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  1. Lloydy

    M30 expansion tank cap

    Anyone know why there are 2 parts listed for the expansion tank cap? One which like mine is plastic and rated at 1.2bar and the other which is metal and rated at 1 bar?
  2. Random question. I can get hold of a new behr/Bosch one, but only the type were the pipe comes out at the bottom, not straight down like mine. Will that fit?
  3. You’re spot on, unfortunately I binned the old one as I rightly thought a genuine Bmw part would work. I have now sourced a Bosch one off Tim and I’ll rebuild that if need be - Fingers crossed. Rybrook Bmw wont give me my money back as they want to replace again no doubt with the same poor part, it’s booked in on 25th and I’m gonna tell them this is the last time or I want money back.
  4. Exactly, only since I replaced 3 years ago with the trash from bmw have I had this problem. Like you, when the orig Bosch one was in place, never leaked.
  5. That’s great to know, much appreciated. Was wondering if I could ever feel the car would be reliable again. It never has let me down in 20 years (prior to that owned by my father since ‘85) and this one weak spot is incredibly annoying. I’ll keep you all posted!
  6. Tims come good on a used one - Fingers crossed!!
  7. Well here I am again. On the back of my last message i had the Temp control valve replaced by Rybrook BMW under warranty, and guess what, after 200 miles it's leaking again, always from the same place. They are happy to replace again but it's always the same, non-branded part they put back on. My original one was a Bosch branded part which i wish i had kept as it didn't leak, was just the internals worn and stuck on hot. I've got in touch with Tim and Ivo to see if they have one, but failing that does anyone know of a spare one anywhere? Or is there an alternative that can be fitted as i'm losing the will to live with BMW now? Many thanks, Darren
  8. Lloydy

    Steering Wheel - coarse spline

    Leave with me, I’ll take a look. I’m having the loft boarded so a good chance to root it out. Ill let let you know how it’s fared from storage.
  9. Lloydy

    Steering Wheel - coarse spline

    You are absolutely correct. I made the mistake of buying a later one for my 1982 e28. I do have an early M Technic in the loft somewhere. Moved house last Nov so will be in a box somewhere.
  10. Lloydy

    Front Spoiler

    Peter, do you have any pics of the early front spoiler you have hanging in your garage? I have the early one too but was wondering if it's the same as mine and if it is for sale?
  11. That’s brilliant. Thanks Mick.
  12. That’s fantastic help. Thanks. I was concerned I had an underlying issue with the car so it maybe I need to find a second hand water valve.
  13. Hi all, I originally replaced the cabin temp control valve as it was stuck on hot. since then, i have had 3 new ones (from main dealer) and they have lasted less than 500 miles, the last one only did 50 miles before it started leaking from the same place. Do you think these are just a dodgy batch or could something else be causing it? Never had the problem before until i replaced with the new ones.
  14. Lloydy

    M535i Rear Bumper Parts

    i renewed the rear brackets / bolts etc on my e28 and all came from the main dealer. That was about 5 yrs ago.
  15. Lloydy

    Over heating

    I would say it's air in the system. Can be bled relatively easily via bleed screw on top of thermostat housing. If this is seized (as they usually are) try doing from the top hose of the radiator if possible with the car parked on an incline.