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  1. E28 Parts for sale. Some are used, some are brand new from BMW (unused). I have split them up below: New: 1. E24/E28 Distributor Cover Part Number: 12121716299 - £10 2. E28 Moulding chrome for windscreen upper part. Product number: 51311820622 - SOLD 3. E28 Bumper Cover, EURO FOG LIGHT DELETE PLATE SET. Part Number: 51711873623 / 51711873624 - £30 4. E28 Fuse box holder Part Number 61131366875 - £5 5. E28 M Technic Rear Spoiler or Arch Nuts x6. Part Number 51-13-5-770-165 - £25 6. E24/E28 Headlight adjusting nut x4. Part Number 63121362049 - £25 7. E28 M TECHNIC Rear Arch Plug x16. Part Number 51711929320 - £10 8. E28 Genuine BMW Trim Corner Moulding Chrome x2. Part Number 51311820269 - SOLD 9 E28 Rear Screen upper CORNER MOULDINGS SCHWARZ x1. Part Number 51311959999 - £30 10. E28 M TECHNIC Rear Arch Base x16. Part Number 51711932020 - £10 11. E28 Front bumper cover primed, left x1. Part Number 51111961873 – £10 12. E28 Front bumper cover primed, right x1. Part Number 51111961874 - £10 13. E28 M TECHNIC Side Skirt Clamps. Part Number 51131848312 - £10 14. E28 Rear door pins x2. Part Number 51211875008 - £5 15. E28 BOSCH Fog Lights. Part Numbr 1305354933 - SOLD 16. Brand new clear side repeaters - £20 Used: Full set of M30B34 BMW rocker arms with bolts and springs - £50 E28 side mirrors (without glass). painted red. fair condition - £30 E28 Bonnet hinge brackets. Freshly painted Zinnobar red and working fine - £30 E28 OE side repeaters. slight overspray on one. working fine - £10 E28 OE bonnet vent. Part Number 51131874518 - £5 E28 Door actuators x2. Used but working - £30 More to follow....
  2. ROOTS.

    530 MLE - Purchased!

    Took much longer than anticipated thanks to COVID but the good news is the 530 MLE is due to land in the UK on Monday! Paperwork all done and just need the heads up from the freight company to confirm everything is sorted and arrange a time/date to collect. I cannot remember the last time i was this excited to see a car.
  3. ROOTS.

    Newbie with a E28 M535i

    What a couple of months it been since collecting the car - ill try not moan about COVID too much but the car is now at Hack Engineering and stripped down for the next stage of the project, the engine! As it happens, when you start pulling everything out some areas that were shielded away and hidden from the naked eye surfaced so in some ways its been a step back to take a step forward. front panel beneath the rad being the worst area but thankfully not affecting the respray. The work being carried out is now been documented by the guys so ill share the Youtube links here along with the various Facebook groups: Episode 1 https://youtu.be/nn_ztkFnBBk Episode 2:
  4. ROOTS.

    Newbie with a E28 M535i

    Collected from Body Motor Works on Friday and can only thank them again for A. The incredible job they’ve done on the restoration and paint job but B. saving the day when the clutch slave cylinder blew its seal less than 2 miles into my drive home! Rescued the car, organized a brand new cylinder and fitted inside 2hrs so I was back on the road. Great job by Matt, Rob and the Body Motor Works team! Dropped off to Hack Engineering today for the next task - full engine build! Updates to follow...
  5. ROOTS.

    Newbie with a E28 M535i

    Finally! collecting the E28 this Friday. It will be a short spell though as I’m dropping it in to Hack Engineering on Saturday morning so engine work can begin... that being said, I’ve never been so excited for a 2hr train ride on Friday on my life haha
  6. ROOTS.

    Newbie with a E28 M535i

    Last few bits today - clutch slave cylinder seemed suspect so that got replaced with a new one whilst wheel alignment was done. Collecting the car this weekend!
  7. ROOTS.

    530 MLE - Purchased!

    I managed to get in touch with Uli Sanne the previous owner of the 530 MLE i bought who shared some imagery with me from the last BMW event he ran the car in October 2008 in Kyalami race track. Interestingly the car has covered 124km in the 11.5 years since Uli sold it to the car collector i bought it from... Crazy! At the same time Ulrich Thieme from e12.de got in touch as he saw the car being registered on the M Registry and sent me a link to all 530 MLE he is aware of in existence. The common feeling amongst the community is only 7 road cars remain including number #23/108.
  8. ROOTS.

    Newbie with a E28 M535i

    MOT time - first one in over 2.5 years! *Passed
  9. ROOTS.

    530 MLE - Purchased!

    Whilst we are all dealing with Covid-19 and the extraordinary times set upon us, this has allowed me crack on with finishing my E28 M535i (on a separate thread) and scratch another itch i have had brewing for some time in the shape of an E12! I actually started out looking for a E28 M5 and quickly found myself mid search ending up on E12 M535i images, old for sale adverts and reading about other peoples projects. Thats when i came across Reg No: RDA 30 - a Henna Red E12 M535i that was previously owned by a member on here for many years and most recently owned by a Dutch chap who again, decided to sell before getting on with any major restoration work. I need to say thanks to Eric (Dutch chap) who was super helpful to me whilst considering buying his M535i - sent tonnes of images, videos, recommissioned the car mechanically and spent 45 minutes with me on video call showing me around the good, the bad and the ugly. Ultimately, in the end i passed up on the car as i spent the past 3 years restoring my E28 M535i in between work, travel and deciding what route i wanted to go which cost me a lot of time, money and enjoyment of driving the car. I didn't want that again so immediately parked the idea and promised myself no more until the E28 M535i was complete...then i would know if its just boredom during CV19 or if the idea would go away once i started to enjoy driving the E28 M535i. Again, its been 3 years!! As with all best intentions, they are not the solution to solve our problems and before i knew it i had somehow found myself in contact with a motorbike collector about a Ducati that - ironically -came about through someone helping me source an E28 M5 that i actually didn't want... It turned out the gentleman who owned the Ducati had many bikes in his collection and like any treasure hunt i asked the inevitable question - "do you collect cars?" Does he what...!!!! What came across via an email in the form of a 6 page Excel spreadsheet + a WeTransfer link to download supporting images and videos simply blew me away. I wont get into the car list as i wont know where to start but in short i will tell you where i started.... the columns with the letter B. In amongst the plethora of cars was of course a 2002 Turbo, E23 745i (M88 engine) manual, E30 333i, E30 Alpina C7, E34 Alpina B10 and then..... a E12 530 MLE. What happened next was pretty damn obvious and yes, best intentions and all that got cast aside immediately. Anyone who knows how rare it is to find an E12 is in good condition will know how even rarer a very clean E12 M535i is... the E12 530 MLE is probably next to unicorn status in terms of rarity, provenance and so on... So, today i can say i am the owner of a E12 530 MLE, number 23 of 110 Type 1 models ever built, that will come to the UK in the next few months (pending lockdown, shipping dates etc...). From the research i have done so far - limited at best - i dont believe there are any other 530 MLE in the UK? I waited 3 years to finish my E28 M535i and like waiting for that one bus you desperately want to arrive.... two come along at the same time!
  10. ROOTS.

    Newbie with a E28 M535i

  11. Hope there is a good ending to this story! Following with interest
  12. ROOTS.

    Everyone with a e28 put your pics up :D

    Getting there!
  13. Does anyone know what happened this car or know more about it? I actually came across it earlier today - in Holland - and jumped on here to see if it was a previous members car or if there was some history on it. Looks like the mileage hasnt moved much and from the pictures it hasnt had much work carried out other than some replacement panels etc...
  14. ROOTS.

    Newbie with a E28 M535i

    IMG_6837.MP4 IMG_6717.MP4
  15. ROOTS.

    E28 Door Aperture Seals

    Does anyone have brand new or nearly new / great condition used door aperture seals for sale? I know they are available new from BMW but trying to avoid the mouth watering price if possible! 51721904327 (x1) 51721904328 (x2) I found a brand new 327 on eBay so list reflects this. Thanks in advance for any help.