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  1. asharb123

    Sat Nav

    Hi , My F10 523i doesn't have sat nav. Is this something that can be retro fitted? If it could be done, how would you do it and is it worth doing? Thanks Ash
  2. asharb123

    Car Insurance Advice

    I just tried Chris Knott and BMW, both quoted over £1k. I can't believe how much the quotes vary from £635 to over £1k. The information I'm providing is exactly the same. I just need to decide what I need add as an extra, as in courtesy car, legal cover and no claims protection. This is really frustrating.....
  3. asharb123

    Car Insurance Advice

    Hi, My car insurance is due for renewal mid December and I'm starting to get some quotes. I thought the earlier I start the better the quote, rather than leave it last minute and a high quote. But I'm finding I can't get a quote under £700. Some have been ridiculous like one company quoted me £1,900. I have a 2011 523i, I do approx 8,000 miles a year. I'm 50 years old, I've been driving 29 years, have a clean licence, I've made no claims in the last 5 years or had insurance declined. I do have an east London postcode which I don't think helps. What are the essential things to have on a policy.....Personal Injury Cover, Windscreen Cover and a Courtesy Car? Do I need to have Legal Cover? Interested to hear your thoughts and recommendations of any companies or brokers. I've tried all the comparison sites and their all pretty similar. Thanks.
  4. asharb123

    Dull and Duller

    I have some dull and boring questions also. 1) On my F10, the boot will not open from the key fob unless I unlock the car. Is that how its meant to work? 2) On my E60 when I turned the car off the interior light would come on, but that doesn't happen on my F10. Is there a setting or instruction I need to change? 3) I don't use my car very often and I'm not getting the "battery discharge if left stationery" warning. Today I had battery needs charging? Do I need to get a new battery or use the car more? I have a 2011 523i Auto. My only gripe is the car is little slow to move from stationery, as in the car seem to moving through alot gear to get going. My E60 was a 530i on a 2004 plate and it was rapid really quick. However the 523i is on another level interms of quality, fit and finish and I can't believe how economical it is.
  5. asharb123

    We buy any car price?

    WBAC, is owned by BCA and as already mentioned above the idea is it takes the stress and hassle out of selling your car. WBAC offer below CAP average valuations which minimizes the risk to them at auction. There are other sites you can use to value your car. Autotrader does valuations and there are other companies that buy cars. It is a question of shopping around. I got £800 more than the WBAC valuation by selling my car privately. I used Autotrader valuation to give me an idea what the car was worth. WBAC will always chip something off their price to give them that bit extra.
  6. asharb123

    Brake prices - why so varied?

    I wouldn't use KF. I remember many years ago when I was a kid, my uncle needed some new tyres for his Mercedes. KF had an offer on, so I went with him. They replaced the tyres. As we left KF my uncle said the car doesn't feel right and me being a kid I said it must be the new tyres. He said no, its not that, then one of the wheels came off.They hadn't tighten the bolts on one of the front wheels. My uncle went ballistic, threaten to have trading standards in, called the chairman of the company, he went ape....Needles to say he got a full apology and 4 free tyres. But he's never been back and neither have I or anyone else in the family.
  7. asharb123

    Help Advice on E38 728i

    Hello,I have an E38 728i, which we've had since it was 6 months old with only 4.400 miles when we bought her. It has been with 19 years and has done about 132k miles. Unfortunately 4 years ago it was rear ended by some kid who had taken his parents car without their permission while they were on holiday and used my car as a brake. I was on holiday when this happened. My car was parked at the side of my house and I got a call from my sister asking me where my spare was. The kid hit the car from behind on the driverside and went all the way down the side of the car. Fortunately his parents were decent people as their insurance company refused to pay as he was not insured and the insurance company treated the car as stolen. But his parents agreed to pay all costs. I asked what would happen to the car and could I buy it back. They said the car would be valued for scrap and the cost deducted from my payment. The car was valued at £150. No brainer, I kept her. Unfortunately we were fixing up the house and I bought another car while this was all going on. Unfortunately the car I bought was a W211 Mercedes E240. Not the best car.As we were fixing up the house and few issues regarding work, I've not been able to get the car back on the road. My wife and now my kids are saying I should sell it. I just can't. I would love to get her back on the road. Unfortunately I know the longer it gets the harder it will get to recommission the car. I tried contacting some BMW restorers and the only ones that responded were Munich Legends. They quoted £4k. Which I cannot afford.I'm hoping that someone knows a decent garage who can repair the damage and a decent mechanic who can get her started again. Anything else I can get done slowly. I just want to hear that engine again and drive her. Not somewhere far as she does have the shimmy problem. But drive her enough to make me smile, like she did every time I got behind the wheel. Even when there was a problem with the car I never felt oh no not again, it was always got to get it sorted and she'll keep going.If anyone is breaking an Oxford Green E38 7 series please let me know. I'm looking for a rear bumper including the fittings, drivers door, rear driverside passenger door and driver side side skirt non colour coded.Any help/ advice greatly appreciated. I'm located in East London, anyone in London or Essex if you know anyone who can give me some advice or help greatly appreciated.Thanks
  8. asharb123

    Brake prices - why so varied?

    My front disc's are due for replacement, which also means I need to change the pads. I appreciate that alot of people will go genuine, but it is not a cheap option for all of us and I'm not saying you should go for a cheap option either. However there are good quality alternatives. I know alot of people are not fans of Euro's but at the moment they have a 50% off offer. I was looking at a set of Brembo Disc's and Pads which work out to £229.48 after discount or ATE discs and pads £240.98 after discount. Unfortunately I cannot fit these myself. Also my rear pads are due in 3,800 miles and I'll get these done at the same time. I will price up the cost of genuine parts before making a final decision.
  9. asharb123

    My BMW E60 Saying Goodbye

    Hi Pidgeonpost, I have 3 drains on my wallet aged 14,12 & 11. So trying to run both was impossible. I saw it for sale on Autotrader and it brought a lump to my throat. I have my car and the wife's and a E38 which I've had for the last 19 years which was written off 4 years ago which I'm trying to get back on the road. I've had an E39, which was an amazing car. Looking back it was like a smaller version of the E38 we bought afterwards in terms of quality. The E60, the interior was the only thing that let it down if you didn't have one with the dual climate control. The heater switches on mine were similar to my toaster's heat level switches, actually my toaster's looked better. However my 530i was so quick, I didn't realise until I looked at the speedo. I think it will become a classic, like the E39 is becoming. It should do. The F10 the more I look at it the better it looks. Every-time I saw one I wanted one. It is a handsome strong looking car, the 2 creases in the bonnet and strong crease down the side. All of these hide how big the car actually is. I sat in my E38 today (the first time in 4 years) and the F10 feels and looks wider from the drivers seat. I agree the grills on the newer models are awful. The face-lift 7 for the first time I would call obscene. They should have made having the large grill an optional extra. I fear they will do the same to the G30 5 series and add a the large grill in to the face-lift version keeping it inline with the rest of the range. I think they should be putting front fog lights as standard on the SE and powerfold mirrors as standard on all 5's. I am looking forward to enjoying it. What are the newer 2 litre turbo's like, the 520i and 528i?
  10. asharb123

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Hi Cadwell Parker, thank you. I think they might be Style 296.
  11. asharb123

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I upgraded my 17" alloys to 18's. Not a big thing, but to me the car just looks amazing and the ride isn't compromised either.
  12. asharb123

    Faint Smell of Petrol

    Hi, It's a 523i SE 2011. I think it is N53B30. Thanks
  13. asharb123

    My BMW E60 Saying Goodbye

    LOL. Andrew, that really did make me laugh out loud. I've attached 2 pictures one with the 17" alloys and the second with 18''s. The cars look is completely transformed by the 18's. It look classy but sporty. They haven't affected the ride to be honest. I think it rides better on the 18's. It felt to floaty on the 17's. What is your 535i like, I bet it must go like sh*t of a shovel. How is the economy? I noticed a huge difference going from the E60 530i to this car. I'd love a 535i just for the badge factor alone.
  14. asharb123

    Faint Smell of Petrol

    Hi, I noticed a faint smell of petrol coming through the air vents. I don't know if this due to the hot weather or something serious. I spoke to my local BMW specialist who said is it strong enough to make your eyes water? I said no, its a faint smell. He said it doesn't sound like a fuel leak, but fuel vapors being vented. He explained what it could be, I'm not going to try and explain because I know I'll explain it wrong. But it was along the lines that fuel vapors build up in the car, previously these were vented out the car, but BMW now reuse these as its more efficient as these improve combustion as these are already oxygenated. However, this may not be happening in my car as a valve maybe stuck. But also to check the fuel cap is on securely, how much fuel did have in the car. I said it was on empty, that would be ani issue as more vapors would be building up in an empty tank. Like I said I maybe completely misquoting him. Your thoughts appreciated. Thanks
  15. asharb123

    Oil Advice

    Jimbo07g41 - I was using Castrol Magnetic C3 Stop Start 5w-30 on my E60. This was the oil recommended to me by Castrol, even though my car did not have stop start. Castrol did mention that the newer bottles would say Stop Start but it was fine for my car. So there is an oil out there for cars with stop start technology. In the end I used the oil that the specialist was using which was the Fuchs. I need to get some as spare from Opie Oils. Just out of curiosity how much does every one pay or should pay for a full service. By this I mean, oil, oil filter, spark plugs, air filter, pollen filter and brake fluid. Thanks