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  1. I’ve had a lot of work done to my tourings steering including a recon of the steering box (by cpc in Amersham), new front arms, tightening of the steering adjustment bolt, alignment, wheel refurb & new tires... yet I still feel like it’s not as tight as it should be. I know a steering box will never feel like the rack and pinion on my e30, however I wonder if I can tighten the famous steering box screw a tiny bit to eek out a bit more stability? Would love to get rid of that wandering feel, especially at low speed. What advice would yoi give me about finding the sweet spot on the bolt? I know over tightening it wares parts out, but can’t help but feel it should be better after all the work carried out. Thanks Kit (Here she is hanging out with some birds)
  2. Kit

    Clutch judder.

    I’m a little fussy, one of those owners who desire the ‘just off the factory floor’ look (and feel) to the car. But with annoying things like the tail gate window not working along with the rear wiper thanks to the loom (I hear it’s a big job) mine will always have it’s issues.
  3. Kit

    Clutch judder.

    Non that I can feel.
  4. Kit

    Clutch judder.

    Thanks everyone. Will report back once I get it looked at with your suggestions in hand. Obviously hasn’t done it since I posted the question...
  5. Kit

    Clutch judder.

    Sounds like a possibility. Would that cause any other issues that may confirm your thinking? Thanks.
  6. Kit

    Clutch judder.

    If it were mounts etc would it not be a constant problem? Seems prone in cold weather / when not used for a long period of time.
  7. Kit

    Clutch judder.

    Hello. An issue I’ve had since owning my touring (2 years) is when cold the clutch judders the car as I pull up to the biting point. It takes between 60 seconds to a few mins normally to disappear. Seems intermitant but guessing thats due to temp change. Any ideas? I can live with it as just spent loads on the car but if it’s an easy fix (unlikely I know) let me know. Thanks Kit
  8. Kit

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Thanks for confirming. I’ve looked Into the original dealer, it’s BMW Royal Ascot. May try and get plates and stickers made up (via Pukar Designs). It’s a Syther dealership now, guess they will have no record of my 95’ touring? Looked at my 90’ e30 also and that’s Milcars in Stanmore, which is now a massive golf shop!
  9. Kit

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Probably should have stuck it at the top of the window (guessing where the dealer stuck it?) but didn’t want to see it out of the rear mirror.
  10. Kit

    Headlight bulb swap.

    Having issues undoing both the high beam covers to expose the bulbs. Used grips but felt like I would break it if I tried any harder. Any ideas? Would it be easier when warm?! Thanks Kit
  11. Kit

    Best garage in Herts/Essex?

    Ended up using Barry, however Stevenage is a bit too far for me so have found A&A Merctech in Hoddeston - who were very good. They spotted a few issues that Barry didn’t mention when he serviced it, tidy shop and tidy work.
  12. Kit

    Best place to buy parts?

    Ended up getting the stuff from ECP and Autodoc and aimed for the better know brands mentioned. Thanks for all the advice. Kit
  13. Kit

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    The bonnet landed on my head... A handy reminder to change the struts... Kit
  14. Kit

    Wiper Rack

    As a test I stuck some sticky black felt to the part of the arm that catches the bonnet. It worked as it wasn’t metal hitting metal anymore however once it got wet it slid off the next day. my plan is to use some proper glue and a thin bit of black rubber. Hopefully be a cheap fix for a noisy problem. Kit
  15. Hello, Very annoying issue that seems to drain my battery - the boot glass on my 1995 touring opens on its own / opens just after I close it without me noticing. The loom isn’t working well back there clearly, the rear glass doesn’t open when you press the button but does open when the main gate is halfway up. Wiggle the loom around the hinge and you can hear it engaging off and on. I am on my third battery in a little over a year, any idea what to do to the loom to fix the problem? Isolate the wire for the rear glass and cut it? The boot interior light is set at ‘off’. How does the battery die if either the boot/boot glass or both are not shut properly when the car is locked and no lights are on? Just spent £1500 on everything from new shocks to a new exhaust to refubed wheels and new tires, so very annoyed I was unable to drive it as planned today. Thanks Kit