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  1. Monkeyfinger

    Just buying a 530e, my first BMW.

    Well said...a load of crap spoken on all sides regarding e vehicles, but most naysayers do not live with one. I'm sold on the whole concept after nearly 3 years, but I just wish BMW would hurry up with fully electric vehicles and give me an option for my next car.
  2. Monkeyfinger

    Adaptive Icon Light - switching on

    Interesting...my drive select buttons are physical. They need to be pushed, and never had an issue wearing gloves anyway.
  3. Monkeyfinger

    Just buying a 530e, my first BMW.

    Doesn't prove a thing...does it have a heated seat?
  4. Monkeyfinger

    Just buying a 530e, my first BMW.

    Not when it's cold you won't...
  5. Monkeyfinger

    Just buying a 530e, my first BMW.

    Same look as mine. Current temps are hammering the battery at around 13/14 mile range, but you have to roll with that. Worth it for the toasty and defrosted car all through the winter though!
  6. Monkeyfinger

    Changing Rear Brake Pads

    Your choice of course, but maybe just get them changed? No idea if there is any official cut off point, but I would think you're stuffed once the light comes on.
  7. Monkeyfinger

    Auto lights on when switch set to 'off'

    The only problem I ever experience is that they miss judge the need for lights when there is fog sometimes. In that case they need to be manually switched to on.
  8. Monkeyfinger

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    Getting back to the original thread, my overnight charged range is currently averaging out at 15 miles indicated. I think the lower temperatures are a factor, but my car is 2.5 years old and I may get BMW to check the state of the battery based on the fact that at 70% capacity it could be addressed under warranty. No idea if it has dropped that far, but having had it this long, I know for certain that indicated range has been dropping off and is not what it was (as is to be expected)
  9. Monkeyfinger

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    I think this is not available on Android app. Way to go BMW...
  10. Monkeyfinger

    Remote Engine Start Option

    Not sure remote engine start would be UK option. My old X5 had a separate diesel powered heater which did the same thing. It's the major winter or summer feature of my 530e with heating or cooling programmable via the app. Probably drops a couple of miles of the e range but not an issue when plugged in outside the house. Completely defrosts the car in around 30 mins, based on the departure time set.
  11. Monkeyfinger

    Reflection From Ambient Lighting

    Brightness is adjustable on the idrive too - you dont want it super bright. I'm sure you will be able to adjust colours and settings to your liking.
  12. Monkeyfinger

    G30 530e performance after battery flat

    Charging at work is the reason the car makes so much sense for me with an 18 mile commute each way. I can now get around 2000 miles between fill ups, assuming no significant weekend jaunts. Also 50mph av speed cameras on the M27 means the car can drive itself most of the time!
  13. Monkeyfinger

    530e max power lag

    A very small annoyance for me on the 530e is that to only use electric power in a max acceleration from standstill, you cant just bury the throttle, as that will always call on the petrol motor. As mentioned here, you have to learn the throttle control and balance in order to stop the engine from cutting in. Not hard, but just needs learning.
  14. Monkeyfinger

    G30 530e performance after battery flat

    Pretty much exactly how I would write my experience over the past 2.5 years. I would say that if you have an installed wall charger with a tethered lead, even the plugging in is a doddle. I can now charge at work, so my average consumption is super high. Fully agree that I wouldn't want to justify a hybrid on fuel costs alone - but as you have pointed out, there are many other positives. I also have never found the battery reserve exhausted. Equally the car brings out a different kind of driving in me and so I probably dont push it hard enough to get close to that point.
  15. Monkeyfinger

    530e loss of electric drive

    No issue with the charge...I had 16 miles or so indicated, and it was an indicated fault rather than the edrive not available situation that can occur in cold weather.