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  1. No issues on mine either, however I noticed the buttons become a little sticky and a more generous click is audible in the colder months
  2. sjak92

    How do I stop the navigation? No, really

    It will record as start and stop. It will only stop if nav is running. If it’s not it will start the last journey.
  3. sjak92

    Service Logbook

    A good Indy will be able to record service on key, iDrive and in Munich database
  4. sjak92

    How do I stop the navigation? No, really

    Or go into nav menu, hover over stop navigation button and long press one of the 1-7 shortcut keys to remember that function. That’s how I work it
  5. sjak92

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Highly doubtful that it will get an entire new dash. The 7 didnt and thats a flagship car. Would be very expensive to re develop the entire interior of the car for a LCI and probably not worthwhile for what would be effectivley a 3/3.5 year sale period before being replaced with an all new model. Look at the old F10 as an example. Released in 2010 witha interior resebmbling that of the F01 7 Series. BMW then redisigned ienterior with the floating tablet styel screen in the new F30 in 2012 and followed with the X5 in 2014. The tablet style screen did not tricle down into the LCI at all.
  6. sjak92

    Time to Change the Company Car

    I recall us having a debate over the whole "BIK machine for a private individual" but must say, that in my current situation, a hybrid with around 30 miles range would be absolutely perfect for me considering my daily commute needs. The added bonus on the upcoming 745e is that it has a 6 pot B58 mated to the electric motor and just shy of 400bhp. I'm very much looking forward to driving that as my expectation is that it will be rapid off the line but also frugal if need be (for my needs anyway). On top of that, despite being a big advocate for diesel engines, i really hate this fear mongering from the govt so think petrol will be the way next time round.
  7. sjak92

    Time to move on.

    Agreed, some people just dont understand the struggle!
  8. sjak92

    Time to move on.

    Or BMW is doing everyone a favour by secretly making it difficult to tow a caravan, thereby doing 95% of road users a favour in decreasing the caravan populaton? *Please dont shoot me for the above comment!*
  9. sjak92

    Time to move on.

    Awesome looking X3, congrats! F11 also looks very clean, maybe new owner will crop up with it on here?
  10. sjak92

    Time to Change the Company Car

    If the prices are reasonable then it really is all the car you ever need. On top of that a JB4 (which I think some have on their 540i’s here) perks the car up to around 520bhp and 620ft-lb tourqe! That will easily out pace and F10 M5 thanks to the X Drive imagine one in a touring. Perfection
  11. sjak92

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Yes, let’s move on. M550i seems a cracking car. Apparently will start from £64k here and if the kit levels are as generous as with other M Performace models will be a cracking deal! certinely worth then premium over a 540i and so much more conoeteive than an M5. Not sure that the extra 150bhp or so is worth a £28k +/- premium
  12. sjak92

    A little change

    I actually tried that! The vinyl I got was a different shade however and it looks off, like mis matched paint. Decided to go back to stark contrast than poor match. But i totally get what you mean, case of personal preference. Aim was to change it up a little and refresh the car after 21 months owenership, especially that everything is so easily reversible.
  13. sjak92

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Only towards people who I share the same opinion of. Enjoy
  14. Old mans F34 went in on Monday night, checked and was cleared with no need to carry out any work. Collected yesterday. They did say when it was being dropped of that if it needs changing, BMW Assistance will be in contact to arrange a hire care through Allianz who hire through Enterprise. Back log on parts is 12 - 12 weeks and they are not allowed to releases a faulty car back to you unless you sign a disclaimer
  15. sjak92

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Say it all. Apparently we're the lucky generation too. @BacktoBeemer sorry for hijacking your thread with nonesense. All I said was I like the idea of a 745e