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    I bought the gears from Clavurion and finally fitted them last week end and I must say not only were they good quality but the tow bar is now working again as if it was never broken.


    They have been fitted a week now and I have had no issues what so ever, if any one is looking for quality gear parts for this tow bar issue look no further, I highly recommend visiting Clavurion.

  2. Ian67

    Swivelling Towbar Problem

    Hi all, I am new to the forum and like many others suffer the issue of the the gears breaking in the swivel tow bar. I have tried lots of places to get replacements even trying to buy these replacement gears from Westfalia direct but no use. Clavurion, These gears look good and printed in aluminium should last a lot longer than the plastic ones. Unfortunately, I do not have the means of doing this myself and i was wondering if these are something that can be purchased from your good self? thank you and looking forward to chatting in the forum.