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  1. bmw 520d 2008 (late) 177bhp. hi I have disconnected the vacuum pipe going into the round disc shaped EGR valve. There is another vacuum pipe going into an electrical unit on the EGR. do I disconnect that vacuum pipe as well and seal the two of them off? thanks
  2. dee121

    177bhp 2008 520d egr vacuum pipe query

    no replies. can anyone tell me where the vacuum pipe is on the egr?
  3. disconnected the vacuum pipe on the egr. is the vacuum pipe the on that gius into the disc shaped piece on the egr that has the small metal pipe coming out of it? because there is another similar sized pipe that goes into a small black element on the side of the egr. thanks
  4. dee121

    2008 520d Sat Nav map has disappeared

    Thanks for that much appreciated
  5. 2008 520d Sat Nav has disappeared from my system on car. Has anyone any idea what has happened to my maps? It says insert sat nav disc. When I go to use sat nav there is no maps there, the lot has gone. Anyone any idea how to retreive my maps? If not, does anyone know a site i can visit to download the maps for my car? Many thanks guys.
  6. dee121

    EGR and other Filter cleaning.

    OK thanks Dotcom Will try it out and post an update
  7. dee121

    EGR and other Filter cleaning.

    Thanks And if it does show up on the engine management screen then what should I do. Can I cancel it out or would I need someone with a computer to cancel it out??? I really do appreciate all your replies Dotcom New to this EGR blanking.
  8. dee121

    EGR and other Filter cleaning.

    Thanks dotcom And by blocking the vacuum pipe, will it show up as a fault on the engine management screen in the car???
  9. dee121

    EGR and other Filter cleaning.

    If i go for just blocking off the vacuum pipe, then what will I block it with??? And will the blocked vacuum pipe show up on the engine management screen inside the car as a fault??? Thanks
  10. dee121

    EGR and other Filter cleaning.

    Thanks Dotcom When you say,,"Block it off" What am I blocking off??? Is it the pipe or the EGR where the pipe is connected??? And how would I block it off??? What would I use??? Thanks
  11. dee121

    EGR and other Filter cleaning.

    Dotcom You are way ahead of me there. What does this mean "disconnecting the vacuum line running to the value" ??? I am not too bad with cars,,so if it is explained to me with some diagrams, then I am sure i could carry this out. And what good does it do and is it MOT legal??? Thanks Dotcom,,,,,And I really want to follow up on this, so looking forward to your detailed reply Des
  12. dee121

    EGR and other Filter cleaning.

    Dotcom Thanks for that. I was going to strip down the EGR and get the gunk out of it. Got any links for taking it apart Dotcom??? Would an EGR that is full of gunk affect the performance???
  13. BMW 520d 2008 177BHP 2.0L Hi I was thinking of cleaning the Filters in the engine. Can you clean the EGR Filter? Also, what other Filters can I clean in the engine. is there any other Filters connected to the EGR that I could clean. And what about air filters. can I clean the air filters. Car is a bit sluggish and get the feeling it is needing a good internal clean out. I am also going to change the Oil and Filter and will flush out the engine before topping up with new Oil. Any tips on flushing out engine??? Just looking for advice of Filters that can be cleaned or renewed. Thanks Guys
  14. BMW 520d 2008 2L 177BHP Hi Thinking of fitting a rear trunk number badge. Looking for advice on where to buy them and how best to fit them. ? Are they sticky back fittings or screw fittings.???
  15. 2008 520d 2L 177BHP Hi I have just fitted new front break pads and a new sensor. It all went well until I started the engine and took the car for a short run to bed the pads in. The Sensor warning on the dashboard is still showing that I need new break pads. Do you think I have fitted the sensor wrong??? Has anyone got a video or pictures showing how the sensor should be fitted correctly. I have not came across any pics or vids showing how to fit the sensor. Can anyone help me out here please. Thanks Guys