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  1. sams255

    F11 Tailgate light

    It is an LED unit but the reserve light is a bulb. The red LED does flicker, don't know if that means its on its way out or if there is a dry joint or even if the contacts just need to be sprayed up. will give it a go once the weather improves. I thought given the amount of members here with F10/F11 someones must have failed or started to flicker and may have experience on the repair or is it just a straight replacement
  2. sams255

    F11 Tailgate light

    I noticed over the past couple of days (F11 2012) the rear tailgate light (left) was flickering and now it has stopped working. Are these sealed units or bulbs ?
  3. sams255

    N47 timing chain cost replacement

    I know someone who used them for a rebuild N57 and they give longer warranty like 2 years but you have to let them do the oil change. etc Dal jones they are in dartford
  4. I had a flat tyre which has now been replaced. The garage was unable to perform a reset. When they went into the I drive the ^perform reset^ was greyed out and unable to select it. They just sent me away and say try it yourself later. As my tyres do not have sensors in the valves I assume it measures it from rolling resistance, is it that I need to drive it for a while then reset it ???
  5. sams255

    Genuine bmw screen wash

    i just buy one of these and it sees me and the rest of my families car out. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRIPLE-QX-ALL-SEASONS-Screen-Wash-25-LTR-Concentrated-screen-wash/262483412895
  6. How many people on here have got rid of run flats ?, I feel that I'm forever changing tyres/ they wear down faster and I'm careful drive and also when I work on sites etc if I get a screw in them etc they are un repairable and need replacing.
  7. sams255

    Thinking about ditching Run Flats

    As I still have meat on 2 of the 4 tyres it's possible to change one axel.with non run flats ? Would it affect suspension?
  8. Was checking the coolant and noticed that it was pink. Isn't BMW supposed to have blue G48 ?
  9. sams255

    f11 530D Coolant change

    Got it on a ramp to do the job. But saw a pink patch a mate of mine said the radiator looks like its leaking and I shouldn't change the coolant otherwise it could just come pissing out. The coolant level hasnt gone down and it isn't wet it's just a pink patch. so am I looking at a new radiator ? That's on the right hand side btw
  10. sams255

    f11 530D Coolant change

    Halfrauds also do a coolant change for 40 pounds. Couldn't find a drain bolt either so will have to look into it which hose will need taking off
  11. sams255

    f11 530D Coolant change

    Anyone done the procedure at home ? Or is it best for a specialist to do and just supply to fluid and de-ionised water. Saw the fluid cheap on autodoc. https://m.autodoc.co.uk/febi-bilstein/1879937
  12. Got a message on the cluster that I have an Estimated 2k left until rear pads need replacing. Does a warning message come up when the sensor hits the discs if so how long of a count down /mm left
  13. sams255

    F11 Speaker Upgrade

    Looking to get standard crappy speakers replaced with something with a bit more quality. Anyone have any ideas on just a simple plug and play option that just requires a simple swap over and no need for an amp or rewiring. If anyone has done such an upgrade would appreciate some brand names and model numbers.
  14. The BMW tis website has now been shut down. I was just taking a look see and it turns out that BMW AG may have complained etc. Anyone know if they have set up another site under a different name
  15. sams255

    Good Oil Offer on

    The shipment i got had a production date of 2019. I also called castrol technical who said to me if its sealed it will have a shelf life of 5 years if opened you have a year to use it. But of course even if you get oil from anywhere it isn't going to be straight out of the refinery.
  16. sams255

    High Miler F11... risky purchase?

    If they can prove it all with the paperwork and you can call the garage who did the repair and see their reviews online etc. Then it is a serious contender. I would still keep changing gearbox oil every 40k and try to do oil changes at least at 7-10k.
  17. sams255

    N57 timing chain....my experience

    I was told by some engine builders that ideally oil change should be done between 6-7k and disconnect the start stop thing. For those doing oil changes at home it's not problem. Buy a 20litre drum of castrol ll04 off eBay and off you go.
  18. sams255

    High Miler F11... risky purchase?

    So the doner engine only had 6k on it ? They didn't really say why it was replaced. But if it's a dealer type place I'm sure they will give you some warranty. The price is affordable for the car. I suppose at that mileage it would be best to ask what else has been changed or suspension parts, etc. Gearbox as well. If it hasn't had regular oil changes I guess that would be the next thing to go
  19. sams255

    Good Oil Offer on

    LL04 Castrol 20 Litres https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Castrol-GTX-Fully-Synthetic-5W30-Engine-Oil-20-Litres/264332398189
  20. sams255

    Drivetrain Error & Water in boot

    You need to use ISTA D and find out what codes you have. Sometimes obd code readers are not as accurate
  21. sams255

    Egr and intake manifold

    I was told to stay away from carbon cleaning guys, i hear locally that these guys are really good https://www.terraclean.co.uk/ Find a guy local to you and look at his reviews etc
  22. I got a call from snows BMW saying that they need my car in again as there is another campaign on the EGR cooler that's outstanding on it. Anyone else got another phone call ??? It went to them last year already and it was OK and didn't need changing
  23. On Turbo Replacement i have heard of quiet a few people using Universal Turbos on the south coast and having their own re-manufactured. Apparently they were also used by wheeler dealers
  24. Had this for a few days, what do you guys think it could be ? Do I need to connect it to ista to recalibrate it or something. Sensor was replaced not long ago maybe over a year or so
  25. sams255

    Bmw Oil - Ebay

    For that price you might as well get a service done at the dealer