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  1. Ninja59

    Pedestrian protection fault - Do not open bonnet

    All the water should be draining without hindrance. I suspect you have biofilm build up which stops the flaps from opening properly at the base and the water leaving. There is a number of drains around there so it should drain quickly and easily away from those areas.
  2. Ninja59

    Brake discs - how long should they last?

    Pad change just around 45k (A roads mostly that are twisty), no need for new discs yet. I suspect around 80k something before it needs them.
  3. Ninja59

    Consequences of a melted EGR cooler

    Sales and service don't like each other. They are both targeted separately, hence why sales wont give a toss about a service issue getting in the way. Additionally at the moment with so many sales departments struggling a number of service side elements of dealers are being pushed to make the difference for sales failures.
  4. Ninja59

    520D F10 with strange noise

    Dual mass flywheel. The noise would be present in neutral if it was the timing chain. That being said if you have the gearbox off do the clutch and I would at bare minimum check the timing chain as they are all in that area.
  5. Ninja59

    550i F10 spotted for sale

    Regarding the N63 it cause all sorts of issues in the US. The initial plaster pack included timing chains, injectors, coolant lines and numerous other changes to try and stop the thirst of oil they had. The N63tu that came out in 2013 did reduce the number of issues substantially and was a much better engine. That being said they still have the odd problem with the coolant lines in the valley of the V and the odd one still crops up with a thirst for oil. The cousin in the S63 still has the odd oil thirst moment as well. But it is odd that it never caused as much of an issue as the base for it being the N63 engine! I think the N63tu has seen a few more enhancements with another technical update as well. I think BMW's reluctance to develop a new V8 says many things though just tweaking the original version either N or S with more power etc....
  6. Ninja59

    BMW Insured Warranty, what to do?

    I presume fully comp one? I have mine which is on a 640D GC @ £73 per month with £250 excess including emergency assist. It is worth mentioning that above 60k the renewal for annual ones increases significantly. If you go monthly it is not taken into account, although they can raise the premiums once in every 12 months. Note that it won't cover the yellow grommet issue though for example as that is a seal, which I do find one of the downsides. For various reasons though I managed to get my yellow grommet change down to £75.
  7. Ninja59

    Noob with vibration issues - help!

    I have heard about the engine covers causing bizarre issues like this (to the extent the rubbers wear over time and can vibrate). Another one with a vibration from the front end around the passenger side kidney, was my air filter inlet...undoing the 8mm on the coolant tank to where it connects shifting it right a little and hey presto no more vibration
  8. Ninja59

    Best mpg ive ever seen!

    Biggest one for me is gear changes and the one that I get more people to try to notice, the car will hold on to a gear much longer than it normally would to get the revs down and save fuel (more so in the initial stages in my experience as the temperatures begin to increase). I have noticed as well at 50 mph that the car tends to keep one gear lower as well than it normally would (usually at 50 it is around 1100-1200, during those initial stages it will keep them a little higher). The whole engine note sounds "gruffer" and less smooth, and the throttle has a larger delay. Coolant temperature (easily to view in the hidden dash menu) increases for me by about 7 degrees. My car regularly sits about 87-89 (which is perfect as the thermostat opens at 88), during regen this climbs dramatically to be more like 94-95 even when cruising and not going up hill. Saying that do not be fooled by hills as I have seen my coolant temp increase to 93-94 on a 50 mph hill locally....which can make you think twice. MPG takes a slight dive (due to the post injections). Exhaust tips will be pretty much untouchable even during cool down they will feel "warmer" than they normally would. Unless your time to stopping is hugely different then they should settle back to a "normal" temperature. At the DPF point remember the temperature will be anything between about 550 - 600 degrees. This is why I am so surprised that there was no additional safety measures and BMW was "allowed" metal tips directly attached to the exhaust system, obviously transferring heat! It might be part of the reason beyond design terms we have seen more fake bumper tips? Just a thought. Optimum regen speed is approx 60mph, but the car can do one at any speed above 38mph. At motorway speeds the point is that you are far less likely to notice it going on, furthermore the car benefits from other aspects in regards to passive regeneration as the exhaust system (as a whole) will be warmer, the load higher, but equally constant. It is one of the reasons I do try and mix up my journey mix despite the mileage on the motorway being longer it only takes me 10 minutes more (40 minute journey).
  9. Ninja59

    Best mpg ive ever seen!

    No pictures, but took the long way to work today 35 mile ish (instead of 12), as I wanted to give the DPF another run out in albeit in passive mode (it had tried twice last week to do an active one, once failed I know because I was virtually just pulling into home after coming off the motorway and it had not completed, second time I deliberately took a punt it would try again and it was successful). Well with the M20 roadworks limiting us to 50, A249 mostly 70 (minus the bit at 50) and the M2 being shite because of heavy traffic I still made progress where possible with no aim of being eco. Usually this gets be about 39-43 MPG for that journey (as opposed to about 37, but that is a bit of a white lie as most of that is achieved down a big hill, for most of the journey it is more like 33!)...today on the longer journey instead of 39-43...46.7MPG! I was very impressed with my 40D, it can be sensible but I will be honest it is too tempting to put that throttle pedal down.
  10. Ninja59

    What do you have as security?

    Yes as there is some elements of the disklock that are metal inside and I would prefer not to scratch the steering wheel.
  11. Ninja59

    What do you have as security?

    Yes it does leave the odd imprint but I have no "lasting" damage as such.
  12. Ninja59

    What do you have as security?

    Oh also in regards to steering wheel locks then steering wheel theft of the updated M Sport steering wheel from the F car generation is back on the rise (this happened about 2 weeks back, but there does seem another spate of these thefts occurring across the country).
  13. Ninja59

    What do you have as security?

    Just nosed now within a few minutes...obviously do not follow them! Equally some of these gangs are known to frequent stolen car groups and intimidate the owners looking for the stolen vehicles.
  14. Ninja59

    What do you have as security?

    At minimum look at your home security: Anti Snap and Anti Bump Locks - standard euro cylinders last about 8 seconds. Look to replace toughened glass in doors (including the rear!) with laminated as this whilst being "safety" glass will hold together when attacked unlike toughened which is useless from a pure security perspective. Check your hinges on the likes of french doors which really could do with hinge bolts and other security measures away from the centre of the door. Composite front door if possible Lighting Alarm CCTV if you want, but honestly most are hooded etc. Car security: Key bag to protect from relay attack Make sure it gets updated! - simple I know even if a little cost I would fit a disklock Tracker I am not so sure about Ghost specifically as it has not actual official approval, but equally like said above they recently had a huge security hole. Which even if plugged now is a worry and there was a focus RS stolen successfully despite having a ghost fitted, again they plugged the hole of how it was done. The reality is that there is relay attacks, and equally more of these criminals entering the home now in search of nothing more than the keys to the vehicle in question. So upping that security I would say as more important than the car directly. The other sad fact is that the crime in general is getting more "violent", to the extent that some gangs are now attacking owners in their bedrooms which is generally scary for nothing more than the car. This does bring an important point though and with the lack of police resources they are less likely sadly to attend or investigate crimes against property aka your car, that being said the moment it changes to an attack (even if for the car) against a person then it will be more resources and time investigating (as many news reports have pointed out) The other thing that "helps" bizarrely in my experience and sadly at the same time "increases" this type of activity is the ignorance of people in general in terms of security. If you want to look at the types have a look on Instagram and the "dinger" accounts some are so brazen now they record their crimes for others or ask what they should do next...
  15. Ninja59

    Replace DPF in BMW service option

    Just to add thinking about this is that BMW's calculation is that the DPF will need replacing around these mileages, but it is solely that a calculation of an "average" life. I suspect you could get (if looked after in the correct manner) quite a few more miles from it. But lets be honest, chances are that in a number of cases a number of other areas are more likely to need attention prior to the DPF on our engines - glowplugs, I would suspect even on an N57 once into a decent six figure range many would consider doing a timing chain, guides and tensioner.