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  1. nik

    E28 premium speakers

    Thanks for your reply Mick, will check mye28
  2. nik

    E28 premium speakers

    Hi all Does anyone have a pair of e28 rear premium speakers/speaker housings in pearl beige knocking about? Many thanks
  3. Was at the auction in Dorset today. Bidding started at £9k, ended very quickly at £18k.
  4. nik

    e28 parts wanted!

    Hi all, am looking for a few bits. Some are probably near impossible but you never know tail trim panel, part no 51471879090, the bit of carpet trim in the boot that covers rear lights. My m535i has pearl beige leather interior, I'm looking for a driver's side rear doorcard. pearl beige rear speakers, part no 65131386087 Many thanks Nik
  5. Hi all at the forum! I currently own a 2010 e90 and am looking into fulfilling a dream of owning an e28. I signed up as i've never owned a classic car before and wanted to know more about the work involved to keep one in great condition and pitfalls when buying. Looks like ive got a lot of reading to do! Nik