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  1. dj1233

    Which car next?

    So, the same way we pretty much transform Crude Oil from sludge a road car is unable to use to a fuel it can? There's going to be inefficiencies at every point. The difference at the end of the day (and we were going to see it with Fossil Fuels) is the limited resource available. The same as batteries have/will come across. Why would the National Grid say there would be problems, it would be counterintuitive to the Government message . . . . . All ships need to be seen facing the same way
  2. dj1233

    Which car next?

    For a resource that's available in abundance, you don't need a 'like for like' basis. Also, from an infrastructure POV it is a lot easier to implement and ensure sufficient recharge stations exist. Batteries and their REE and components have limited availability and their energy has to be created by other means. And charging stations require a lot of investment, cables and will stress an already strained electricity grid if a large percentage of vehicles transfer to EV.
  3. dj1233

    Which car next?

    Hydrogen is being invested in as it's a better long term viable option vs EV's, especially until a better solution that is available on mass and doesn't need REE is available for the current crop of batteries. Research has been going on for decades and the efficiency is slowly increasing, but issues are continually blocking good progress. Both Hyundai & Toyota (as are others) are investing in it and developing cars. (Toyota already has the Mirai). A coupe of interesting videos to watch on battery tech & Hydrogen options;
  4. dj1233

    Full brake/pad service due

    You cna look at EBC also, if you want to compare to aftermarket too. You can buy direct from their site, and there's usually a discount code kicking around too. FYI carparts4less (part of ECP) are usually cheaper overall then the ECP website. Also look at GSF, as they sometimes have large saving offers on too.
  5. dj1233

    OBD port not giving any power

    It may be a simple question, but have you got the ignition on (press the Start button twice, but no clutch down/brake pedal pressed)? Have you used the OBD port before, or is this the first time?
  6. dj1233

    Replacement tyres

    I have the Wintercontacts on my E61, great tyres in the snow/cold conditions. My tyres are TS830/TS850 mix and its fine. Looking on Continental's site it looks like the P is a marker that it can be used on SUV's, so probably has a slightly stiffer sidewall and *should* be fine.
  7. dj1233

    Which car next?

    I would go Petrol currently, until EV's really are at the best of their game - with better battery tech and even faster, more reliable charging. EV's aren't the next ICE, they're a Segway to what follows (something along the Hydrogen route, i think). And unless you have a good local garage who is good with EV's and repairing potential issues (especially when out of warranty), i would steer clear.
  8. dj1233

    Pre set buttons

    i can't remember if mine do, and if they do it's very subtle. As they're touch sensitive i usually look at the screen, not the buttons when selecting my option.
  9. dj1233

    Puffing black smoke

    Is it a solid black smoke cloud that appears? If so, it sounds like its over fuelling and is burning it off. Has your MPG dropped, does the engine feel different (more or less responsive?) Have you used different additives or fuel station to normal?
  10. dj1233

    Metal Ping/Ting noise from rear

    Get the car jacked up and spin the rear wheels independently and see if it still exists.
  11. Have you replaced the rubber bushes/housing that the brake calliper sliding pins sit in? These wear over time and can cause a judder/creak on the initial bite & slow speed braking. Is the juddering felt through the steering wheel/pedal/box/seat? Does it sounds mechanical or could it be a loose undertray vibrating/slapping the underside of the car.
  12. dj1233

    Standard tyre sizes

    There were 6 option in the brochure for 2008-2009 for a staggered set up (screenshots form a Brochure)
  13. dj1233

    BMW Stopping Wheel Storage

    If you check out the tyrereviews youtube channel, it proves just how important winter tyres are (various videos proving it) - the results/video is a clear result.
  14. dj1233

    Power Ports

    When you get in the car in the morning, do you get a warning on the dash, that its highlighted a power draw/circuit thats open? Mine used to do it (E61) when my dashcam was wired into another circuit. It would flag up there was a power draw and it shut the circuit off to stop the battery being drained.
  15. dj1233

    Power Ports

    Yes, IIRC the 2 of them are on the same fuse circuit.
  16. dj1233

    BMW Recall for 2021 Cars - Seatbelt issue

    I originally saw it on a UK site, but could not find the details. This was the only article i could find which explained everything. As per usual, best to enter your VIN in the BMW website to check.
  17. Over 21,000 vehicles from multiple BMW-owned brands are being recalled to fix faulty passenger seat belt retractors that could pose an issue for anyone trying to install a child car seat. The recalled vehicles are all from the 2021 model year and include models from BMW, Mini, Rolls-Royce, and Toyota. (Mini and Rolls-Royce are part of the BMW Group, and the Toyota Supra is based on a BMW design.) On the majority of these vehicles, only the front passenger seat belts are affected, and it is not recommended to install a child seat in the front passenger seat. However, the 2021 BMW 2 Series convertible and M2 Competition Coupe, 3 Series and M3 sedans, and 5 Series sedan may have faulty automatic locking retractors (ALR) in the rear seats. Because the ALR locks a seat belt tight for a snug car seat installation, a faulty ALR would make it difficult to securely install car seats using a seat belt. BMW says that the emergency locking retractor (ELR)—which activates during a crash—should still work properly even on the recalled vehicles, so even a belt with a faulty ALR will still restrain a car seat during a crash. However, a belt with a faulty ALR may not allow for a tight enough car seat installation in the first place, which would allow for more movement of the car seat, says Emily Thomas, Ph.D., automotive safety engineer at Consumer Reports. “When installing a car seat with a seat belt on one of these vehicles, you won’t be able to keep slack out of the seat belt system during an installation to get a secure fit,” she says. A fix—which a BMW spokesperson tells CR takes about an hour to complete—is currently available, so owners should contact their dealership as soon as possible to check to see if their car needs a new retractor and have it installed if necessary. In the meantime, BMW says that lower LATCH anchors are not affected by the recall. So Thomas recommends using those anchors to install car seats in the affected vehicles if possible. “Check the LATCH limits on your car seat. If your child is under the weight limit, install the seat with the lower anchors. If that’s not an option, make sure the top tether is attached for all forward-facing car seats,” she says. “And most importantly, make sure the child is properly harnessed inside the car seat.” A BMW spokesperson told CR the company is not aware of any crashes or injuries related to this recall. The Details Vehicles recalled: Certain 2021 model year vehicles from four different brands are being recalled, including some of the following: • BMW 2 Series coupes and convertibles • BMW 3 Series and M3 sedans • BMW 4 Series and M4 coupes • BMW 5 Series sedans • BMW X1 and X2 SUVs • BMW Z4 convertibles • Mini Cooper hatchbacks and convertibles • Mini Clubman hatchbacks • Mini Countryman SUVs • Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUVs • Rolls-Royce Ghost and Phantom sedans • Toyota Supra coupes. Only a small percentage of these vehicles actually have the faulty retractor. The problem: Part of the seat belt mechanism called the automatic locking retractor (ALR) may not engage properly, which could prevent the proper installation of a car seat. The fix: Dealerships will inspect and, if necessary, replace the retractors, free of charge. The fix is currently available. https://www.consumerreports.org/car-recalls-defects/bmw-and-mini-vehicles-recalled-to-fix-child-car-seat-problem-a1012126703/
  18. dj1233

    Spare fuse location

    nope, just in a small clear bag.
  19. dj1233

    Spare fuse location

    mine live in the Boot, on the LH side where the small tool roll sits at the bottom of the storage bin.
  20. dj1233

    Water in the boot again

    Have you done the boot vents? Unless this was the vent you sealed? item 5 in this diagram
  21. dj1233

    Vertical aim control

    Did this only happen after you replaced the TMS module?
  22. It looks as though the MAF is the issue. Unplug the MAF and drive it. There should be an increase in response as the car enters a default map safe map.
  23. dj1233

    Vertical aim control

    is it happening on both lights (no vertical calibration) when the car turns on?
  24. dj1233

    Dim angel eyes.

    Probably the bulb on its way out. I notice this with mine, as one starts to look a bit dimmer than the other it soon fails a short while later. A new bulb in and it's bright either side again.
  25. dj1233

    What oil do I use?!!

    The oil needs to be LL04 certified and C3 grade. Other than that the make is up to your wallet and brand preference.