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  1. Deviant

    Quiet Tyres?

    I have these, no complaints. Tyre noise is the last of my considerations tbf. Wet and dry braking, handling and resistance to aquaplaning are far more important.
  2. Deviant

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    O/S tie rod replaced. The car has a hum when you steer to the right, anything past 12 o'clock. I jacked up the wheel and noticed a very slight amount of play. The MOT tester didn't and had a surprised look on his face when I told him it was there. Finally got around to replacing it today. The play has gone and will get the tracking done this week. Thermostat, drop links and lower track control arms next.
  3. It's all down to personal preference. Gonzo has a hone to clear the corrosion but doesn't use a little grease to help stop the corrosion and help the calliper float smoothly. Yet it's common practice on most cars with floating callipers. There's also an argument that grease on the ears of the brake pad attracts dust and can prohibit movement of the brake pads. If a car you do brakes on has abutment clips, you're better off putting the brake grease under the clips, on the calliper bracket and not on the brake pad ears. It's rust/corrosion under those clips that cause brake pads to seize. I have had no problems with ceramic grease either. Don't use it on slide pins though.
  4. Copper grease is fine on the pads. Silicone grease on the calliper slide pins, don't use copper there, it dries out and your calliper will seize. BMW doesn't use anything on the pins, but a light coating will keep things moving nicely and help prevent corrosion.
  5. Deviant

    Car Mechanics E61 project car

  6. Deviant

    Car Mechanics E61 project car

    What did they do with regards to that?
  7. Deviant

    A brief guide to E61 2.0d ownership.

    Look on the bright side, you'll have a sorted E61
  8. Deviant

    Is there an upgrade for the window jets

    Your bumper jets have probably frozen due to lack of protection in your non BMW approved screenwash
  9. Fair enough. I have the same with the M Sport colours.
  10. I prefer it with wind deflectors now we're comparing (not my car, I can't be arsed to take a picture)
  11. I believe if the centre vents are one cold and one warm, or they aren't cold even though all settings are as they should be, your aircon needs a recharge.
  12. Deviant

    Let the mods begin.

    Looks much cleaner without the M badges and numbers. I don't mind the wind deflectors, have a set on my car.
  13. Deviant

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Washed and waxed it and filled in some stonechips (yesterday)