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  1. sjak92

    DVLA letter Car incorrectly registered

    Would you still be paying congestion charge with a mild hybrid?
  2. sjak92

    It's Gone

    fair enough, that makes sense. Thanks
  3. sjak92

    It's Gone

    @ExAMG did your lease come to an end or did you VT if you don’t mind saying?
  4. sjak92

    It's Gone

    @ExAMG did your lease come to an end or did you VT if you don’t mind saying?
  5. sjak92

    540d Release Date?

    540d won’t be offered in the uk
  6. sjak92

    G31 LCI discounts

    9% is ridiculous. Have you tried other dealers just to get a quote no px etc?
  7. sjak92

    G31 LCI discounts

    First F10 was 13 months in on rejection. Whole saga I think I summarised on here - ££££ in repairs for a unidentifiable noise My previous G30 was rejected but I say that loosely. Car developed some electrical gizmos (ghosting sensors and camera going blank) I was over the miles and a little upside down on equity. A “EGR leak recall” was found to help with trade in value and some “goodwill” due to a large amount of warranty repairs on the car was added from the dealer once I used the word rejection out loud got me down to £0 on trade. helps being a lawyer in situations like this must say, it was a very early car (May17) and probably has put me off of buying a first year model run. That was chopped in at 26 months old. G05 been perfect for a year touch wood and plan to keep it until X5 LCI comes out. Bought a few cars from my local dealership and they know Me, my wife and parents are repeat business so they will roll out the red carpet for me and go as far as they can to accommodate best deal - that always helps. there is no such thing as too far down the line for rejecting a car, especially if the fault developed in the first six months like with yours. Whoever your franchised dealer is (PM who if you don’t mind - I’m curious) is trying to palm off any losses. they will take your X3m at trade in value, fix under warranty and sell on as approved used all whilst selling you another car. That’s a double profit for them but a loss, however small, for you. if a car is rejected due to fault, it actually goes to a massive car park in Farnborough by BMW FS who become legal owners and mostly, cars rot to death there. Not ideal in comparison of a dealer selling it a second time.
  8. sjak92

    G31 LCI discounts

    I’ve rejected my last two haha
  9. sjak92

    G31 LCI discounts

    Yeah that sounds like a PUMA case to make it make the noise and then rejection. been there, done that, got the t shirt. Wouldn’t settle for anything less and would not accept any loss on the X3m
  10. sjak92

    G31 LCI discounts

    I think I want to hear the long story on the X3m? In terms of discount, they fluctuate, although with the current economic climate, less car sales, brand new LCI and general shittyness that is 2020, I wouldn’t expect 25% off a new 5 series
  11. sjak92

    G31 LCI discounts

    Check all the usuals, car wow, Broadspeed etc. Go to a dealer and they will match those
  12. sjak92

    Strange Water Leak From G31

    +1 to the above. Absolutely normal behaviour
  13. sjak92

    My Dilemma

    I couldn’t disagree more. 5k miles a year makes no difference on finance through BMW FS as minimum is 8k miles - unless OP is buying outright. and again, by the sound of it, OP does not do miles to get the benefit of the bigger engine. The engine snobbery amongst BMW enthusiasts is honestly shocking - a new 530i with a 4 pot wipes the floor with a F10 530i 6 pot, it’s less than half a second slower to 62mph compared to a 535i F10 but people will actually say the 6 pot is better
  14. sjak92

    My Dilemma

    pre LCI cars in base m sport had electric windows, (partially) electric seats and heated seats as standard. Apart from that, they had piss poor audio, no reversing camera, no folding mirrors etc etc. I see that LCI has added folding mirrors and reversing camera but this is hardly ground breaking. If the 5 series is anything it’s not equipped well at all from standard. French super minis have better spec In terms of OP proposed spec on the 520i. The Bowers and Wilkins is £3400 more than the HK sound system which is plenty good and the rear seat entertainment will never be worth £3000 as nowhere near as good as an IPad for a tenth of the price. the rest of the spec is rather lovely. id make the £6400 saving there and either put it towards a 530i or keep it. in terms of a 540i the minimum of want on there is HK sound system, HUD (which is probably a part of a pack) and adaptive lights. However looking online to see the price difference in engine alone is £12500 I don’t think I’d bother with the bigger engine
  15. sjak92

    Service Plan, is it worth it?

    Where are you guys seeing value in this?!? Genuine question