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  1. sjak92

    New G31 owner - first impressions

    Same principal, swinging power indicator middle and lit up White is coasting on.
  2. sjak92

    New G31 owner - first impressions

    Well on that you would have just seen the rpm drop to tick over at circa 750rpm
  3. sjak92

    New G31 owner - first impressions

    On the G30 when coasting, the power dial - which replaces the Rev counter - will be dead set at 12 o’clock and the little blue rectangle behind it will light up blue rather than grey
  4. sjak92

    530e Digital Dash Completely Blank

    Wasn’t being hostile, I though you may have misunderstood dash (dials) for the actual dashboard as I just fail to see the link considering every G30 has a black dashboard. if anything, direct light through side window would cause much more heat but I still don’t think that would be significant enough to cause overheating problems.
  5. sjak92

    530e Digital Dash Completely Blank

    What on earth has the colour of your interior got to do with the dials not working? to OP - I test drove a very early G30 in Feb 2017 and that cars dash went completely black followed by solid blue during test drive. Apparently it was faulty software so I would take it down to the dealer ASAP.
  6. sjak92

    New G31 owner - first impressions

    Thats absolutely not true. On the motorway eco pro will make the biggest difference as it will coast every time you lift off from throttle or on every possible decline on cruise control
  7. sjak92

    New G31 owner - first impressions

    Glad you're enjoying the car although the above is a common misconception. M Sport can even have a sport suspension delete should you wish.
  8. sjak92

    Time to Change the Company Car

    I’m the exact opposite, think the 2 series looks weird from the front with the differing air intakes (although this could be limited to the M40i cars) and the back looks horrid. The 1 Series in good trim and colour options wearing M Sport kit looks really nice imo. It’s more practical (especially as a 5 door) and if you really want to treat the wife (and yourself from time to time) get a M140i whilst you can. Cracking deals and discounts/Shadow Edition upgrades at the moment and they’re about to stop production. no better bang for buck BMW you can buy. Truly epic car and ownership can be as cheap as a 20i/d car. Running obviously a little more.
  9. sjak92

    Castrol and LL04 approval ?

    Could always go with Shell Helix Ultra LL04 which is the approved and recommended oil used by BMW since circa 2014 and what your car was probably running since new
  10. No, because with autohold, the gearbox knows not to apply stress against the brakes holding the car. That is the intention of the car. Doing it manually overrides the car thinking it through
  11. You are using this feature wrong if that’s what you used it for. I know now that you are not using the auto hold. But why would you be sat at the lights and manually engage the hand brake? Are you still in Drive at this point? if so, your engine and gearbox want to go but handbrake is holding them back. Not sure how good that is for the torque converter and gearbox. in terms of uphill, you would again want to rev engine and manually release handbrake to get going? That’s the equivalent of not knowing where the biting point is on the clutch in a manual and using handbrake before settings off
  12. sjak92

    Collection advice

    Thats all very good but unlikely it will apply to a new car as above. Also with a g30 you do not “buy” maps anywhere. First 3 years updates are included and as there are no 3 year old G30’s yet, none would require a purchase
  13. sjak92

    2019 Summer updates

    This is interesting. The F90 M5 35 Jahre edition also gets the new live cockpit and iDrive 7. Wonder if this will be part of the upgrade too?
  14. sjak92

    Bloomin’ Traffic News

    Press TP button on radio/cd player.
  15. sjak92

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Yup. Had a few days in a convertible 220i. Would avoid and go for a 1 series instead