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  1. sams255

    Yokohama all season tyres

    They run flats ?
  2. sams255

    Changed f10 530D gearbox oil

    I saw that guy on YouTube do his on stands (nutjob) but me I would have trouble as I'm not a skinny guy. It's obviously easier on ramps or in a pit. As it's a pain to take undercovers and exhaust bracket off while laying down
  3. sams255

    Engine noise

    I know a couple of people and myself who have had these guys to Rebuilds on F series both 2.0 and 3.0 offer a long warranty https://www.porscheenginebuilding.com/5series-bmw-n47d20c-engine however your sounds like it could be an injector, I had this sound on my MK4 golf diesel very similar sound like a chocho sound
  4. sams255

    F11 Rear door seal

    My rear door seal has appeared to been coming away from the door. What shall I stick/seal it back with (see pics)
  5. I got a mate who wants to change his gearbox oil in his 530d f10. He said there are kits available on eBay with after market oil. Not the ZF life guard 8. Mannol AG60 oil is the Aftermarket oil. Anyone used this
  6. sams255

    Aftermarket gearbox oil

    call the manufacturer mannol. or if your looking at the ZF one email seller
  7. sams255

    OS Rear door water leak

    no not wet inside
  8. sams255

    Aftermarket gearbox oil

    Just found this guy in Germany selling the genuine ZF stuff on eBay works out around £189 with shipping to the UK with 8 Litres of oil and genuine pan/screws etc https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Original-ZF-Servicekit-Komplett-8HP45-70-8-GANG-Automatikgetriebe-Olwanne/152577915975?_trkparms=aid%3D1110001%26algo%3DSPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140131123730%26meid%3D048b4886dacf43ed9579727de0de47f8%26pid%3D100167%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D15%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D153343000646%26itm%3D152577915975%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D5411&_trksid=p5411.c100167.m2940&shqty=1&isGTR=1#vi-ilComp
  9. sams255

    Starting problem

    I hope they didn't put it on the transporter without doing that bolt up on the gearbox Otherwise, your looking at some serious damage on your gearbox
  10. sams255

    Aftermarket gearbox oil

    That's the oil. He called the manufacturer and it's another company in Germany and this is Dame as ZF life guard 8. But extremely cheaper.
  11. My starter motor recently started failing. anyone replaced any of these on N57 before ? is it difficult ?
  12. sams255

    F11 530D starter motor

    I did it, it took like 30 mins to do. On my F11 took all of the under tray off and it was in the middle next to the gear box. 3 torx socket bolts (number 3 size) and 2 electrical connnector wires and it was done. now it starts up fine. I try not to use start and stop anyway, had it coded out with carly. The original starter seems to be bosch. There is a local guy who can refurb them for around 100 pounds. But i just purchased a Lucas one from Euro car parts and this starter has a surcharge on it so once you exchange the old unit it worked out 150 for a new starter
  13. how many miles do you have on it ? i wouldn't do a flush if you have high mileage
  14. sams255

    F11 530D starter motor

    Too bad he didn't give more info or how many screws etc or.film him taking it out
  15. sams255

    F11 530D starter motor

    180k miles
  16. sams255

    DPF regeneration log

    Carly app tells you how many it has done. But now I heard Carly has moved over to a yearly subscription service which makes it less value for money.
  17. sams255

    Buying used F11. Where to start?

    That's a 535 I'm not sure if there were any issues with this model. That's also M sport model if your driving on country lanes etc the ride will be firmer.
  18. sams255

    DPF Cleaning/chemical cleaner

    on the Wifes E87 she does get a blocked dpf on occasions as she drives around town. I just get the wynns dpf cleaner and fill the tank up and clear all the error codes with carly and then go on the motorway and see the dpf ash content etc all come down. But apparently peoples cars don't regenerate due to thermostats failing as well so maybe check that out. There must be an underlying cause whys its not regenerating on its own.
  19. sams255

    Scraping/rattling noise 520d

    I know someone who had a oil pump fail on this and caused some strange noises lost compression in cylinder 3, and it turned out the crank spun a bearing.
  20. sams255

    LL04 for £3 per litre.

    sealed and unopened is 5 years and apparently 1 year if opened
  21. sams255

    LL04 for £3 per litre.

    Even better, Castrol GTX £3.57 per litre LL04 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Castrol-GTX-Fully-Synthetic-5W30-Engine-Oil-20-Litres-BMW-Longlife-LL-04/264332398189
  22. All of a sudden I got rough running. Plugged it into Carly and it said smoothness controller cylinder 3. Does that mean injector ?
  23. I was driving on the motorway when all of a sudden warning light in red saying drive moderately brake system something or other you need pads. I pulled over to take a look and it appears that my rear pads are low maybe2-3mm. But i cant see the inner pads to see what condition they are in. On the I drive it says rear brakes need doing in 8000 miles or is that refering to the discs. I can only assume that the sensor wire has been activated. The dealer wants 170 for pads all in and if i need discs and pads i think its 300 all in. How many mm should my discs have on them so its just a pad change.
  24. sams255

    Brake warning light F11

    You don't have to buy anything from there just get your brakes checked for free and ask to watch while they do it, that way you get to inspect all your pads easily on a ramp and you won't have to pay a penny.
  25. sams255

    Brake warning light F11

    Kiwkfit do a free brake check. With the wheels off and measure pads etc. Just go there and get it checked for free. Im sure there is a few mm on there even witht he warning light on