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  1. Deviant

    BMW E61 530D 2004 WONT START

    Doesn't mean they are delivering fuel or near pressure. Oil burners
  2. Deviant

    BMW E61 530D 2004 WONT START

    Concentrate on the fuel pump/module/pressure sensor
  3. Absolutely. I wouldn't get a full flush at all, there's potentially stuff in that oil helping to keep clutch packs working. Periodic oil drains (spill and fill)
  4. I managed 36/37 mpg on B roads on my commute one morning. You have to drive like a vicar.
  5. Deviant

    Goodyear Eagle or Michelin Primacy?

    Michelins will provide better grip throughout the wear of the tyre. Eagles are higher performance.
  6. GolfPaul has competition for forum member with most issues with an oil burning E60/E61 Amen.
  7. I'd expect to have the bulb holder part for 'lamp base'.
  8. Deviant

    X5 wheels on E60?

    Forum sweepstake on how long before he kerbs them?...
  9. It's probably the same stuff, but LL04 covers DPFs or something.
  10. Castrol wants me to use 0W30 or similar last time I checked their website. I have 8 litres of 5W40 LL01 I purchased for my old E46 and didn't use. Still undecided if it makes it under the E60s bonnet.
  11. You pays your money and you takes your choice. 3.5k or less for an 09 is worth a punt shirley.
  12. Deviant

    Battery Monitoring and Water Pump problems

    At least you confirmed the diagnosis.