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  1. dj1233

    Carly features

    No. Bimmertool doesn't code. It only has service functions. That's a pricey BT OBD dongle, decent ones are around £50 on Amazon & eBay.
  2. dj1233

    DPF continual regen?

    i guess the same developer but different app name
  3. dj1233

    Thanks Brexit

    It's still not fully completed. There are still a lot of things to be signed off and sorted. Benefits; now it is completed we can re-apply to join the EU again. . . . . . after another referendum of course.
  4. dj1233

    Carly features

    what coding do you want to do? TBH you'll probably code something once and never touch it again, so it depends on if paying the yearly fee to code something is worth it to do this. Otherwise you can get ista which i believe does coding, but it is laptop based. BimmerTool does all the service functions, but no coding. Download the free version and see what it does, IIRC it'll tell you functions you get on the premium one.
  5. dj1233

    Thanks Brexit

    Yup. It screws parties on both sides of it . . . .companies and individuals. Just means a holiday will now be a road trip driving round Europe doing some essential shopping.
  6. dj1233

    DPF continual regen?

    Did you mean Bimmertool? it does show you miles since last regen, request a regen and show if a regen is active.
  7. dj1233

    Major Service query

    heat exchanger. Same as what BMW use on their Motorbikes too. I hope they're made better as on some designs the gasket/seals fail and you end up with cross contamination.
  8. dj1233

    Carly features

    i've not used Carly so can't directly compare. But of what i know BImmertool has the same service functions, and if you don't need to do any coding Carly is more expensive for no gain. Plus Bimmertool you own outright (if you pay for the premium), Carly is a subscription service.
  9. dj1233

    Major Service query

    Don't forget your oil also acts as coolant too - it is in direct contact with all of the engine and helps to transfer heat away from the components. For me it's another reason why i would use the more expensive oils, even when changing at shorter mileage intervals.
  10. dj1233

    Carly features

    You do all of that (except coding) with Bimmertool, which is a one off fee of £40 for the pro version IIRC. Still only need a BT OBD dongle to use it with.
  11. dj1233

    Ford Kuga - Gone.

    These days if you have your own business you can write off the cost of buying an EV against your taxes, so you can get a free car essentially . . . . that's what i'd be doing if i was in that position. Use it as a company car for free, and selling it is 100% profit
  12. dj1233


    They've not yet proved the non transmission side yet - IIRC it is still being tested. The vaccine is not a guarantee of you not getting it, or suffering symptoms. It may prevent you getting it and could reduce the severity of its symptoms. Similar to the Flu jab that people get yearly. This is why the need for the vaccine to prevent transmission is key - if you have it but can't transmit it, the virus dies with/in the host. This means you could bring 'normal' life back in to society.
  13. dj1233

    Ford Kuga - Gone.

    What would be interesting to see is the battery capacity/mileage range on a vehicle with that mileage. How much has it decreased since new and what state of health is it in. The constant discharging/re-charging is what kills these types of batteries in the long run. Tesla are putting a new type of Battery in Tesla 3's for their production run, which should have a longer life and be less affected by charge cycles. video link here
  14. dj1233


    i'm far down the list of getting it . . . . and I am not entirely convinced about having it when offered. They need to confirm if it does prevent you spreading it, if you catch it - even if asymptomatic What is the actual effectiveness of it in society when it opens up and starts to resume normal behaviours. 'Testing' it in a society with banned household visits, isolation, no social calls etc is not a real world test - you need to restart the normalities to view live data. Only if it is able to cover those 2 areas will i be satisfied in that the Vaccine is a pathway back to normality and worth getting.
  15. dj1233

    Which 3 cars - lottery win

    I'd probably tweak mine to; Day to day; Porsche 911 Turbo S Family Car; E63S Wagon SuperCar/Weekend Car; Ferrari F12/812 superfast still Plus a good number of motorbikes too