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  1. Deviant

    525d won't start

    If it doesn't crank and you have a battery warning, you have a flat battery in all probabilities. Charge the battery or use a known good one. If it didn't jump-start I'd suggest one of the connections on yours or your wife's car weren't were dodgy or you didn't give it enough time. I've done both in the past even though I was convinced at the times both were satisfactory. If the IBS is at fault, it will tell you via DTCs, which it has. Either a sensor or comms. Charge the battery.
  2. I bought one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sealey-VS820-Clutch-Bleeding-System/dp/B000ROARTI as well as one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sealey-VS0212-500ml-Bleeding-Bottle/dp/B00K1UMWRS I didn't pay those prices though. Very happy with them. https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/21027210066?iid=163917132858 £43 including a bleed bottle
  3. I'd clear them all down, start the compressor in Inpa and scan for codes again. If you've done that to get to this point, good luck. I thought the AUC was to detect pollutants in the air when you're on auto mode, but a mouth-breathing ex BMW tech YouTuber reckons it can affect your air con from working.
  4. Deviant

    Air Con Help

    New relay sorted it.
  5. Deviant

    Air Con Help

    I have a Honda Civic as a beater car for commuting and the aircon has stopped working. I've used a regas kit to top up the gas but the Compressor doesn't kick in. I removed the relay and jumped the connections, the compressor clutch engages, the fan starts, and the aircon actually works. It's not super cold but way better than nothing. I've just ordered a new relay as they are absolute peanuts, scanned the car for codes but nothing came up. The relay is a solid block filled with epoxy or whatever they use and whilst the resistance is about right, I don't know if the switch part works. I replaced the clutch last year. The pressure switch appears to be working via live data. I assume the system needs to evacuated before I could replace that Anything I'm missing? Any other suggestions for me to check?
  6. Deviant

    The dreaded red steering wheel symbol

    It appears so. The lock isn't separate according to realoem. £50 used on eBay though. Swings and roundabouts.
  7. Deviant

    Discs keep warping

    Discs don't warp though generally speaking, unless you drive through a ford with them glowing red, they are designed to withstand anything the average driver can throw at them. Rust jacking between the hub and discs or something similar is at play here.
  8. Deviant

    E61 LCI diagnosis help

    If it's so simple and a £60 part, why hasn't he fixed it? Phone a BMW specialist, get their take on it, and how much it would cost to sort it and barter from there.
  9. Deviant

    Battery problem.

    The Ring charger has been charging the battery for around 24 hours at 2 amps to about 98% charged. Despite the internet saying you can't recondition an AGM battery, it has let me choose repair whilst AGM is selected. Even the Ctek chargers contradict themselves. The recond mode is for wet or Ca batteries only, despite having an AGM recond mode.
  10. Deviant

    Battery problem.

    Good idea.
  11. Deviant

    Battery problem.

    Cheers guys, I'm sure the alternator has been replaced at some point. I think I'll get a voltage meter for the cigar lighter socket and monitor the voltage. Charging takes too long via the under bonnet points, I have a couple of smart chargers, a Noco, and a Ring, I'll see what their outputs are on repair mode.
  12. Deviant

    Battery problem.

    I have a 95AH Exide AGM battery registered as a 90ah iirc. It's been as far as I can tell, undercharged from day one. I've driven 40 miles a day for the last week or so and the battery is only 22% charged with the IBS disconnected because I felt the IBS was at fault. I've connected a DVOM and the alternator is throwing out around 14v. My understanding is, if the IBS is faulty, it'll tell you it is. I can only conclude the battery charge profile is undercharging the battery even though you're supposed to register and code as I have done. I think the damage is already done with this battery that isn't even three years old yet. I don't think AGMs are "repairable" like proper wet cells. Google has no idea either way. Maybe a few discharge and recharge cycles might fix it. I fear the damage is done. Something is wrong somewhere, the alternator doesn't look original but is expensive looking.
  13. Deviant

    Effin' Autodoc

    Autodoc have finally got the parcel back and they're refunding me.