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  1. Mp11

    F11 rear air spring concern

    Just changed the 2nd one and took the car for a quick spin and checked the height of both. The drivers side is now slightly higher at almost 69 cm and the passenger side is slightly over 69. Just about 1/2 cm of a difference. Is this normal to have a slight difference? I had not checked it before.
  2. Mp11

    F11 rear air spring concern

    Thanks for the quick response The ride height could need resetting but typically the air spring was holding pressure when I went to change it so I had to bleed it to depressurise it. I did not measure the height before I changed the old one but it looked right and as soon as I dropped the car on the new one it did not look right.
  3. The rear drivers side air spring on my 2013 F11 was losing air intermittently and started off with 1 in 5 times I went to the car to find it sitting on the bump stop but would rise quickly after starting. I quickly diagnosed the leaking air spring thanks to the information from previous posters here and ordered a set of Aerosus air springs. I only had time to do one yesterday so replaced the leaking one and it was easy enough to do but the rear drivers side is lower than the other side. I took the car for a spin and it is still lower on drivers side. I then remove the same air spring again thinking I did not fit it correctly but everything looks fine and when refitted it is still lower than the other side. The distance from ground to highest point of arch is 68 cm on drivers side and almost 70 cm on other side. I am planning on changing the other side this morning but was wondering did I miss something. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks MP11