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  1. UPDATE - Just spoke to Arnott themselves. They stated that the construction of the Bladder itself is identical on the M-sport and non M-sport models. Apparently the only difference was a small change to one of the fitments on the top or bottom of the assembly. Arnott were able to engineer a design that effectively fits both the M-sport and non M-sport cars, and therefore alleviated the requirement for separate part numbers. Apparently the suspension difference is entirely down to the damping. Hope this is of help and interest to others. Graeme
  2. Thanks all. Still not really got an answer. Was going to try calling the manufacturers eg. Arnott, and see what they have to say on the matter.
  3. Just been told I have one perished rear airbag. Appears one has been replaced already. So after trawling various forums I can see that Arnott and Aerosus are the two choices. What is confusing me is why on REALOEM the msport airbag has a different part number to the non msport version. BUT both the above say the same bag does for both Msport Suspension or not. If this is the case how is the firmer ride obtained on the msport models? Can someone pretty please share their knowledge. Main Dealers can tell me the part number is different but not what the difference is between the parts! PS - finally got my new wheels fitted and H&R lowering kit, very happy with the results. Except my slightly odd colour rear door, which I am hoping is just the light! Thank you all in advance!
  4. Guns

    BMW F11 Exhaust

    Thanks for the response. Definitely a personal opinion thing but never been a fan of artifical sound. Re: exhausts though, last thing I want to do is spend money making gas flow and performance worse!
  5. Guns

    535i Real MPG

    Bought my car in Edinburgh and drove it back to Reading. Managed 29mpg sitting at 85-90mph. Just been to Belgium for a week with the Family. Managed 27.5 mpg average over 650miles(ish). That was 4 up. Full boot. Tow bar mounted bike rack with 4 bikes. Reckon sitting at 80 mph u'll see high 20's. Noticed that if i start heading north of 80 the MPG really tails off! Hard to get away from the fact that it is a big heavy car and its going to take quite some energy to get it going and keep it at a decent lick! G
  6. I just sold my E87 130i. Guy comes round to review and there we were both scrambling round under the bonnet trying to find the dipstick to check the oil level. This is after I told him "yeah I regularly chech the oil levels"! While he went on a test drive I checked the manual and sure enough there is no dipstick! Just had an interim oil service on my F11. ( I do not see how changing the oil every 18k miles can be good for an engine regardless of lubricant advances!). Two weeks later did the idrive oil level check and all looks good... which is a relief As per previous comments i would check once a fortnight extending to once a month until you get an idea of what your car uses. My E87 (which was 12 years old) always told me a) oil level was low and bee) how much to top it up by! WORST thing on it was a lack of a temperature gauge! ridicuous! G
  7. Guns

    BMW F11 Exhaust

    OK - Exhausts. There seems to be a complete lack of performance exhaust options for the F11. The car is so ridiculously quite. I previously had a 130i m sport and it sounded pretty good straight of the box. My 535i M sport is inaudible! Armytrix do a system if you have £2k plus! Spoke to Infinity exhausts today in Bristol. They were really helpful but was after some opinions on their advice: 1) Replacing or removing the front cats is an horrendous job and not worth completing! He actually quoted a weeks labour... which seems ridiculous. 2) If I want Mandrel formed bends then due to the increased bending radius they can only be fitted if I go for a single pipe system!? Not sure how this works....... one pipe or two there is no extra space for larger bend radius if you only have a single pipe.... so need to investigate this further. 3) For increased power and flow they would recommend manifolding the left and right cylinder banks (which I assume is done already as it is a single turbo!) and running a single pipe to the rear of the car! 4) So final proposal was mandrel bends. Single pipe to rear of car. Leave front cats. Remove secondary cats. Anyone have any other systems fitted to their 535i? any help most welcome. I want a remap but don't want to get into this until I have an exhaust and intercooler fitted. Thanks you all for advice / opinions etc. G
  8. Guns

    F11 Wheels and Lowering

    OK - not got round to any measuring. Just been on a trip to Belgium and back but below are some photos of said car, and what i nmy opinion is quite awful ride height! And the wheels are no better
  9. Guns

    F11 Wheels and Lowering

    535iAR - very interested to hear if you have made any modifications... namely remap or exhaust? Was also very dissapointed to be told by Birds that there is no Quaiffe LSD for the 535i.... bummer!
  10. Guns

    F11 Wheels and Lowering

    Thats not mine no, just been trying to find photos of other peoples cars to give me an idea of what I am after!
  11. Guns

    F11 Wheels and Lowering

    Hi people. Will measure it this weekend, currently abroad. Front sits super high, to the point that the front wheels appear to have zero camber! Rear sits bit lower. Check out the below image..... looks incredible, but obviously a personal opinion!
  12. Hello all! Just purchased a 535i M Sport F11 MANUAL (in Grey) as the family car and am very excited. Do have a couple of minor gripes. First is the 18" standard fit wheels and the ride height which both detract from the M Sport Spec! Have two questions regarding these complaints. With regards to lowering is there any benefit in using the H&R rear links over coding ACS to make the car sit lower? I imagine the links would still maintain full air spring functional range which must be a plus? and if it doesn't sit quite low enough I can then just code the extra drop on top of the links. VIEWS / EXPERIENCE Very welcome! Re: Wheels I cannot decide whether to go 19" or 20"? Does anyone on here run 20" rims and if so is the ride reasonable? The car feels very soft at the moment but suspect this is due to the 18" wheels and subsequent high walled tyres. Really fancy a set of 20" BBS CHR in the matt titanium to complement the Grey paint. Looking forward to hearing peoples views and thanks in advance!