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  1. Of course (my limited knowledge on actual coding) but the person who fixed it said the lci high ac had a different vin assigned to it so he reprogrammed it with my cars orginal vin and it worked instantly. Hope this helps, if anyone wants more info let me know and ill get on the phone to him
  2. Thank you for the support, managed to fix it by changing the coding!!
  3. Thanks dotcom, do you know what needs activating?
  4. Hello all, New to forums, have recently embarked on a upgrade project on my beloved 06 M5. I have upgraded the CCC to CIC, changed the controller and installed the high LCI ac panel. I have an issue with the ac not being cold, have had it re gassed, changed compressor to no joy. (it was working before the upgrade). I have also done the pin 21 hack to stop the engine fan from running constantly, I am just stuck with where to go from here. Has anyone upgraded a pre lci high ac to lci high ac and had the same issue? Any help would be much appreciated!