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  1. sams255

    Auto box not as smooth

    I was told that on ZF its sealed for life. I am upto 140k now and would like it to get serviced but some bmw specialist said sometimes getting oil changed will disturb the other crap on the sides and cost you a new gear box. I did remember hearing about some people driving all the way to dortmond and get ZF to carry out a service
  2. sams255

    Help with Carly App fault report

    Thank you Matthew, i will just wait untill something comes up on the idrive or instrument cluster. There was an oxygen sensor code as well that had come up
  3. sams255

    Help with Carly App fault report

    No there doesn't appear to be a genuine problem with the car. I was just going through the errors and try to resolve them.before i get any errors on the dash
  4. sams255

    Help with Carly App fault report

    hi Matthew, No carly doesnt appear to give you the dates, i did clear the codes but the air con and motor control once are still coming up. If you can offer any advice i cant seem to find or pin point what the codes mean. Apart from taking it to a specliast
  5. sams255

    F11 coding with carly unlock all doors

    yes it does. I have sorted it now. Although the coding through carly worked it would only open the drivers door when you press the button. In the i Drive where you go to locks and change the setting to open all doors (i had it on drivers door only). it now opens it all
  6. I have just purchased carly app and have been coding my car, i would lile all doors and tailgate to be unlocked when i turn off the car but i did activate the option but it only unlocks drivers door. Unless im not seeing something clearly
  7. sams255

    RAC Tyre replace

    I was just renewing my RAC cover and the lady suggested i should get tyre replace. Has anyone had this or used this on their cars before ?
  8. sams255

    Oxygen sensor F11

    A mate of mine pluged in his obd bluetooth and took a look at my F11 530D there was an intimintent fault on there something to do with the oxygen sensor. F11 is now on 140k. Has anyone had one go ? I havent had any lights pop up yet on the dash yet
  9. My car now has 140k is the timing chain on this model a fit and forget or after some miles would i need to replace the chain.
  10. sams255

    F11 530D timing chain replacement

    The Car has had oil changes every 10k since new so i assume its in decent order
  11. I had My F11 Ex police car retrofitted with an NBT wider screen, Sat Nav and bluetooth wired in. I had to travel far to derby get it done, but the guys sells the units on Ebay with fitting all included. it was around £1000 but i suppose my car came basic with nothing in it and i do allot of motorwar driving so it was worth it for me. Given the 6 points on using your phone while driving i had to take the dive
  12. I just finished a motorway journey and then pulled up into a mcdonalds drive thru and i could smell a burning smell and the engine seem to be running at higher revs then normal. Is that a sign that its regenerating the DPF. The next morning it seem to be back to normal, no lights on the dash to indicate anything otherwise. Is there anything software i can use to find out when the last regen was
  13. sams255

    Burning smell From F11 530D

    oh dear you guys have me worried now. Apart from Carly which i dont have is there any other free software or anything which will tell me when the last regen happened. when i did smell that strange smell i did open the bonnet and the engine was ever so hot. which it isnt normally which lead me to think it might be a regen. There wasnt any smoke coming from the engine by the way
  14. sams255

    Burning smell From F11 530D

    on average how often does a regen occur ?
  15. sams255

    Going to Europe F11

    im planning on taking my F11 2012 to Europe is there anything i need to do witht he headlights. I remember as a kid my dad used to put those reflectors on the headlights. any other advice ?
  16. Had an oil change done by main dealer and they said my Rear Diff bushes are split and quoted me £566 in parts and labour. My car is a 2012 F11 with 136k on the clock.
  17. sams255

    Going to Europe F11

    How do i know if i have adaptive headlights
  18. sams255

    F11 8 speed Gearbox oil change

    i called ZF in Nottingham and they said do what BMW said if they say life then it means life. We cant tell you in terms of mileage. HAs anyone heard of an 8speed Auto fail on the F series ?
  19. sams255

    F11 8 speed Gearbox oil change

    so i guess the term life is out of the window. I was told by m BMW specialist to leave it now, he said it has never been changed so all of the swarf and non-metal junk will be all on the sides of the gearbox (internally) and be draining or flushing could move it all onto the working parts and cause problems. I do hear of people going to ZF in Dortmund (Germany to get it done) I suppose I just wanted preventative maintenance more than anything.
  20. sams255

    F11 520D

    I'm also new to BMW F11 (got 530D) coming from an Audi Estate. I must say i wouldnt go back to audi. I love the smooth gear changes and the engine has power when needed and its very economical if your driving sensibly. Previous owner used to get the oil changed every 10k. I personaly feel that the serivice intervals are way to long for a chain driven engine.
  21. I have an ex police car which has really worn cloth front seats and had electric lumbar adjustment. I have found replacement front seats which looks like its out of a msport, its leather but only part electric in terms of just adjusting the tilt and the height same as my cloth seats (apart from my lumbar support which it dont have). the front part of the seat on sport seat is manual (the bit the comes out under the thighs) Will it be ok in terms of changing the seats over and not require coding. apart from the lumbar support the functions seem to be the same. Although these new seats maybe heated which my cloth ones are not.
  22. sams255

    F11 replace front seats

    i couldnt find the s494 on the bimmer work vin decoder. my vin is WBAXB52060DV63126. Is it easy to put the lumbar support in
  23. sams255

    F11 replace front seats

    even on a cloth seat ? i thought only leather have heated seats
  24. sams255

    F11 replace front seats

    im not sure if you can put the lumber support in. My car already has the heated seats button in the dash but of course they dont work. Im not sure if bmw just put the same wiring harness in. im not sure if its plug and play or if it will need coding. anyone had any experience of puting leather into cloth ex police cars
  25. Hi i just wanted to replace my factory standard speakers in my F11. Which size of speakers will go in the door and in the headline in the rear. I did a google search it and it come up with Pioneer TS-G1031i 190w dual core for 20 pounds each from halfords. Is it worth doing the cheap upgrade ? i dont have a great amount of funds available to spend on speakers. How many watts are the standard factory ones