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  1. dj1233

    Is It Me?

    The Volvo site says if your car has cornering lights, the fog lights are automatically switched on during dull days or in darkness. I'm guessing if this is the case, for front fog lamp indicator doesn't show on the dash otherwise it would be on at night too? linky here
  2. dj1233

    Your wash routine

    Snowfoam is a good idea to remove loose dirt prior to a contact wash taking place (otherwise rinsing it before is should also help, if you're not using snowfoam currently). I'd also suggest using a clay bar at least once a year to ensure the paint is (nearly) as clean as it can be without polishing. Then building up a couple of layers of proper Wax (not the spray stuff) and then using a sealant on top to help lock it in. If i am doing the yearly deep detail it's along the lines of; Snowfoam (sits for 20 minutes) Rinse TBM wash (using APC spray before i contact to help remove stubborn stains) Rinse Dry Clay bar Rinse Dry Wax Buff Wax Buff Glaze/sealer Buff Finish off with a Quick Detailer Wipe Over If it's a maintenance wash its more like; Snowfoam Rinse TBM with APC Rinse Dry Wax Buff Quick detailer wipe down
  3. dj1233

    Volume knob has stopped working

    i believe there is a user profile you can use to set up those parameters (and it remembers it per key, irrc)
  4. Facebook groups are good for asking on the opinion/experience of something someone is looking to buy. And potentially some answers to quick questions, but the answer is not always easy to find/there are many variants of. However, they're a breeding ground for lazy people using the group to ask people how to find something/place/part/etc rather than using Google themselves. Forums are far better at holding historical knowledge, how to's, what to watch out for etc. And discussions on whatever it may be. There are also usually less trolls and idiots who want to be spoon fed information, but want to learn instead.
  5. dj1233

    Autodoc offering 36%

    More than likely pushing other brands is due to profitability for them or shifting old stock (at a guess).
  6. dj1233

    Autodoc offering 36%

    I wouldn't use them again after a debacle over a return and getting a refund. If you shop around well with UK suppliers you can get similar prices, with none of the issues.
  7. dj1233

    E61 hydraulic tailgate oil

    probably worth selling on eBay! as no doubt lots of people end up in this situation.
  8. dj1233

    520d lack of power - no fault codes

    Sometimes you can hear when it's doing one, but not always. Best to check in an app (;like Bimmer-tool) when a regen was last ran. Did you check your temps were at the right level in torque, to make sure the thermostats & coolant are keeping the engine at the right temps? And as DDD says, back pressure is another good tool to use to check if you do have a blockage. Bimmer-tools has a back pressure test you can run to see if it is within parameters of a good exhaust flow.
  9. dj1233

    520d lack of power - no fault codes

    How did you check the DPF regen? does torque pro show distance since last regen?
  10. dj1233

    E60 brake hoses

    They're good quality too. No issues at all with length, routing or connections when I fitted them to my car about a year.
  11. dj1233

    E60 brake hoses

    Where ever you buy from, ensure that they pressure test the lines they produce before shipping. Not all companies who produce them do so - which means there's no guarantee those lines will hold the pressure required . . . EBC link (not sure which year your car is) these are only £95 & they also come with a life time warranty.
  12. dj1233

    e61 number plate light failure

    Sounds like the soft close/boot opening is a tailgate wiring issue, and this could also be a part of that too.
  13. dj1233

    Brake caliper rewind tool

    Yes, that'll help to reduce the pressure in the system.
  14. dj1233

    Brake caliper rewind tool

    Use some swan neck grips, or other adjustable pliers to slowly push the piston back in. Don't need a fancy tool for it.
  15. dj1233

    Rear brake disc thickness

    I've compare ECP/carparts4less & Autodoc and there's only about £15 worth of difference? (i'm basing that off my 2009 530D). Unless i am missing a discount code for them. ECP discs 104110945 pads 101110405 £150.36 Autodoc discs 24.0120-0183.1 pads 13.0460-7174.2 £135.73