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  1. sams255

    Rear Diff fluid oil change video

    I did mine last month, i used a mate of mines ramp and he had this sucky pipe things that you pump and prime and then it will just just carry on sucking it out. it sucked around just under a litre. The diff oil i purchased was this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B005UGKJCS/ref=pe_3187911_185740111_TE_item I went to the bmw dealer to buy the sump plug replacement with a washer it was like 2 pounds. Refilled it and most of bottle went back inside. Was like a 15 min job, but i suppose the sucky pump is a must seeing as there is no drain plug.
  2. sams255

    Post your ash mass and mileage

    I used Carly to check
  3. sams255

    Post your ash mass and mileage

    A mate of mine does the mobile dpf he said there's nothing to worry about when the ash gets to the capacity just clean it and start again. Although dealers seem to think dpf are only good for 100k
  4. sams255

    Post your ash mass and mileage

    Ash 43g 181k miles. But car regens fine. Seems to be on the high side to everyone else though
  5. sams255

    Highest mileage vehicle

    Peter there was no need to Sub the gearbox oil change out, i'm just average ok on diy stuff. But you seem to have the skill to do it especially if you changed your own DPF etc. it is an easy job took me around an hour and but i used a friends ramp. I just watched a few videos on youtube and it was actually very simple.
  6. sams255

    Gearbox low speed jolt 1 to 2

    If you are able to get access to a ramp and are some what capable then it is very easy to service it yourself. I had a similar situation to yours and just doing a drain and refill of around 6 litres did the trick. see my post from December
  7. sams255

    Dab radio retrofit

    I had the CIC unit (small screen one) and there was a guy in london that did the retrofit and i had NBT fitted with DAB, he was way cheaper and better than the other people who gave me quotes. send me a private message if you want his details, no hard in getting a quote
  8. sams255

    Highest mileage vehicle

    I think also if you have never had it changed ever and you got a car on 150k there is a risk there could be some damage if you do change it.
  9. sams255

    Highest mileage vehicle

    my 530D F11 -181,000 miles, Did the starter motor and one rear air bag & compressor. Regular servicing every 10k and regular Gearbox oil & Diff oil changes.
  10. sams255

    N57 suspect oil leak

    If you do start getting oil low warning lights etc. it would be a good idea to wipe it all and put dye colour in it and use a uv light to locate it. On the other hand it could be just water maybe ? if your drains are blocked ?
  11. After how many miles should the auxiliary/ drive belt be replaced? has anyone done it themselves?
  12. sams255

    Ista options

    where could i get a copy of ista ?
  13. Wife wants to get a series 2 active tourer 2015-2017 (used) it has a b47 engine 2.0 litre which is the same as the 520. I cant really find the correct forum for this question. Anyone had any issues with this engine ? does this have the ad blue in it ? have they fixed the timing chain issue ?
  14. sams255

    F11 - Which tyres are best ?

    Run Flat or regular ? I had a blow out on the M3 near basingstoke with Good year excellence got home after 25miles and Tyre was shredded. I had the Tyre cover with RAC so they arranged a replacement.i'm allowed 5 tyres a year with my break down policy
  15. sams255

    Which Oil

    Harry Fairbairn Glasgow BMW sell on ebay 12 litres for 100 pounds you could have paid 8.33 per bottle and got a BMW receipt. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-BMW-Engine-Oil-0W30-Fully-synthetic-LL04-12-X-1-Litre-Containers/254425832504?hash=item3b3cf61c38:g:JggAAOSwjDZYlK00
  16. sams255

    Which Oil

    Buy this, you will get around 3 services out of it and its LL04 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Castrol-GTX-Fully-Synthetic-5W30-Engine-Oil-20-Litres-BMW-Longlife-LL-04/264332398189
  17. Go for the 530D ?? N57/B57 engine
  18. sams255

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Should I have put silicone sealant on mine before I installed it ? I just silicone greased it up and put it in.
  19. sams255

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    I got my seal from the dealers today they had a few in stock. I pulled the old one from the engine bay using the draper hooks that I had got from toolstation earlier on last year. New one went on easily. Took around 10 mins including fitting on the insulation cover
  20. sams255

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Yea noticed water in the rear last week. It didn't help that where the car is parked near the car port, the gutter on there was pissing all over the top of the car with all the silt/moss/leaves coming onto the car. i think the part number for the replacement grommet is 51719151866 can anyone confirm ? im lucky the 530d has plenty of space for a large man like me to remove the cover in 5 mins and expose the grommet.
  21. sams255

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    You got a part number ?
  22. sams255

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    I did mine this afternoon. The cavity where the right side hinge is was full of leaves. Hoover pipe wouldn't get there so I had to buy this attachment from Amazon. The hole where the yellow grommet is was kinda full. I'm going to silicone it tomorrow as it started raining. Are most people using regular silicone or ct1 around grommet ?? Can the grommet be replace from this side or would it have to be done from the inside ? most guides seem to suggest via the glove box
  23. sams255

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    To change the actual yellow grommet cant it be removed and replaced from the top of the engine or does it have to be done from the inside and remove seats/glove box etc ?
  24. sams255

    Service intervals

    I was asked by someone what are the service intervals for 5 Series/ 530d. 10K for oil what about for fuel filter, air filter and microfilter? are you guys doing it by mileage or time like every 2 years?
  25. Being Sunday yesterday I thought I would clean and do the annual auto Glym conditioner on the leather seats. After I cleaned the steering wheel it became apparent how worn it is. I contacted a lady who is mobile and is coming tomorrow to refurbish it and reconnolise (i think she said) the steering wheel. Will post some pics after she does it tomorrow. Anyone had it done?