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  1. ROOTS.

    Newbie with a E28 M535i

    More new parts arrived last week: - New Fuel Tank - Fritz Bits 6 branch and System - E39 M5 Battery Box - E30 Battery Relocation Cable - 2x New Wings Hoping to get the car ready and in for paint in the next week to 10 days.
  2. ROOTS.

    E28 Parts

    This will get updated as parts are sold and some other items get listed: Early E28 188mm Diff cover - £15 E28 203mm Large Diff cover - £20 E30 188mm Med Diff cover with Poly bush - £40 E28 M535i Front & Rear calipers w/ Pads - £100 E28 260 Gear Shifter - £15 E28 260 Gearbox mounts - £10 2x Struts with wheel bearing / ABS Sensor - drivers side is perfect, passenger side has already been cut (both perfect for coilover conversion) - £50 2x E28 M535i Rear Shocks w/ Springs - £50 1x Passenger door – Red, good condition - £125 1x Drivers door – Red, needs some work (bubbling along the bottom edge) - £70 2x Front wings - Red, Passenger side in good condition, drivers side bubbling - £100 E28 M535i Anti-Roll bars - 19mm Front & 15.5mm rear - £50 Most parts can be posted but collection for larger parts please. Thanks, Ian
  3. ROOTS.

    Newbie with a E28 M535i

    Its been a very long time since updating this but the following few pictures will explain the majority of the recent work - RUST REMOVAL. Dropped the fuel tank & exhaust today to fit the reinforced anti-roll bar brackets & noticed the filler neck was rotten + the exhaust really annoyed me and needed replacing sooner or later. Bought a brand-new 70L tank, Fritz Bits Manifold & Stainless system today. Expensive afternoon! The passenger side strut top had a metal plate welded in then covered over with a load of fillers hiding a nice rot pit. Good work previous owner! All gone now and one step closer to repainting! I bought two replacement (3 actually from a surprise eBay auction!) doors, 2x brand new wings so fingers crossed it will be rolling in for paint by the end of the month!
  4. ROOTS.

    WTB: E28 Front Doors

    Anyone got a pair of GOOD E28 doors for sale? Colour isn't a problem once the parts are good condition and straight.
  5. ROOTS.

    E30 S3.91 LSD

  6. ROOTS.

    E30 S3.91 LSD

    Made a grave error when trying to source a S3.91 for my E28 and picked up a 168mm 'small case' by mistake. Bought it two weeks ago, obviously never been fitted to the E28 and looking to shift it as its not needed. Can be collected in Banbury / Brackley area. Looking for £450 o.n.o.
  7. ROOTS.

    Newbie with a E28 M535i

    3.4 C4 Manual
  8. ROOTS.

    Newbie with a E28 M535i

    Reluctantly, I went with BC with my own spring rates & Eibach springs. The price worked out close to GAZ but the fact that I got them within a week helped. GAZ told me 8 - 16 weeks turnaround when I enquired, quite a difference. In the end, the dealer I was referred too went on holiday for 3 weeks and GAZ refused to take the struts directly from me... they needed to go via their dealer!! Sorry, but they lost a customer because of this. If the BC’s are junk for whatever reason, I’ll change them but can’t be any worse than what I took off the car!
  9. ROOTS.

    Newbie with a E28 M535i

    Speaking of H&R, just ordered some for the 996! It already has a full stainless Dansk, manifolds and a K&N so it sounds awesome! E28 has big boots to fill!
  10. ROOTS.

    Newbie with a E28 M535i

    Update time, no E28 pictures though I'm afraid. Carrying on from where i left off, it turned out one of the front struts was badly rotten. Rather than replacing with another original and lowering springs / dampers, treated the old girl to a new set of coil-overs with 10kg F / 8kg R springs instead. Thanks to Duncan/Tims for sourcing replacement struts from an E34 to chop-up - I now have two E28 struts that would make perfect coil-over conversion candidates if anyone is looking. Actually, the driver side is like brand new, passenger one however (as per pic) is game-over. The car is looking like brand-new under the wheel arches with new coilovers, brake discs, calipers, braided brake lines and spherical outer-track rod ends. Altogether, this should really help tighten up the steering feel, particularly with the 'Moosehead' spherical upper arm bush too! Rear subframe & trailing arm bushings were replaced with Powerflex 'black' and also got the new brake / suspension treatment too. Other than waiting for the bigger anti-roll bars to arrive, I don't think there is anything else that could be changed to tighten it up! On the other hand, had a bit of a nightmare (entirely my own fault!) with replacing the diff! Was desperately looking to change the original big case S3.07 to something a lot shorter, had my heart set on a S3.91 or S4.10 medium case from an E30. I managed to find a S3.91 and had it delivered straight to Trevor who still has the car. Then the call came; "this diff doesn't fit!". Long story short, i bought a bloody S3.91 SMALL CASE. Adding insult to injury I already agreed to sell the big case S3.07 and the guy was en route to collect. Its incredible how quickly you can source a replacement when your car is a non-runner thanks to a stupid error in judgement!! All sorted now, medium case S3.91 fitted. Happy. Beginning to get impatient about the paint job still on the 'to-do' list, no more upgrades or shiny bits to be bought until its painted and returned to me. If anyone has a painter in the Banbury / Brackley location, please point them my way! That being said, I persuaded my partner to change her car recently which probably hasn't help my motivation for the E28 to be fair....
  11. ROOTS.

    Newbie with a E28 M535i

    Thanks Dave, will give you a shout when i(finally) get it back! Turns out the oil spray bar bolts were tapped to accept a wire throughout, actually stopping them from coming loose at all.
  12. ROOTS.

    M30B34 with S38 ITBs

    Wow, that does seem rather limited gains, im going to assume you had hope for more - maybe closer to Alpina power (260ish?) That actually makes me wonder if an Alpina has 260bhp at all.....
  13. ROOTS.

    M30B34 with S38 ITBs

    Ive done some research on ITBs and understand that the M30 engine doesn't respond to them with any great significance unless you go down the road of standalone ECU and quite possibly raising compression. I have just procured a M30B34 head that i plan on getting some work done to it; - Gas Flowed & Ports matched - B35 Valves with double vale springs - Schrick Cam and adjustable pulley I personally like ITBs and having the opportunity to get a Paul Burke head adapter for S38 ITBs, I'm keen on junking the original intake manifold, AFM and going open throttle with standalone management. Understanding the M30 engine may only see slight gains if the bottom end remains stock, can anyone tell me if Alpina B10 MAHLE pistons are a higher compression item (higher than stock B34) or advise what compression id want to be aiming for to get the most out of a B34 ITB build. If i really must change pistons to get the most from this setup then changing rods and a crankshaft lightening wouldn't be out of the question. Really hoping i don't need to go this far though!! I believe the Paul Burke adapter is matched for S38 ITBs to a B35 head so that will means the B34 head will need porting to start with, the B35 intake ports are quite a bit bigger right? So, the big question is IF pistons are needed to get the most of ITBs then would I be best keeping the B34 head or fitting a B35 head and spec'ing the pistons to be higher comp with that fitted? The B35 has a bigger combustion chamber so fitting it lowers compression ratio, in OEM circumstances, but if new pistons are needed for ITBs then the extra combustion area with pistons to suit could be the best of both worlds... Im sure this topic has been considered to the worlds end so im hoping some good feedback can be offered up.
  14. Hi Tim, Do either of those cars have a S3.73 or (hoping!) a S3.91 diff? edit - just read they are E12 based, so they are most likely sideloaders? Cheers, Ian
  15. ROOTS.

    Bodywork advice

    Hey mate, I have a Zinnobar M535i too, had similar rust patches in those areas + a few nastier ones once I went looking around! Decided to leave the car in with a fabricator to get all the rusty bits sorted out (can intro you if you like, or bring you along to see my car / let him look at yours?) and then fully resprayed. Still not finished yet but thought if i do it once il do it right.