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  1. dj1233

    Check your rear brake pipes (E61)

    you'll find they don't get picked up as it all lives under the plastic guard.
  2. no, simply providing what ( I would consider) a reasonable explanation to what they have flagged up. A 2nd opinion on these jobs will always have a different outcome, and as mentioned above the dealer will work on meticulous level rather than the 'acceptable' level the indy's and general public will work on. I'm fairly sure if they were going to try and 'con' you they would pick things that cost a lot more to do and be a main dealer only task, e.g a CIC re-install or software update. An exhaust and ball joints aren't a tricky job!
  3. dj1233

    535d leak off pipe pressure

    are you using the right clips/connection method as before? is the pipe of the same quality/material as the previous pipe?
  4. I'd guess that they rate a brake pipe as something you would want to urgently fix, if there was an issue with it. The same as the exhaust as you wouldn't want exhaust gases entering the cabin if there was an issue. Let's say they didn't mark them down and there was an issue . . . . you would also question why? They have to be meticulous/over zealous as the come back is on them should they wrongly identify something as ok when it's not.
  5. They're not con artists, they are simply eyeing up what they would replace. The have to be meticulous in what they find being a main dealership as opposed to what is 'acceptable' for most of us. I had a similar find on my car a few years ago, what they found was correct, but it didn't need urgent attention.
  6. dj1233

    Wiper spindle help!

    it's a good tool just to see how things fit together sometimes! Or at least find the size & location of bolts.
  7. dj1233

    Wiper spindle help!

    This is the wiper blade set up, not sure if that helps or not?
  8. dj1233

    E61 530D battery died.

    I believe you only have to code it if the battery is different to before eg the type and CCA rating there's a good guide here with some Q & A's: Battery Coding
  9. dj1233

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Down near Camberley. I do probably 20K or so in a year in the car . . .
  10. dj1233

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    You're down the road from me, will keep an eye out for your car.
  11. The best description I heard, and its accurate is think of being on a push bike and rotating the pedals backwards - that's the noise you'll hear. It's not overly loud but you can clearly hear it in the cabin if the car has an issue. I test drove a car when I was first looking at the 5's and instantly heard the noise.
  12. The price is good, essentially that's the cost fo the tyres let alone the wheels too!!! I've got The TS850's (as the 860's weren't;t released yet) and I can confirm they are tremendous for driving in the winter; not just snow but also in very cold weather, slush & also wet weather. Great feedback, great grip and not any noisier than a good summer tyre. They also last a long time too, I have covered some 12k on mine and they still look brand new!
  13. dj1233

    Bmw 535d non starter

    the glow plugs won't stop it working. They help it to start but are not critical once the engine is running. In my 520D I have faults on 3 out of 4, but it starts fine in minus 10.
  14. dj1233

    Holding ball joints

    Using good penetration fluid and letting it settle in for a few days is the best way to start. I've not had any issues yet using this method.
  15. dj1233

    Snapped bolt intake manifold

    With my 1/2" wrench (handle about 10" long) it's the right length to undo the wheel bolts which are tightened to 100NM. So as you say, you could easily tighten a bolt to 50NM and not feel any effort at all.