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  1. sjak92

    Safety camera information not available.

    Easiest way to force a free update is to say that you’re reversing camera is “ghosting” ie you engage reverse and only black screen with guidance lines pops up, no image. This is an intermittent fault and first port of call is always software update to see if it resolves the problem
  2. sjak92

    Safety cameras now available on Connected Drive

    you haha. Much newer software than mine hence you have it!
  3. sjak92

    Safety cameras now available on Connected Drive

    you haha. Much newer software than mine hence you have it!
  4. sjak92

    Safety cameras now available on Connected Drive

    What software version are you running in the car? Just checked mine and I don’t even get it on Connected driver as a purchase option but I’d rather not upgrade software as that means bye bye to my remap haha
  5. sjak92

    Which music streaming service?

    Pretty incredibly how this has moved in 3 years since original post. iD7 cars have Spotify native support with 320kbps streaming directly through car. Yes it’s not high fidelity, but it’s good enough quality and you don’t even need to have a phone with you at all.
  6. sjak92

    First service cost

    oh how funny of you. The person I know is my brother in law. No need to be a knob head mate
  7. sjak92

    First service cost

    X5 but also 3.0 my first service at 9k miles was £171 pays to know someone working for BMW. Saved me over £200 compared to normal dealership price
  8. sjak92

    Any M550i owners on here?

    Decent discounts? Shame you can’t get one in an estate
  9. sjak92

    Any M550i owners on here?

    Back to? What have you got now?
  10. sjak92

    2017 520d SE vs 2014 520d M sport

    As above posters rightly point out, spec is individual preference. You did mention “M Sport performance” I’m not sure what you meant by this but the M Sport model will not have better performance over an SE in terms of power, 0-62 etc. This is just a trim level. It may be more rigid and handle more sporty vs a softer damped SE model but that’s about it. they are both 520d’s and in fairness, the newer 2017 car will have the newer B47 engine which in my opinion is considerably better rounder and feels nippier than the older 2014 car would with the older engine
  11. sjak92

    Smart repair in Essex/East London

    yup had a quote from them, sent them pictures, coin next to damage for reference, distance away from edge of door, A96 paint code etc. Quoted me £125 plus Vat - was happy with that, asked for reg number to book in, they phoned me back and said that because it’s an X5 they recommend blending in with wing and re quoted at £300 plus VAT saying that original quote was based on a 1 series. hard pass
  12. Hi guys, not strictly a G30 but hopefully someone will have a recommendation. Recently got hit by a rock (the size of a effing asteroid) flung up from under a lorry’s tire. Massive chip on passenger door. “Touched up” with BMW oem touch up paint in mineral white (always intended to be short term) but the colour match is nowhere near. many recommendations for smart repair specialists in Essex/East London area? pics attached for pity
  13. sjak92

    Looking to buy a G30 touring (G31)

    If you want a blend of economy and poke, best look at a 525d (2.0 4 pot) will also have plenty of grunt for towing. Not many of those as they were not offered on sale for a long period of time. a 530d will be significantly more dynamic with a slight trade off on economy. a 520d will be significantly better on economy but noticeably slower compared to a 530d for example. I would also recommend a remap. Will improve economy and agility in terms of every model. whichever engine you chose, be that the 2.0 4 pot or the 3.0 straight six, they are best in class in terms of that engine. Don’t let anyone with a small Willy complex tell you that anything less than a 530d is not a real BMW as there is a reason why the 520d is the range topper in terms of sales - especially if you put considerable miles on the car. I for one opted for a well kitted out 520d vs a poverty spec 530d when I purchased an early g30 in 2017. in terms of longevity, I don’t know what you’re coming out of but don’t expect anything you buy to last as long as a e39 for example. These cars simply are not built for such a long shelf life and any out of warranty repairs may prove costly (although will obviously decrease in cost as these cars get older). best of luck with the hunt
  14. sjak92

    Retrofit Towbar

    Its not a DIY unless you have access to code it in.
  15. sjak92

    peeling leather

    My headrest on my old G30 was replaced under warranty. A white patch developed on the leather. Dealer replaced without issue tbh