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  1. dj1233

    Throttle actuator gone bad

    No coding should be needed when fitting a replacement. Plug and play unit.
  2. dj1233

    Throttle actuator gone bad

    Get the codes read, if it is an error it'll flag up. It (the throttle valve) will also prevent the car doing a DPF regen too, so it's best to get it sorted out sooner rather than later.
  3. dj1233

    E60 in 2021. Good Decision?

    My first question would be, why Diesel? As you say you don't do much driving and that really makes these big lumps suffer, doing short trips continuously. I would look for the Petrol route as this would suit your short miles better, and they are a 'simpler' engine without the turbos, EGR's. DPF's, turbos etc. - 100k is fine if the car has been maintained. And these cars need to be maintained. Not just reactive repairs, but pro-actively changing things ahead of schedule and doing things based on time not mileage based use. - Budget £1K a year for maintenance. Being a BMW parts aren't cheap, and depending on your mechanical know how labour rate isn't cheap on the time consuming jobs. - That money should buy you something relatively nice. Check for history of paperwork and maintenance. Budget spending something around 1K on the car when you first get it to fix things that have gone left unchecked/fixed - there's lots to watch out for. search the forum and you'll see recent buying posts of things to check. It is easier to narrow down the list once you know the models/variant you are looking at. - The (early) f10 is much the same (IIRC) on the gearbox and engine as the late E61 so not much change, unless you go face lift which was 2012 onwards (i think). But then you still have your maintenance to consider
  4. dj1233

    Advice on maintenance

    Hi & Welcome, It's best to post down in the F10 section for advice, and to search for any similar posts too that might help
  5. Is your car manual or auto? What does the DPF sensor say for Ash & soot mass? Does your car get up to temp (80+ degrees) and maintain this at higher speeds? When did the car last do a DPF regeneration? What's the exhaust back pressure reading at idle, and higher revs?
  6. dj1233

    Digital Service Log

    A local BMW indy to me has the software to update the service book on the key. It is available to the trade.
  7. dj1233

    Friends E60 525i driveshaft

    check it on realoem.com and see if there are any other options that also fit
  8. dj1233


    If it was a crime, there would be a judicial hearing attached to it. As its not, it is simply the 'extra' price of the Holiday. I mean one of the reasons you can go abroad is to buy a house - so if you've booked a hotel & flights to 'view a property to buy', but don't buy it/put in an offer its still legal . . . . there is no time limit on going/coming back
  9. dj1233

    Strange vibration between 55 and 65mph

    If it only happens with the summer tyres on, its the wheels/tyres. Not the car (unless you removed the spacers when you put winter wheels on?) I would take the wheels back to be rebalanced, check the tyres are seated & fitted correctly (eg the heaviest part of the tyre opposite the valve & TPM sensor - if you have one). And also ask them to check the wheel for trueness/a slight buckle.
  10. Sounds like you have a fault in the wiring, if you have replaced the heater already. Check the circuit for continuity to be sure if this is the case.
  11. dj1233


    The vaccine passport is not yet confirmed. And it would struggle to be enforced as there is some people for medical reasons who cannot have the Vaccine, and involves all countries to agree on the parameters. It is probably going to be a guidance style of legislation i think. The fine is to put people off going who have had the Vaccination - e.g if you can afford the 5K+ the quarantine fee, go for it. But what you have to remember it is about where you are going and the destination is dealing with the situation, and the risk of you potentially bringing something back. The Vaccine is not 100% effective on reducing transmission, and can only reduce the effects not completely eradicate them. Without testing everyone individually who has had Covid, you don't know their Antibody levels and how long they last. You would need to measure this month after month to see how their immune system is performing. A Vaccine with a known minimum antibody level and longevity is a safer bet to ensure you have the minimum/maximum protection possible.
  12. dj1233

    Engine/Brake Oil service

    Indys should now have the access to update the digital servicing ( i know my local place does). OEM filters - why not buy from BMW direct? Is your local Indy not providing the parts, or did you say you would?
  13. dj1233

    Cleaning intake on E61 LCI 525d - Forte clean

    Walnut blasting the manifold is removed and cleaned throughout, and the debris removed. And all gaskets are replaced for refitting. With the Forte one they don't remove the manifold, which must mean all the crap they've softened/cleaned off is going to go into the engine? Personally, i'd go Walnut blasting, more than likely a far better job and represents good value vs the Forte (estimate; 1.5-2 hours of labour for removal/fitment of manifold, 1-2 hours cleaning it, + cost of intake gaskets).
  14. dj1233

    MAFless performance

    it would save you going to the Gym
  15. dj1233

    MAFless performance

    I got this trolley jack recently, and it fits under the car no issue (although mine is not an MSport) and lifts from the central jacking point very easily. Also handy for jacking up on the diff too when you need the rear axle in the air. The gearbox should be able to handle 500NM as thats the torque output of the engine (if it is the M57N2 530D)