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  1. dj1233

    Another knocking noise - help!

    I would agree, because that should change with the revs. is there a specific location on the top of the engine, front/mid/rear it's coming from?
  2. dj1233

    Another knocking noise - help!

    does it get louder/faster with higher revs?
  3. dj1233

    Did you know this?? I cannot believe it :)

    I've read the left stalk can make some lights on each side flash Orange. No idea what they're for but they make a really annoying noise and the flashing is just distracting . . . . .
  4. dj1233

    Did you know this?? I cannot believe it :)

    you know you can customise the favourite buttons on the steering wheel, right?
  5. dj1233

    Did you know this?? I cannot believe it :)

    The buttons themselves aren't, its the section in-between. It's so when you are driving you look at the road/screen rather than down and away from the road.
  6. dj1233

    Did you know this?? I cannot believe it :)

    Yup, you can set those as favourite buttons for radio stations, inputs (CD, aux, radio), phone numbers, and some other car settings too.
  7. Even if they can't hike it beyond 10% currently (current threshold is 2007?) then you only have to look at ULEZ zones & other emission related restrictions that are becoming more widespread, that will be a hurdle for any Diesel motor in the not too distant future. Most petrol cars these days get good economy, most would match the 41MPG my 520D touring gets.
  8. dj1233

    Odd rotational noise

    probably a stuck stone near a heat shield is my guess
  9. dj1233

    Odd rotational noise

    if the car is driving fine, then it won't be anything major. I'd check all 4 corners first - jack each wheel up and check suspension joints, and discs/drums for the noise you're hearing. Could be a back plate has a stone caught between itself and a disc, or the same on the rear drum.
  10. check here for info on how to's and any potential special tools needed.
  11. it may be better to start heading down the petrol route the way the Diesel taxes are coming in, and will see some rises. The 1.6 turbo petrol engines are good and get MPG in the low 40's day to day. Power is circa 130bhp and being a turbo there is also a nice bit of torque too.
  12. dj1233

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Not quite today, but towed a trailer with it for the first time with the car at the weekend. It's only a motorcycle trailer so nothing big/heavy - but it was a first (of many) none the less for trips planned with both vehicles this year.
  13. dj1233

    Power Loss, Absolute Mystery! Help

    2008 was the cross over from the previous gen to the LCI - are you sure it has the newer 525D engine and not the previous version?
  14. dj1233

    Power Loss, Absolute Mystery! Help

    what power does he say his base map should make? And are you talking WHP or Crank power?
  15. dj1233

    A week after the thermostat replacment

    70mph of zero degrees wind through the radiator would prevent it from getting warmer, as it would do driving with an ambient temp of 20 degrees.