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  1. Lloydy

    new guy

    Leave it original, the m30 b2.5 is creamy smooth!
  2. Lloydy

    No Power when Engine is cold - 525i

    it could be your service indicator board that stopping some the the dials working. Ivo sells a replacement one now which need no maintenance as it is batteryless.
  3. Lloydy

    Rear Window Dealer Stickers

    Been in touch with DMB graphics, unfortunately they no longer make the dealer number plates. Anyone else who could possibly help?
  4. Lloydy

    Rear Window Dealer Stickers

    That's brilliant - thanks, i'd always wondered if it was possible.
  5. Lloydy

    Rear Window Dealer Stickers

    In the interests of keeping things original, does anyone know how I could replace my number plates that have the original dealership on the bottom with new ones and keep the same design???
  6. Lloydy

    About to change engine oil

    I’ve actually got the revised banjo bolts with the thread lock pre-applied so that will be done at the same time!
  7. Lloydy

    About to change engine oil

    Hi all, Time to get my 525i ready for the spring / summer. Having had the car for many years and gradually moved through from 10/40 to 15/40. As the M30 is now on 182k should I go millers 20/50, problem is this is mineral only. Is it better to make the move and go mineral 20/50 or 15/40 semi synthetic or mineral??? Appreciate your opinions. Darren
  8. Lloydy

    About to change engine oil

    So looks like the consensus is mainly 15/40 or 20/50, both are detailed in the handbook and better than a 10/40 particularly as there will be some wear in our m20’s and 30’s! Always good to have a debate on stuff, especially when it’s not clear cut. thanks all.
  9. Lloydy

    About to change engine oil

    Hey Mick, Millers classic sport 20 w50 is the closest I reckon you’ll get to the old green duckhams. Im thinking that might be the best approach if not the 15/40. But the millers guys do know their stuff for quality oil. Have you seen what they offer?
  10. Lloydy

    About to change engine oil

    Brilliant. Thanks all for the insight as ever.
  11. Lloydy

    About to change engine oil

    Thanks. Good to know. There’s a bit of oil burn on start up which it’s done for many years; valve stem oil seals but don’t want to open engine up unless it’s absolutely necessary. Would you say 20/50 is too thick then?
  12. Lloydy

    About to change engine oil

    Mark, That’s great to know and thanks for the link. I shall look into this evening. Cheers, Darren
  13. Lloydy

    Rear Window Dealer Stickers

    Fantastic - Do you happen to have Hartshill BMW by any chance?
  14. That’s so true! Yes I’d be really keen to see the work. Mines in excellent shape, never been restored as it’s always been in the family, but just gets whatever it needs in an ongoing basis. That said it’s 38 years old and there will come a time and nothing makes me more nervous than entrusting it to someone who either doesn’t care or hasn’t got the skill / team around them. Thanks for the message. Darren
  15. Great info! Be interested to see the car when it comes back. I hear good things about those guys. and very happy to stand corrected and learn something new. all the best!
  16. I maybe wrong but as far as i can remember, the Alpina style only went on the earlier fitment lower valance.
  17. Lloydy

    Instrument cluster

    Hi, I might be wrong but I was under the impression that issues such as these with the guages on the dash we're pretty much always related to Service Indicator board that has either given up or the batteries we're flat / had leaked onto it. There are loads of great tekky guys on here that will be able to assist i would think. Your's will be the later one red light board so I think that is cheaper to replace than the early 3 red light version. Worth checking it is that before any expenditure though!
  18. Lloydy


    That's great thanks both. Is the gearbox mount worth doing too or would you just concentrate on the engine mount?
  19. Lloydy


    out of interest how big of a job is it to replace the engine / gearbox mounts. mine is on a 1982 and never had them done!
  20. Lloydy

    E28 535ise Fuel line replacement

    Did exactly the same many years ago, never been a problem.
  21. Lloydy

    Non start issue

    The big pump relay top left of fuse box is a known issue.
  22. Lloydy

    Out At Last

    Hey at least you’ve seen it in Opal green now. The front skirt was fitted by our local dealership in 1988 after it had a minor scrape. I think they are NLA now???
  23. Lloydy

    Out At Last

  24. Lloydy


    Interesting! Could do with seeing underneath as they were a different fitment from Dec82 onwards. see below info I got off Cotswold BMW
  25. Lloydy

    Our E28 has been stolen in Bristol can you help?

    Horrific news, keep an eye on e bay and the like. Was the car garaged???