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  1. sjak92

    Depreciation in 12 months.

    Right so my deal was as follows: £47k rotr £9k discount and carry over from previous car (that was also £0 in when I purchased in April 2016) Leaves me with finance of £459 x 48 months That would be the true cost of owning the car over 4 years. It comes to £22032. I then have a balloon payment which if I recall is around £17k which works out about right taking interest into account. Obviously at that point I'd have three options. A) Pay balloon and keep car (pointless for me as I have much better ways of spending £17k) B ) Hand the car back and walk away (there is a debate about excess millage and paying for this although I maintain that law does not require you to do so and as long as you dont go on a 8k per annum agreement and hand the car back with 100k excess miles, BMW finance wont care) C) Trade in and go again I'm effectively doing C. I am mid way through my 48 month agreement. BMW buys the car back off of me for £26200 ( i have around 8K excess miles at this point) as per my previous post, I am only £134 over what i would have paid if gone by cash, however, the excess miles should cost me around £872 so ive pulled it back already. Now new car, is a X5 30d M Sport with Tech Pack, M Sport Plus, Pano Roof and adaptive lights. Rort is £67k. Discount brings me down to £54k!!! Again, nothing in from me and the finance is on 2.9% APR. That low a rate of finance makes it easily justifiable to borrow against the car rather pay up front for it. Yes monthly payment will be significantly more on this, however, the payments mean that I will be in positive equity at the end and should be OK throughout the term too,
  2. sjak92

    Stained cream dakota leather

    Just throwing my Lawyer 2p in. I’d be going straight to BMW for a quote on a new seat base and sending that to the manufacturer of the seat base of small claims case it is. Its a defective product, simple as. I think you should at least let people know what brand etc it is once all sorted so people can save themselves a hassle tbh
  3. sjak92

    Depreciation in 12 months.

    Sorry for multiple reposts - on my phone... how does a used car depreciate slower? Mine cost £47k rotr. Finance was £38k, £0 in from me. Car is now being traded in at £26200 so a loss in value of £11800. You don’t count from list price as that’s not what it cost. On top of that, I have made 26 monthly payments of £459 that’s £11934. As far as I’m concerned the car only owes me £134 over 26 months and 26k miles. Now as as an example I’ve just looked at a comparable 520d approved used by BMW a 520d xDrive from September 2017 at Dick Lovett in Bristol, on sale for £27k. A £0 deposit purchase would make that car £21 a month more than mine. If I bought cash, and kept for 30 months (shortest I can calculate) according to BMW car would be worth £16485. That’s a loss of £10.5k. Yes you’re £1300 quids in but, imagine the out warranty repair costs and factor in that and GFV is a best case scenario and the loss curve becomes so slight, it doesn’t make any sense to cash purchase a used premium car. Just my perception of it but of course, everyone buys in most suitable way for them. If dealers were not certain that people would over pay for the car I hand back after x amount of months, I would get a deal that suits me in the first place.
  4. sjak92

    Depreciation in 12 months.

    Funny that figure, it’s exactly what I’m paying on mine, and list price was £47k and I’ve had it since new. So picking one up now would save me 2 cans of Coca Cola a month. Bargain that. Plus mine - as a trade is, is worth seemingly more as well. And I get a £13k discount on a new X5. if you finance a car and looking at something which is 3/4 years old, I guarantee that buying new will be far more competitive. People just assume other wise because the sticker price is double.
  5. sjak92

    Depreciation in 12 months.

    That does not count, may as well call yourself we buy any car
  6. sjak92

    2019 BMW Touring M sport advise needed

    Hi there, congrats on the new motor! RealOem will be your friend here, comes in very handy. Link is: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/select floor mats https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=JM12-EUR-03-2019-G31-BMW-540iX&diagId=03_4168 boot mat https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=JM12-EUR-03-2019-G31-BMW-540iX&diagId=03_4170#51472414225 grill https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=JM12-EUR-03-2019-G31-BMW-540iX&diagId=51_4094#51137381901 that will give you the part numbers at the very least, very wise to copy the relevant part number and eBay them, you can often find a decent deal on there. You will also find carbon bits on RealOem. Not it sure what you mean by Side skirts, I assume your car is an M Sport and you are referring to the black decals that go on the side skirts?
  7. sjak92

    Depreciation in 12 months.

    Yup, because a second hand car does not depreciate at all right? when will people learn that buying new is often cheaper than buying used - especially on finance. If you are a savvy negotiator, you take away the first 12/18 months of depreciation through a discount on your deal, you then pay month by month for the rest of the term. when buying used, you buy at the price set not at the price you are willing to to pay
  8. sjak92

    Depreciation in 12 months.

    Up to X5. Pretty sure I’d get the deal trading in to something different tbh
  9. sjak92

    Depreciation in 12 months.

    That’s very very surprising. Mine is a June 2017 520d, viability pack, m sport plus pack, folding mirrors, auto boot. Alpine white with blue interior. 26k miles and I’ve just been offered £26,200 as trade in - clearly got a bit of a smashing deal on that.
  10. sjak92

    Review of 7 seater minibus...

    Only reason I say prefer a clio is because you mentioned Spain. I’m in Alicante rather often having a place there and it’s always a squeeze to park in city centre plus the Spanish tend to be on the low end of my “driving ability by nation scale” hence small is just easier. Usually go for a Corsa or an EcoBoost fiesta. Mind you, having rented in Poland in June, I got a 330e. Was very nice I must admit, impressed with the power train when charged and using the battery as a boost rather than efficiency
  11. sjak92

    Review of 7 seater minibus...

    I would still prefer a Clio.
  12. sjak92

    Help choosing a G30

    Ohhh I see what you mean. That can be done actually. I saw a post about X3 PCP deals from Tony TRL (some may have heard of him). stuff like panoramic roof, heads up, harman kardon would each add around 50% of what they cost to the GFV. There were options that would add 25% and some that would be worth a big fat zero in terms of GFV
  13. sjak92

    Help choosing a G30

    Wait what? Of course options add to the GFV or have I understood you wrong?
  14. sjak92

    Help choosing a G30

    Makes a huge difference to residuals. Easiest example. A 7 series with 20 inch alloys will cost less on a monthly basis that one with 19’s becuase the residual is better despite higher cost. what worries me for you is that if you need to shift the car, there is so many 540s out there that each punter will prefer a higher mileage car/year old with spec than your basic car.
  15. sjak92

    Help choosing a G30

    And nothing besides it. Base spec cars are the hardest to shift and dive in value the most, reason, there’s nothing going for them. Chances are if if someone wants a 540i then they want decent kit on it. Base spec ones are dealer mules to demo the engine