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  1. I have an ex police car which has really worn cloth front seats and had electric lumbar adjustment. I have found replacement front seats which looks like its out of a msport, its leather but only part electric in terms of just adjusting the tilt and the height same as my cloth seats (apart from my lumbar support which it dont have). the front part of the seat on sport seat is manual (the bit the comes out under the thighs) Will it be ok in terms of changing the seats over and not require coding. apart from the lumbar support the functions seem to be the same. Although these new seats maybe heated which my cloth ones are not.
  2. sams255

    F11 replace front seats

    i couldnt find the s494 on the bimmer work vin decoder. my vin is WBAXB52060DV63126. Is it easy to put the lumbar support in
  3. sams255

    F11 replace front seats

    even on a cloth seat ? i thought only leather have heated seats
  4. sams255

    F11 replace front seats

    im not sure if you can put the lumber support in. My car already has the heated seats button in the dash but of course they dont work. Im not sure if bmw just put the same wiring harness in. im not sure if its plug and play or if it will need coding. anyone had any experience of puting leather into cloth ex police cars
  5. Hi i just wanted to replace my factory standard speakers in my F11. Which size of speakers will go in the door and in the headline in the rear. I did a google search it and it come up with Pioneer TS-G1031i 190w dual core for 20 pounds each from halfords. Is it worth doing the cheap upgrade ? i dont have a great amount of funds available to spend on speakers. How many watts are the standard factory ones
  6. Is there any way to retrofit bluetooh to my head unit. I have a F11 Ex police one which a small monitor. seems to not have the wiring inside the mic area
  7. I had recently purchased a ex police car with no working front speakers or cigarette lighter and lights in the boot. Had the specialist go through it and thankfully they fixed them all.
  8. Im looking to get my car fitted with bluetooth and have my head unit replaced with a NBT anyone used these guys before
  9. Whats a good brand of aftermarket parking sensors for my F11. It didnt come with parking sensors so woukd them fitted. Has anyone had any fitted ? Im in Hampshire area but can travel as far as london
  10. sams255

    F11 Retrofit parking sensors

    258 bhp thats about it really. I have been told that they have been reinforced in certain areas. But it is extremely basic. No sat nav, bluetooth or parking sensors or leather seats. Im looking to get a replacement set of interior leather seats from breakers.
  11. Where is the best place to get an additional car key cheaper then the dealer. They are asking for 260 pounds
  12. sams255

    F11 Retrofit parking sensors

    Its a ex police car
  13. sams255

    just purchased F11 Ex police car

    bimmerretrofits appear to based in the usa. Does anyone know anyone who can provide like a new head unit which includes sat nav and bluetooth as mine doesnt have it installed and still display the bmw service status etc. I am based in hampshire but can also go to a place in east london
  14. sams255

    just purchased F11 Ex police car

    The stop and start does work. Yes mine does have the additional battery. What is the additional battery for anyway so i guess no bluetooth wired up or sat nav