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  1. Kit


    I get the impression you don’t like the idea that an aftermarket chip can improve on what BMW created, I suggest speaking to Enda himself as he’s been doing it for 30 years or so and can explain in more detail why and how he can improve things. As I understand it having a more specific setup over a more general one has created a better e34 for me. Obviously engines lose power over time (my donor happens to be a low mileage, one owner example that was very smooth and quiet beforehand) and if BMW didn’t factor that ware in - it’s very handy to have a cheap solution to improve it now. As someone who is very oem focused this is an exception I’m pleased I made.
  2. Kit


    To be clear my main goal was a better driving car, the mpg was a hopeful bonus extra based on reviews I had read. I originally come from Derby and was visiting family in Birmingham after a visit home, so fitted it in. In truth after doing my research he was the one person I wanted to do it. For me it’s a lot better than the stock tune.
  3. Kit

    End Tuning.

    Today I visited a lovely bloke called Enda at his home in Birmingham where he runs End Tuning. Having recently converted my 520i Touring to a 525i I wanted to make the most of it and read his chips do just that. It didn’t take long and he was very friendly, clearly a font of knowledge on all things Bmw ecu related. In short the car feels much better, and there’s a couple of reasons to why in my case. Firstly it sorted an issue in which the revs stayed too high when changing gear - especially at speed, this was due to my donor 525 being an auto and my car being a manual, the oem chip was setup for an auto box but my new map was based off a stock manual - this has totally changed the way I can drive it, I can actually heal-toe normally now (something I do more in my other cars but nice to do if I want to in this). Was quite annoying waiting for the revs to drop all the time when driving normally. Secondly the engine feels a bit crisper, almost as if the throttle cable has been tightened, the pedal feels more connected to the engine. I asked specifically for a tune that’s geared to 99 Ron as I only use esso supreme (0% Ethanol despite the E5 label), the original maps have a range from 91-98 as per the sticker on the petrol cap door. Overall the car feels quicker, especially in the higher gears. I was in third but it felt like I was in 2nd a few times. Much more drivable and responsive at motorway speeds which makes the car feel a bit more modern to drive. It also idles a little lower. I read the mpg can improve but Enda said it will be a small improvement at best, but it won’t lower it. My run back proved this to be the case, a minimal gain at a guess. I can’t say how much the improvement is down to the auto to manual switch but it has more get up and go which is all I asked for. On paper perhaps a 10-15hp gain, but in reality it feels quite a different car. The best £60 I have spent on it that’s for sure.
  4. Kit


    The result is a much better e34 then this mornings version.
  5. Kit


    The internet tells me there is one on the M50tu’s, so perhaps it won’t effect it however this is an extract from the first email I got back from End Tuning a while ago on the subject… ‘The older engines and ECUs were set up to handle as low as 91 octane, and they weren't as clever as modern ECUs which usually have a bunch of different tables, some for high octane and greater efficiency with backups they could switch to to lower octanes. The older ones had to be "gentle" enough to run without issues on lower octanes and that leaves a fair bit of slack’.
  6. Kit


    Hopefully be popping into End Tuning in Birmingham on Saturday, hoping his chip will make the most of the 99 octane I put in. Will report back once I get an idea of what it’s done, hopefully it helps make the most of what I’ve got and leads to a mile or two extra mpg if I’m lucky.
  7. Kit


    Hello. Just wondering what mpg people are getting from their E34’s? My late touring started out as a 520i and did around 27/28mpg on a mixed run. Having changed the engine to make it a late 525i I’m getting 29/30 (with esso supreme 99 and driving very sensibly). So around 420ish miles before the light comes on and I have to fill up - note the rear end and manual box is still the original 520 setup. The internet stat-sites say I should get closer to 35 and up to 40 mpg on a clear run with a b25tu. Wondering where I’m losing out? Car is very well looked after and the engine is running sweetly and there is no sign of fuel leaks on the drive or on components that are easy to see. Thanks in advance. Kit
  8. Kit

    520i M50tu to 525i M50tu

    I had the wiring in the hinge redone and all was working. After I had the engine put in oddly the wiper stoped working. Will look into the earth!
  9. Kit

    1995 W124 coupe.

    Yes it’s a M111.960 with 148bhp. Has a very linear power delivery, feels tuned for comfort and cruising. It’s built like cars should be in every department. Shame to let it go but I have 5 cars and room for 4.
  10. Kit

    1995 W124 coupe.

    Funnily enough, it’s the opposite of a convertible as it’s a rare factory sunroof delete optioned model. No idea how many of those were ordered in the uk but not seen another. If you want some pictures of the car to temp your please DM me your email address!
  11. Kit


    Pulley fitted along with a new belt so up and running again. Incase anyone is interested the correct tensioner pulley for a M50B25tu is - 11281735899 (managed to get an Ina one), real oem has different ideas for whatever reason so I got the wrong parts to start off with. The belt is a 6pk 1555.
  12. Kit

    1995 W124 coupe.

    Not a 5 series I know but it’s time to trim the fleet (and I can’t get rid of my touring, ever!). A very special M plate w124 e220 coupe in the best colour combo of black with cream leather. Drives like it should, everything still feels tight and over engineered. I’m an oem type owner and very picky so it’s that type of car, down to the correct stereo. Enthusiast owned after its first owner who did 60k between 1995-1998 so the majority of miles are motorway to start then it became quite gentle till then. From 1998-today it’s done around 70k, so 130ish in total. Appeared in an article in the official Merc magazine before I bought it in 2015. Last mot was clear with no advisories and it is looked after by A&A Merctech in herts who know these cars well (it’s the best example they know of). It is in a slightly different league to the leggy £5k examples to be found online so if someone wants a proper one please enquire. DM me if interested and can expand on the above. Thanks Kit
  13. Kit


    Thanks. Found a local mobile mechanic and got the right Ina pully (first one was wrong and can’t seem to find it on real oem, the 525i engine on that looks different). Should be up and running by tomorrow morning with any luck.
  14. Kit


    I think I know the answer to this question but I’ll ask anyway, just moved the car on the drive, battery light now on and no power steering. Guess it’s not safe to drive the mile and a half to the garage so it’ll now need towing there?
  15. Kit

    520i M50tu to 525i M50tu

    Been a while since I posted, annoyingly I can’t seem to upload pictures via my phone despite paying for membership. A quick update, the new b25tu engine has been running fine, noticeably smoother after a couple of long runs on esso supreme and a bit of redex. No more chatter in the pedals from the new clutch or power unit. Body wise I finally had the replacement front doors painted and fitted by my guy at Lemass near Gerrads Cross (the originals were rusting badly from the bottom) along with sorting a list of medium sized jobs and annoying bits, e.g. boot aligned correctly (not easy it turned out), new headlining, black powder coating the roof rails and oem roof bars, swapping bits of trim, wet-cleaning the oem silver grey mats, the list really did go on. Annoyingly the rear wiper motor failed, replaced that only to find an electrical fault that apparently is related to a rely under the seat or on the stalk. My other more pressing issue is the tensioner pulley disintegrating, so the car is off the road and booked in to get that sorted as the fan turns with a huge amount of fuss and noise, and sometimes not at all. One day I may get an answer to why I can’t post pictures, till then we’ll done for reading this much! Kit (P.s. Have some decent spare parts from the interior of my donor, short post in the parts and breakers section if interested or DM me)