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  1. sjak92

    Door creak

    It’s the mirror housing, mine does it too, BMW dealer never hears it :/
  2. Good luck with that, genuinely don't think its possible and not sure locking yourself in for such a long time is wise as the value of the car will tank in year 4 to 5 so payments won't be much smaller overall. Interested to see what BMW FS would say to that other than a straight no. On the flip side, What I have heard is if you are a long term customer and friendly with your dealer (who is doing well on their numbers) you can ask BMW FS to lower your APR. Been told that for the right person and on the right car, they will drop it.
  3. Think everyone has covered everything you need off. M Sport will be the same ok a monthly if not cheaper due to residual values, especially on a 540i.
  4. sjak92

    Well that's ruined my day.

    Fuck me, yes you can swear! What happened, everyone ok? may be an insurance job if excess low buy could give you a Cat on the car and loose ncb if private doesn’t look to bad, needs a new bumper and wing. Hood probably salvageable. Hard to judge anything under and what needs replacing but on the flip side bumper will be cheaper as an SE and not M Sport
  5. sjak92

    f10 IDrive problem

    I’d start off by sayings it’s surprising to see the vehicle animation of an E46 3 series! Think you need an expert expert to ref lash your entire iDrive to latest iLevel
  6. sjak92

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    Sorry mate but that’s on you, everyone knows that you try seats before you buy. Sport upgrade would have done you a world of good. Comparing to a 3 series, even a very late F3x car, the G30 is superior in literally every aspect of build quality, comfort etc.
  7. sjak92

    Run flat tyre choice

    Falkens are my next choice, read plenty of good about them, many reviews peg them as top 5 tyres for 2019
  8. sjak92

    Failed EGR Valve G30 525D 67 plate 25k on clock

    And what is the design flaw on the cooler units that BMW is replacing? Again, check your facts, you will see that the valve is also replaced as this is very likely to be a part of a bigger problem
  9. sjak92

    Failed EGR Valve G30 525D 67 plate 25k on clock

    No it is a fire risk. Very quick search below shows what the egr and its components does to cause a fire risk. 5 series all over the place in those videos too You need to do a bit of research on the topic. Whilst St I generally wouldn’t mind my car going up in flames in normal circumstances as it would mean a newer model on my drive soon after, many insurers will not indemnify you and GAP providers will back out of bridging finance due to a recall. You’d be left with having to argue - God knows how long - with BMW directly. This is one one worth keeping on top of for your own sake and peace of mind.
  10. sjak92

    Failed EGR Valve G30 525D 67 plate 25k on clock

    Absolute bullshit from him. Supermarket fuels hit all the required norms and are 100% safe to use. I have been filling up in Costco for the last three years and it’s the best fuel I can find around. In terms of the EGR, BMW are literally replacing millions of these around the world and shocked that he had some in the boot. Its a common problem but due to its scale, recall wait times are often long as parts are sparse and repair time in dealership usually takes the best part of the day. Would want some confirmation that EGR was fully replaced as worst case scenario failure results in car catching fire.
  11. sjak92

    G30 530i steering rumble

    That’s very odd. How old is the car? have the wheels ever been off (maybe some numpty put the rears on the front?) what tyres are are you running? Maybe out of spec and touch wider causing rubbing? control arms been checked? Could also be steering rack? Is the noise speed dependant or will it still rub on full lock and just crawling along (foot of brake, not touching accelerator)?
  12. sjak92

    G30 530i steering rumble

    alignment issue? something is rubbing somewhere. check outer edges of both left and right tyre
  13. sjak92

    Headlight beam converters?

    Icons are in my opinion the single best option you can put on a car, improves visibility, looks and safety.
  14. sjak92

    Coding and Warranty

    I’ve coded enhanced Bluetooth in with BimmerCode and never been an issue
  15. sjak92

    First service due.

    I’d avoid Berry, never used them but this left a very unimpressed bad taste of “stay away” for me: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.mylondon.news/news/west-london-news/chiswick-car-dealer-jailed-five-13473624.amp Park Lane is actual BMW, as in not a franchise, they are BMW UK, only dealership in the country as far as I know.