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  1. Thanks for all your input guys - I'm trying to arrange for a diagnostic test. As it's likely the passenger side rear sensor, is there a part number that you would have to hand that I could search for?
  2. Morning BMW5, Yesterday as I was leaving work I felt a crunch from some ice on my wheels, then my ABS and Traction Control warning lights both flashed up and my speedo, MPG and mileage counter have all also stopped working - my best guess from a quick skim on the forums is that the wheel speed sensor has gone - although the fuel gauge is also being temperamental. I rang a local independent garage, who I trust, who said it's likely the wire has come loose or the sensor has broken which is a big job to get it out and replaced (something about drilling the sensor out?). He suggested to check the cable and leave it as it may clear itself, otherwise he wont be able to see the car for a week or so. However, I had a look last night and the wire to the sensor is still secured in place as far as I can tell. Without a full diagnostic I cant be sure if the sensor does need replacing, does anyone have any suggestions as to ruling out any other causes before sending the car to have the "big job" done? E39 520i Touring SE.
  3. SpazaB

    Possible fuel tank leak?

    Haha, thought of that but something was still dribbling from the outside of the well, even when it was dry. The mystery continues...
  4. SpazaB

    Possible fuel tank leak?

    You were correct, definitely not the fuel tank! That's such a weight off my mind, thank you. However after taking everything out of the spare wheel well, whatever the leak is, it isn't identifiable without a ramp and taking the bumper off. It was bone dry inside - no sign of a hole anywhere!
  5. SpazaB

    Possible fuel tank leak?

    I thought it was plastic, I couldn't find a detailed enough diagram of the underside of the vehicle to be certain.. what would be leaking from the spare wheel well? Stupid question... Does the washer fluid for the rear windscreen run that way? I didn't use the rear washer when I tried to replicate the leak, but when I discovered the leak, I did? Also, the fluid itself doesn't smell of anything (I was smelling the residue on some rubber gloves) generally the rear of the car does smell quite strongly of petrol, although I was putting this down to it running cold. Thanks for your help so far!
  6. SpazaB

    Possible fuel tank leak?

    Hi all, I noticed a leak at the rear end of the car, a week or so ago, after running the engine for roughly 10-15 minutes. It was only small drips, maybe one every 30 seconds or so. I returned to the car a couple of hours later and it had stopped and dried up. When I tried to repeat the problem the other day, the leak didn't reoccur - although from the stains, it looks like it's been going on for a while. The tank is about half full at this point. I've attached the best pictures I can take, the hole looks small. Can anybody confirm this is the fuel tank, and if it looks like it could be repaired with a fuel-safe epoxy, such as JB Weld? Cheers SpazaB
  7. SpazaB

    Vermont Green E39 520i Touring

    Black would have been my ideal colour after having a black E82 125i which I absolutely adored, but this was too good to miss and seeing this Touring just brings a massive smile to my face every time! One concern I do have is that the thermostat appears to be stuck open, which will need to be rectified soon, I'm waiting for a quote from an BMW specialist who has also quoted £280+VAT for an Inspection 2 - at least it's not stuck closed! *touches wooden dash* The green leather and cloth doesn't look as bright in person, looks a much deeper shade of green
  8. Hi All, I've found myself a lovely E39 Vermont Green 520i Touring! Picked it up on Friday for £750, 120k on the clock - it drives like a peach and I'm really happy with it, even has the green leather interior. The headlights are the standard pre-facelift halogens, front right headlight has some condensation and there are small patches of rust on the bodywork, but none on the wheel arches. The seal around the windscreen has deteriorated quite a bit, so I will be replacing that along with the headlight(s) when I next have the chance. I'm not sure how common Vermont Green is, but it's definitely growing on me! Cheers, SpazaB
  9. SpazaB

    E39 520i-530i Manual

    Thanks for the heads up! unfortunately Fife is a little far for me to travel, smart motor though, what I'm looking for!
  10. SpazaB

    E39 520i-530i Manual

    Hi All, I'm new to this forum, after scouring the classifieds on autotrader/pistonheads/gumtree I thought I'd try and put a wanted post out there. I'm looking for a manual 6 cylinder BMW, 3 or 5 series, under £1,500 - ideally with as few miles as possible, but I am aware the 5's particularly wear their mileage well. I'm based in Oxford and wouldn't mind travelling a little for the right car. If anyone is selling in the next month or so, or knows anyone that is, I would appreciate the feedback! Thanks, SpazaB