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  1. Got mine back today, exactly 4 weeks, bye bye 630 GT Xdrive.
  2. Contacted dealer today, still waiting on parts, so still slumming it with my courtesy car. 630 GT X drive
  3. Have done 10000 miles with them on the rear and they are now showing 4.5 mm on both, they provide plenty grip for the way I drive and have kept me out of any ditches. No issues in the wet, the only criticism I would say is they were pretty rubbish during the heavy snow we had early March 2018 but then again there were plenty other cars with premium tyres that didn’t move either. They are noticeably quieter than the Conti run flats they replaced and much smoother over our pot filled roads. Would definitely recommend them although I accept they not BMW approved, however they are definitely a worthy alternative.
  4. Lol you certainly are mate, I am sure all the tyres you are considering will keep you out of a ditch.
  5. Go for the cross climates, it’s the UK it will piss down half the time, they are great tyres you won’t regret it
  6. Put mine into Parks, Baird street Glasgow after receiving my letter on Thursday (purely for travel convenience, not on reputation) within an hour they told me the valve needed replacing (520d, 67000miles, 2013, no sysmtoms at all) they said it could be 3 or 4 days or 3 or 4 weeks. They then showed me to my courtesy car, 630d GT xdrive, with every extra possible with 24 miles on the clock, the head up display is nice, they said BMW provided them with a fleet of them purely for EGR fault customers . Amazing to drive pity about its fat backside.
  7. Mijmap

    Goodbye my friend.

    Bottom line is, it was an accident and they happen. Just glad to hear everyone was ok in the end and the car did it’s job.
  8. Booked into Fairbairns for MOT and oil and filter change
  9. 6000 miles till next service (72000) which will be the major one the last one was just the fuel, pollen and oil filters, Oil not due till then either, I just prefer to change the oil and filter every 6000, certainly won’t do the engine any harm just my pocket . Service records all up to date, everyone being at Parks (before I got it) They got back to me today quoting 54 for MOT and 129 for oil and filter. It’s also booked in for the EGR valve recall
  10. Mijmap

    EGR Recall

    Was contacted today, posted on MOT and oil filter thread
  11. Got this from Parks in Glasgow today I am emailing in response to your live chat enquiry to obtain a price for an MOT and oil service for your car. Based on the history of your car, I can see it will likely be looking for the bigger oil change (oil, air, fuel, microfilter) and a vehicle check service. Given the age of your car, you are entitled to the four plus rate of servicing, which applies 10% discount. Given this, the total cost of the oil service and vehicle check service, including VAT will be £521.66. The mot is £54.85. I can also see that there is a safety recall outstanding on your car to run some checks on the exhaust gas recirculation cooler, with possible replacement. Because this is work that BMW are asking us to carry out on the car, there will be no cost to yourself. Is this something you would like to make an appointment for? If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind regards I only asked for MOT and oil and filter change as I think the recommended 12000 miles between oil changes is a bit too long. Car not due a service for another 6500 miles.
  12. Mijmap

    Tyre pressure Non RFT's 535d F10

    I also fitted the Cross climates to the front recently and used the pressure on the door pillar, tyres are great very quiet and comfortable. It’s a pity they don’t make them in the rear size 275/40/18. Did you change your wheels on the rear to suit the slightly narrower tyre?
  13. Mot is due on 1st March and was going to change oil and filter at same time as coincidently it’s 6000 miles till next service (personally think 12000 miles is too long between changes). Any idea of what the likely price will be using the recommended oil and filter. Received a quote today via email from MB Jarvis for 235 that included a number of additional options including diesel injector cleaning, new sump o ring seal and a oil flush (thought gravity sorted that out
  14. Mijmap

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    Run flats are finally gone, replaced the fronts today with Michelin Cross Climates, the Khumo Ecsta PS91 on the rear still 5mm on them. The Michelin’s are noticeably quieter than the Continental runflats.
  15. Mijmap

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    Is there any update on the Khumo Ecsta PS91’s?