, but I note that you can request the telematics data for your car from within the BMW portal. It's now pending for mine, but it will be interesting to see the data they hold, once this comes through. It looks like you can manage permissions for this info and make it available to 3rd parties.
  14. Monkeyfinger

    Connected App

    Red magnifier uses Google destination search on my phone , and works fine. I can then send the destination to the vehicle from the app. All this on Galaxy S8, so not latest phone. The app could be better, but I do find that what is on there works, although Apple users have more functionality I believe...
  15. Monkeyfinger

    Collision warning

    Yep, that's exactly what I did in an open field with long grass round the edge as I was parking for a wedding. Took me a while to figure out, because it stops with quite a bang. However, it's a bit like the active cruise on a busy motorway- it's good to have an extra set of sensors to back up my own eyes. It's not possible to scan all areas at once, and at least this helps.