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  1. Deviant

    Steering wheel vibration when braking!!

    Make sure your hubs are as rust-free as possible when you fit your brake discs. Rust building up behind the disc could cause vibrations etc
  2. Deviant

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Rear brake pads. Still plenty of meat on the old ones but the contact sensor had broken and there wasn't enough gap to slide the new one in. Discovered the inner tie rod ends need replacing.
  3. Deviant

    Which tyres.....

  4. Deviant

    Front brake squeak

    My E46 had fairly pitted slide pins, my E60 has been fine. I did brakes on a Punto where I had to put the slide pin head in a vice and pry the caliper to free it, the other pin was severely pitted. An Astra where a pin needed replacing because they were no longer cylindrical, it was almost hexagonal. I did a Honda Civic recently that used copper slip that seized up the caliper causing uneven pad wear and had to clean out the caliper. Greasing your BMW slide pins or not is up to you, but on other cars don't use metal-based greases on your slide pins, they can seize your calipers and have an effect on your ABS sensors.
  5. Deviant

    Front brake squeak

    A non-metal brake grease, so either Silicone grease or ceramic grease. Cera Tec by Textar/Pagid/Mintex or Silicone Grease by 3M. Or Those little foil sachets that come with decent brake pads
  6. Deviant

    Front brake squeak

    Every brake job I've done on a car with floating calipers had corroded caliper slide pins. It's just how it is. Copper grease will seize the caliper as it dries, you can guarantee it You can polish them with a bench grinder or replace them with new ones. Silicone or Graphite based grease seem to be the best options to help stop corrosion and keep the caliper moving.
  7. Deviant

    Front brake squeak

    Never use copper slip on caliper slide pins, it dries up and can seize your caliper on. Use silicone grease or a proper brake grease like Cera Tec or similar. BMW recommend not to grease them at all, but the slide pins will corrode and potentially seize the caliper if you don't.
  8. Deviant

    E60/E61 Video Thread

    Diff replacement.
  9. Deviant

    2006 530i n52 clock keeps resetting.

    This. You need a new battery.
  10. Deviant

    New wheels don't fit-advice please

    A 245/40/18 is approx 50mm smaller in diameter than your new wheels/tyres. That's two inches away from that strut. Everything else tyre wise would then match your 17s. It's more important than spacers. The 40 is a ratio of the width, so by changing the width you're also changing the diameter. You need 245/40/18 or if you want a higher profile: 235/45/18
  11. Deviant

    New wheels don't fit-advice please

    Your new wheels are 10mm closer and you're only pushing them out by 20mm, that's 10mm in overall, look at how much that strut is hitting that tyre... You seriously need new tyres and then look at rubbing afterwards
  12. Deviant

    New wheels don't fit-advice please

    Here's your new wheel/tyre combo with 20mm spacers, You've lost 20mm of arch gap and haven't pushed the wheels out much compared to your 17s
  13. Deviant

    New wheels don't fit-advice please

    He'd keep his higher profile tyres.
  14. Deviant

    New wheels don't fit-advice please

    I don't know, the tyre size is your first problem. Looking at the strut on your new wheel, you might need more than 20mm. 6.5% speedo error is too much imo. To do it properly, I reckon you need new tyres and probably 10mm spacers.
  15. Deviant

    New wheels don't fit-advice please

    The tyre size on the new wheels is wrong, they need to be 245/40R18s. They would knock your speedo out by 6.5% and move the wheel 10mm closer to the strut if they fitted. With the right tyres, you might not need spacers at all.