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  1. sams255

    Changed f10 530D gearbox oil

    No the dealer said they havent been given the go ahead from BMW HQ Germany.
  2. sams255

    Changed f10 530D gearbox oil

    The dealers wont touch the car, i tried to ask them many times before. I think the dealers are abit stupid and losing out. Imagine if a dealer were to offer and even suggest Gearbox and diff oil changes, they would be making a decent amount ontop of the regular servicing. Even those people who dont know about servicing the gearbox and diff oil changes lost income
  3. Opened the drivers side rear door today and a whole lot of water come pouring out on to the floor from the door. Do the water ways need clearing ? shouldn't the water just drip onto the floor anyway ?
  4. sams255

    OS Rear door water leak

    Or do it yourself, as I don't have warranty.
  5. sams255

    OS Rear door water leak

    Im still trying to work that out as well
  6. sams255

    Foxwell NT530

    The dealer will do a brake fluid change for 80£ as part of the value service
  7. sams255

    Changed f10 530D gearbox oil

    What did they do ? did they just do a drain and refill or strip out valve body etc ? That price is very reasonable as the kit can be as much as that alone
  8. sams255

    F11 530d fuel filter

    its located under the car, you have to take the undertrays to get at it
  9. I'm going to change the diff oil in my Mates car, just wondering if it's limited slip or open diff. His is f10 530d and mine is f11 530d. There seems to be different oils depending on which diff you have. The oil from dealer is really expensive
  10. sams255

    Limited slip diff or open diff

    The guy was drilling down into the different part numbers that BMW has released on oils, he was telling me how BMW has moved away from castrol oils in the last 5 years and now uses shell. He also said that diff oil could be anyone like Mobil etc They have had quiet a few part number changes on oils for the diff as well. he said originally its hypoid GL4. I did email the dealer and they wanted 75 pounds as they sell the diff oil in 500ml. so went for the diff oil that was GL4 and Hypoid (motul) which was 18 pounds on amazon prime.
  11. sams255

    Limited slip diff or open diff

    Put my Reg on Opieoils and its coming up as motul Gear 300 GL4/5. I did call Castrol technical and he said not to use syntrax which is GL5 and use syntram which is GL4 as BMW spec is for Hypoid axle oil. Motul gear 300 seems to cover hypiod and GL4
  12. sams255

    Changed f10 530D gearbox oil

    The one i purchased from that ebay link came from Germany it is genuine. There are plenty of videos online so watch them first and it will build up your confidence
  13. sams255

    Changed f10 530D gearbox oil

    Here are the ZF instructions
  14. sams255

    Rear Diff fluid oil change video

    I had mine done by ZF at 150k but now car is at 180k. So not sure when I should do it next.
  15. sams255

    Rear Diff fluid oil change video

    For your n57 f11 (which I also have) What's the interval for oil changes and did you get a new plug from dealer or just use the old one with a crush washer
  16. sams255

    Changed f10 530D gearbox oil

    No you don't have to move it. You just go through all the gears for 10s each like P,R,N D1,D2 then refill it. The kit comes with ZF instructions on what to do. You do need a way to measure the gearbox oil temp. Some people use the laser temperature sensor. I have had the Carly app for a long time so I used that
  17. sams255

    Changed f10 530D gearbox oil

    120k . When I got my f11 done by zf for the first time I had 150k on there. But ZF said change the oil every 30-50k miles. Or every 5 years. And considering oil and pan is cheap compared to agearbox repair etc it's worth doing it yourself.
  18. sams255

    Changed f10 530D gearbox oil

    There was some on the magnets but not too bad. Although the oil was quiet black
  19. sams255

    Changed f10 530D gearbox oil

    That 11 litres includes the oil in the torque converter. When doing a drain like this you are just doing a partial change like 60 percent. People say you should never do a flush, zf included. I had my F11 gearbox serviced at zf in Germany they sucked out all the oil. This kit that I bought is the service kit that zf sell. It comes with 8litres but I think they are happy if you do partial changes compared to doing nothing (which is what BMW want you to do) Just doing a service like we carried out still had a major improvement on his gearbox. Plus with a new pan comes a new filter and new magnets. For guys who do their own oil changes this service is very simple and can save loads of money if you do it yourself
  20. sams255

    Yokohama all season tyres

    They run flats ?
  21. sams255

    Changed f10 530D gearbox oil

    I saw that guy on YouTube do his on stands (nutjob) but me I would have trouble as I'm not a skinny guy. It's obviously easier on ramps or in a pit. As it's a pain to take undercovers and exhaust bracket off while laying down
  22. sams255

    Engine noise

    I know a couple of people and myself who have had these guys to Rebuilds on F series both 2.0 and 3.0 offer a long warranty https://www.porscheenginebuilding.com/5series-bmw-n47d20c-engine however your sounds like it could be an injector, I had this sound on my MK4 golf diesel very similar sound like a chocho sound
  23. sams255

    F11 Rear door seal

    My rear door seal has appeared to been coming away from the door. What shall I stick/seal it back with (see pics)
  24. I got a mate who wants to change his gearbox oil in his 530d f10. He said there are kits available on eBay with after market oil. Not the ZF life guard 8. Mannol AG60 oil is the Aftermarket oil. Anyone used this
  25. sams255

    Aftermarket gearbox oil

    call the manufacturer mannol. or if your looking at the ZF one email seller