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  1. Monkfish24

    e39 540i touring on eBay, too much trouble??

    It ended, did you get it? My bad, it was relisted, £500 with MOT! Not bad still.
  2. Monkfish24

    E39 535 '97. First BMW and 10/10

    Oh yeah! I am really enjoying the sound, not sure everyone else does though. Its a bit loud
  3. Monkfish24

    E39 1996 535i PA Soft connection possible?

    I think I'll just buy your cable so I can guarantee it working
  4. Monkfish24

    High mileages

    Just to add a little to this, Ive just bought a 535 with 170k+ miles on it. The engine and gbx (auto) has been de limited to go up to 8k rpm and the car really has not been looked after. It may go all wrong now but the engine and gearbox seem fine. If thats testament to BMW QC on these cars then you will be fine. I'm really Impressed so far.
  5. Monkfish24

    Sunroof will only tilt

    I was thinking of spraying the sliders, I read that the motor has a current sensing function as part of it's no finger trap function. I will go for the switch as well. I can get it working in the tilt and get away with it. I think some TLC may help it out a huge amount.
  6. Monkfish24

    Sunroof will only tilt

    Still going though all the faults in my e39 and read about the reset method of the sunroof. Played with it and nothing worked, pulled the switch out and it was disconnected. Reconnected and held the tilt button for 30 seconds and it sprang into life. Press the tilt once and nothing happens, hold for a long time and it opens. Go to close it again and it only closes a few inches at a time. No one press function and even holding it for a long time doesn't get it to go to reset and realign. opening it fully is the same and it won't fully open. Jammed slider? Keep trying to reset it? Any one got any ideas?
  7. Monkfish24

    E39 1996 535i PA Soft connection possible?

    Thanks to you both! Jimmy, do you sell the adaptor from OBD to 20pin seperately?
  8. Monkfish24

    Weird Fuel Gauge

    I have a very strange problem on my fuel Gauge. Ive read lots of posts about the fuel system and plan a filter change soon. However. It doesn't go below 1/4 and doesnt go above 3/4. It works fine iñ between. There is a delay (at least an hour) between a full tank and the needle dropping from its 3/4 position so I assume as soon as it gets to 3/4 it is working correctly. Gauge test carried out and the needle has full movement and I reset the cluster but no improvment. I have lots of bad pixels so reading the actual tank contents is hard. Anyone experienced this before? One problem or two seperate problems?
  9. Hello, I've tried looking around and can't find any answer, I have just bought a 1996 535, it has had new clocks at some point and they have not been matched to the mileage of the vehicle. The tamper dot is on and the mileage records no where near what it should be reading. I know you can change the mileage settings with PA soft and the VIN as I have researched this extensively. I just can't find out if it is possible to connect before I buy the adaptor cable and waste my money. The car does not have OBD but does have the 20 pin connector in the engine bay. I have PA soft fully working on my Win 10 laptop and have bought an OBD cable before I realised it doesn't have OBD. I have googled but found nothing so far so my question is, Can I connect to the vehicles modules before I go buying the cable? I really want to get rid of all the lights on the dash and get the mileage correct as I am actually on a limited mileage policy due to me working away so mileage is quite important apart from the fact that I want this all to look correct. I have high level OBD and MID if that makes a difference.
  10. Monkfish24

    E39 535 '97. First BMW and 10/10

    Bought my first E39 on wednesday, it needs A LOT of work which Im hoping I can search for a lot of answers on here. Its a 1997 535 auto. I wasnt really looking for one but the V8 had me! Drove it up to Liverpool on Sunday and the engine and gearbox performed really well. Just a few issues and something I didnt expect is that it revs to 8k RPM!!!! Sounds amazing but I'd hate to bounce a valve off a piston at that rpm. Anyway, hope the picture loads and I'm in love with it despite it being a bit neglected. As I said, its got a fair few issues but it seems to run ok for 170k mile car.