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  1. Wagbo

    Fault code ..Help and advise needed.

    Cheers...any idea where best place to buy one at decent price? Main dealer would cost too much I'd guess. Is it an easy job to do yourself? Any links to show how?
  2. Wagbo

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I've had my 525i se for four years now and on the whole it's been pretty reliable. Gasket cover leak being only issue so far,but car only has 55 thousand miles on clock so is hardly run in.lol.
  3. Wagbo

    Fault code ..Help and advise needed.

    M54 525i se Love the car,but this warning light is so annoying.
  4. Can someone help me with this code and how to tackle it? Every now and again... emissions warning light comes on and car idles a bit rough whilst stationery.
  5. Yes pal...need ramps as ive got no access to anything else in order to get under car! Luckily i have a flat long driveway so will buy these £15 ramps to work/under it!
  6. Wagbo

    fault codes via Creator 310+ scanner

    Thanks for the info mate...more or less what i thought. Goes for a full service tomorow at my pals garage so will get him to look into it whilst giving it a service. cheers
  7. After some car ramps for both my BMW 525 i se and Astra mk 3. Chap flogging some cougars near me for £15 with a maximum weight of 2 ton on them!!! Astra ive got no worries,but the BMW is much heavier and has wider wheels (16 inch). Again...any recommendations to stop me being squashed once i get under the cars!
  8. Hiya guys...can anyone help me with these codes that have come up on my 01 BMW E39 525i se auto?
  9. Wagbo

    Rough start this morning

    2001 e39 525i se auto.
  10. Wagbo

    Rough start this morning

    Are they easy to use....plug and play ? Easy to clear error codes.. and finding faults too to fix! And cost of creator c310+?
  11. Wagbo

    Rough start this morning

    creator c310+ is that the best ECU scanner out there for BMW E39's ?
  12. Wagbo

    Coolant can of worms.. Go!

    I just use whatever i have in my shed! I flush both rads in my cars out each summer and like i said i use whatever i have available... Red/Blue/ Green etc. I know folk say do not mix them, but is there any particular reason why?(I have mixed the antifreeze in my Astra mk 3 for 12 years with no issues at all)!! I have an e39 525i se with 50,000 on clock so what should i be using guys?
  13. Wagbo

    E34 M5 Touring restoration

    Your car is a work of art on wheels dude! Astonishing!!! Obviously built by a perfectionist too!
  14. Had my E39 525I SE now two years...pretty trouble free motoring and car seems well built and touch wood reliable! Whenever i look at owners of BMW'S (E39) on YouTube/online etc in the USA , I am shocked at how shoddy/cheap/ and flimsy looking the E39's look over there...seems like everything both inside and out snaps/fades/breaks/ or falls off! I look at E39's in the UK and to me they just seem better made and built to last and dear i say... to a better standard.