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  1. ROOTS.

    1976 E12 530 MLE

    All four corners off the 530 MLE for a full suspension and brake refurb and refresh. New dampers, roll bars and bushings all round and had the paintwork professionally detailed before new decals get applied. Once the struts and trailing arms get back from powder coating the reassembly can commence. Video:
  2. ROOTS.

    1986 E28 M535i - Restoration

    Been a while since I posted a picture! I’ve been told assembly is well underway at Hack Engineering so here’s hoping to some engine (or engine bay!) shots on the next video.
  3. ROOTS.

    Various E28 Parts - New & Used

    List now updated.
  4. ROOTS.

    1986 E28 M535i - Restoration

    getting into the good stuff now! Episode 5: https://youtu.be/k42p7fSyyh8
  5. ROOTS.

    1986 E28 M535i - Restoration

    The next part of the E28 build is up from Hack Engineering. Not much to see but a tech piece as the engine build gets underway. Episode 4: https://youtu.be/0-w8qbCOjA4
  6. ROOTS.

    1976 E12 530 MLE

    Sticker kit comes off this week to have paintwork professionally corrected before a genuine MLE sticker kit get applied. Next update will include the “relatively low offset” BBS MAHLE 15x8 fitted and exterior professionally finished.
  7. ROOTS.

    Various E28 Parts - New & Used

    thanks, leave it with me and I’ll come back to you ASAP
  8. ROOTS.

    Various E28 Parts - New & Used

    hi Ivor, I actually think I do. If you can get the part number from RealOEM I can double check when I get a chance at the weekend.
  9. ROOTS.

    1976 E12 530 MLE

    Postman came today bearing gifts! Most of these parts are to tighten up the wooly shifter, if you know you know! Just waiting for the UUC DSSR to arrive and the BMW rubber shift boot - thanks @Collective-friction for the E21 part number 25111209868, i think this genuine item will be a much better option than the Wallothnesch one - https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/rubber-boot-for-gearshift-lever-13346.html I will post pics of both when they arrive and fingers crossed one of them fits the E12.
  10. ROOTS.

    1986 E28 M535i - Restoration

    No. Is the pump actually different (pressure wise) or just connections? I’ve had new lines made up so I predict the box -> pump unions were matched during reassembly.
  11. ROOTS.

    1986 E28 M535i - Restoration

    Thanks! Yes, that’s a good point... How does one go about relocating this to Projects!
  12. ROOTS.

    1986 E28 M535i - Restoration

    Progress being made by the chaps at Hack Engineering, however, not without some drama. 1. Steering box was leaking so rather than going down the daunting road of a rebuild I picked up a E24 M6 steering box. 2. I had installed E34 M5 ATE calipers but had a E38 Brembo 4 pot adaptor lying around so decided if there was ever a time to upgrade to 4 pots then now was it! couple of small other bits like disc backing plates and one inner tie rod ball joint split so Cotswold BMW to the rescue again. Car should be back on its wheels this week with new brake lines sized up and fitted before the engine gets assembled and fitted.
  13. ROOTS.

    1976 E12 530 MLE

    Well it didn't take long before i started to think of some things to do and its escalated rather quickly!! The interior of the car is pretty much in time warp condition so i will be leaving this alone other than replacing the rubber gear gaiter - original is torn - and get the radio working. Not that i will ever use it. The car sounds fantastic. Exterior has a beautiful patina, not a UK patina (Rust!), so the only thing i will do is remove the non-original sticker kit and replace this with a new one. Thankfully this was sourced when i bought the car from Luis Malhou, the guy who restored the 530 MLE above, so this should finish it off quite nicely. However, i did source a set of 15x8 BBS MAHLE with a pretty low offset so i will fit these too. The 14's are a nightmare to find decent rubber for them and personally i think they look a bit lost under the arches. I will keep them for 'anorak' days/meets but im excited to see the car on the new set ive found which are pretty much identical but an inch bigger and an inch wider with a much deeper dish. Other things on the list include; - Fit new Bilstein B8 Shocks - H&R springs - ST Anti roll bars - Weicher strut braces - Compbrake tie rod ends - Ireland Engineering subframe bushing - K MAC trailing arm bushings and adjustable top mounts (front) The gearshift has the notorious sloppy shift, not the worst ive ever encounted but there are definitely some bits and pieces that need replacing so Cotswold BMW received an order for every linkage, bush etc needed + picked up a UUC DSSR and Schmeidmann adjustable short shifter to tighten it all up. I cannot stand vague shifting in any car! This brings me on to the good stuff, the engine. As some of you may know i have a pretty fruity M30 being assembled at Hack Engineering at the moment and couldnt help myself to keep the MLE factory stock. Everything will be retained to go back to 'Factory' spec if necessary but for now im going down the following route: - Triple Weber 45 DCOE w/ Dbilas adaptor - Dbilas 288 camshaft with uprated valve springs & retainers - 123 Bluetooth Ignition - KM Cams Steel Rocker Arms - VAC Motorsport adjustable cam sprocket - VAC Motorsport rocker arm locks/collars - Custom made equal length exhaust manifold **This manifold will be for RHD application and tooling will be retained for anyone else looking for an equal length exhaust for an E12/E28 M30. So as winter is upon us and i cant use the car as much as i would like, i think the above will keep me busy and when ready should be a bloody awesome car to drive.
  14. ROOTS.


    No idea how i never found this thread before as its the same car i now own. the aul girl has come a long way
  15. Hi Guys, I tried to source this new from BMW but its of course, NLA! https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DC72-EUR-07_1984_E28_BMW_M535i&diagId=51_1798#51481965121 Part number is: 51481965121 If anyone has a new piece and willing to sell or a good quality used pieces, let me know. Thanks - Ian