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  1. A working 1994 525i auto gearbox from a 105k mile one owner car that was well looked after (the engine is now in my touring). Open to sensible offers. Out the car and ready to go. Having trouble adding pictures on here but direct message me if interested and I will email some. Collection near Colchester, Essex. Thanks Kit
  2. Kit

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Sourced and fitted a period oem roof box. Surprisingly little wind noise.
  3. Kit

    520i M50tu to 525i M50tu

    Finally got round to cleaning the interior after it was left in a grubby mess by Angus BMW. Much nicer place to be now. Autoglym’s leather clean and protect kit did a decent job on the seats.
  4. Kit

    520i M50tu to 525i M50tu

    Getting a bit of pressure from Angus BMW to move my old engine on. If you or anyone you know wants to make me an offer for my smooth M50B20tu please DM me. Also have my donor car to move on soon so open to offers for that too. Thanks Kit
  5. Kit

    Smooth M50B20tu for sale.

    Getting a bit of pressure from the garage to get this engine moved. So to be blunt, I’m open to sensible offers. Feel free to DM. Also have a orient blue 525i breaker for sale (minus the engine but almost everything else still there), again will need to shift that soon so if interested please get in contact. Thanks Kit
  6. Hello.  After swapping to a M50B25tu I have my old 1995 e34 2.0L engine for sale. Last serviced in September 2020 before a faultless 1500 mile round trip to Scotland.  Pick up from near Colchester, comes with loom and ECU. Open to sensible offers. DM me if interested. Thanks  Kit
  7. Kit

    520i M50tu to 525i M50tu

    Cars been sat for a couple of weeks and today I found a small power steering fluid leak under it. Seemingly the high pressure hose, hopefully not too big a job to sort out. Delighted it wasn’t oil. Tested the throttle in neutral, seemed ok (hard to tell really) but will do it by hand next and see if there is any play / stickiness. Need to take it for a run but nowhere to go...
  8. Kit

    520i M50tu to 525i M50tu

    Good question, will check.
  9. Kit

    520i M50tu to 525i M50tu

    A single mass LUK clutch kit was fitted which I believe is a like for like with my previous setup, I don’t think the 520tu had a dual mass kit. The clutch seems fine to me, biting point ok etc.
  10. Kit

    520i M50tu to 525i M50tu

    A silly question perhaps but are the ecu’s the same on auto and manual cars? The donor car was an auto, mines a manual. Just wondering if it’s an engine setup issue.
  11. Kit

    520i M50tu to 525i M50tu

    Correct, for example, if I rev to a high number in 2nd and push the clutch down in readiness to go into 3rd I have to wait briefly for the revs to drop before I can smoothly change up. It feels like a very lethargic way to drive quickly. Put simply I want the revs to drop faster when I disengage the clutch!
  12. Kit

    520i M50tu to 525i M50tu

    Thanks, as I don’t feel any real issue with the clutch generally I am hoping it’s not the issue, but will keep your suggestion in mind. Cheers. Kit
  13. Kit

    520i M50tu to 525i M50tu

    It just had a new clutch fitted. So unless it’s an alignment issue it should not be due to the clutch being worn out. The biting point etc seems fine, notice a slight bit of chatter/buzz in the peddles that the old engine / clutch didn’t have.
  14. Kit

    520i M50tu to 525i M50tu

    Been on a good few drives now and one thing that bothers me a bit about the new motor is that the engine revs stay too high between gearshifts (especially when driving with a heavy right foot). What can be looked at to encourage the engine to drop revs more quickly? Would a tweak of the ecu help? Or would it be a more mechanical solution? Or is it just a characteristic of the m50b25tu?
  15. Kit

    E34 floor mats.

    Great thanks. Will be in touch. Kit