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  1. Chubby56

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Changed gearbox oil Replaced under engine trays both mid and front sections as my old ones are somewhere on the M5 Cleaned the K&M Airfilter - What a B*#@h to get out Replaced Mass Air flow meter - Even bigger B8#@h Also been running DPFcleaner additive which has vastly improved the performance, now I'm reaching speeds of 120mph ..oops I meant 70mph than the usual sluggish flat out speed of 80 mph at 3500rpm But still whilst pulling away I have to give her extra throttle and she is still lethargic whilst moving from a stand still...why?
  2. Chubby56

    Correct Gearbox Oil For E61 520d

    yes it's a manual
  3. Need some help, just changed the gear box oil with 75W80 MVMTF PLUS GL4 Fully Synthetic and she sound terrible. Have I put the correct oil in?
  4. Chubby56

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Sent the old girl for her annual MOT e61 restraint system fault - can someone please confirm once and for all if this is an MOT failure, cheers Guys
  5. Chubby56

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    The suspension dropped again and the drive home was spine crushing agony! checked the fuse again but that was fine so had to rethink the problem and concluded the relay may be duff and my suspicion was correct...FRied electrics caused by the dreaded water problem.
  6. Chubby56

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Whilst driving home I felt like I was driving in a horse and cart, I was bouncing around the cockpit and felt and heard every bump in the road then notice the suspension light had come on....NIGHTMARE!!! So pulled over to see if I could do anything before calling the RAC, so started with the basics and pulled the fuse and bingo blown, but the only fuse available was a 30 and not the 40 that had blown but done the trick. The ride was much smoother BUT the Suspension light remains on...WHY????
  7. Chubby56

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    unfortunately, that didn't work nor did a good dosing of WD40 and RP90 the Alun key just sheared the head because of the amount of rust and corrosion but thanks for the advice always good for newbies looking for advice
  8. Chubby56

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Attempted to change the front brake pads and disk....got one side done but one of the dreaded disc retaining nut decided to shear its head so tomorrow going to have to drill that bas*#@d out to finish the job. Then noticed daylight between the Front Stabiliser and Bushes ....that cannot be right...can it?
  9. Chubby56

    Gremlins Everywhere

    Acceleration problems, I know I've read this on the forum but trying to find the thread is taking too much effort What I've done so far is gave the DPF a dose of cleaner and dropped some Injector cleaner in the fuel tank for good measure then blasted down the motorway at 70mph (honestly) for an hour, which helped but pulling away takes high revs to get the car moving. So what do I have to do?
  10. Chubby56

    Gremlins Everywhere

    It will be an MOT failure if I don't get it fixed before November 2018, the strange thing which could be just coincidence or not but the lights came on when I changed the alternator before that it was off
  11. Chubby56

    Gremlins Everywhere

    any info on replacing the passenger's dashboard airbag, just needs replacing as an advisory on my MOT
  12. Chubby56

    Gremlins Everywhere

    Hi guys trying to find my MAP sensor, according to all the literature it’s at the back of the manifold, problem is I cannot get this one off or is this not the MAP sensor
  13. Chubby56

    Gremlins Everywhere

    just put in a new internal heater blower motor in the old girl, not an easy job but with a bit of time and patience, the guide I used was extremely helpful. I found undoing the console gave you an extra couple of inches to help remove and separate the ducts. Here is the link to the guide I used http://www.bmwrepairguide.com/bmw-e60/blower-motor-replacement-bmw-e60/
  14. Chubby56

    Gremlins Everywhere

    another day and yet another problem, went to start the car and NOTHING a bit fat zero! had a little bit of power but that disappeared after about five minutes. The RAC came out and checked it over for about an hour and concluded it was f**ked!! Took it to my old mate Whiff who had to refer it an auto specialist and diagnosed the Negative battery terminal was faulty so job done and a stonking £410 bill to boot.
  15. Chubby56

    Gremlins Everywhere

    cheers mate, well kind of sorted, after installing the alternator the rear passengers reading light is continuously on and the restraint warning failure alert comes on...any ideas