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  1. sjak92

    Main Dealer Service Price

    Service pack expires at 30k miles on G30’s
  2. sjak92

    Latest dig dash format

    yes but considering OP is UK based little point in mentioning that there are differing cluster options available? 6wa was also the only version available in USA at launch for example. Denmark probably gets an M550d but that would also have no relevance since UK does not lol
  3. sjak92

    Scratch fix

    if it’s very minor then good polishing paste and pad will get it out. If you can feel under fingernail, high grit sand paper and paste afterwards
  4. sjak92

    Anyone with 20” Alloys…

    Go to dealer. They take accurate photos and send off for warranty. If no kerbing they will replace full alloy no cost. my X5 has had it far worse, plus wheels are on back order
  5. sjak92

    I Drive Knob

    On a serious note, can you lift it up (pull up with all fingers) and then push back down to see If it can be clicked back into place?
  6. sjak92

    I Drive Knob

    You have in fact broken your knob
  7. sjak92

    G30 creaking

    I think you’ll find that BMW will call it Sound Insulating tape similar posh name to hide away from the fact that most modern cars now creak and rattle
  8. sjak92

    Tech glitches

    of course it’s the app, this and the previous connected drive app have been sketchy ever since they came out like 6/7 years ago.
  9. sjak92

    Phone signal strength

    yes, that’s what comes as part of the wireless charger. WiFi etc
  10. sjak92

    Phone signal strength

    How will a air vent phone holder improve signal? i know the principal behind the oem one is that it uses the cars antenna to improve signal (if it makes any difference) but don’t see how a clip on product would do the same?
  11. sjak92

    Prospective buyer - Which options do I need?

    it’s actually missing rather a few options in the grand scheme of things. Fully configured 2.0 diesel 5 series comes in at an eye watering amount of money
  12. sjak92

    Prospective buyer - Which options do I need?

    With all of those options, I wouldn’t even bat an eye lid at a stock 530d. like I said, if the stock engine is not enough then a £400 remap will give you 230bhp and 480nm of torque, more than enough for a sub 1.8 tonne car
  13. sjak92

    Winter wheels - a question or four

    Thats exactly it, anything above 20d/i gets the bigger 4 pot Brembo brakes and thus requires a 18 inch wheel. Even non SE cars will get bigger brakes but they're not painted blue just left unpainted
  14. sjak92

    Prospective buyer - Which options do I need?

    Well thats an autotrader description so they go for length even if things are effectively doubled. headlight wash, Icons and adaptive lights are all visibility pack etc. But you are right, that car has all the Packs bar the premium package and Steering wheel heating, Bootlid powered, Split-folding rear seats Lumbar support, soft close and oddly Rear seat entertainment (OP has it got screens in the back?) thats a £53.5k car assuming its white, if not add another £685 from new. Awful lot of money to spend on a 520d i must but they're expensive once some options are added on.
  15. sjak92

    Winter wheels - a question or four

    well done, repeated what I said