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  1. sams255

    Dakota leather care

    What is everyone doing with regards to conditioning the leather. I did read on other forums that the Dakota leather is coated and doesn't need to have conditioner applied to it. Other people in other forums have been applying aerospace 303 on it.
  2. sams255

    N47 engine issues

    Sounds like you may have spun a main bearing ?
  3. the first time diff oil was changed was at 150k, i didn't see it as ZF did the whole service. at 180k i did the next one it seemed ok.
  4. no Panels for the rear diff. But to the Auto box i had to remove panels, Not realy heard of anyone doing manual gearbox oil change. The instructions must be on https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/ search for your specific car and find the how to guide that way
  5. Thought I'd treat myself and get rid of my old analogue cluster and have the 6WB fitted. Makes it a better driving experience imho
  6. This was discussed a while back
  7. i did a differential oil change, there was no drain plug so i had to use this sucking thing, purchased the diff oil from amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B005UGKJCS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and purchased a new diff plug with washer for a couple of pounds from the dealer. Its only a litre in there anyway so this is good enough
  8. sams255

    Upgraded cluster to 6WB

    When I asked him a couple of years ago it was really expensive but as the supply of these units have increased the price has come down. I have seen them on eBay for around 780-900 so I thought well he has to code the cluster to the VIN and code it etc so it's not a bad price.
  9. sams255

    Upgraded cluster to 6WB

    950 with everything included. But for me who does loads of motorway mileage. I felt it was well spent as I'm keeping the car for a few more years.
  10. sams255

    Upgraded cluster to 6WB

    https://www.facebook.com/bimretrofit/ He also retrofitted my NBT, has loads of pictures on his FB, Very reasonable if you have coding issues
  11. sams255

    Upgraded cluster to 6WB

    I used a guy in west london, known him for a few years now. He plugged it in and coded it in around 15 mins. I also wanted the Digital MPH above the needle so he coded that in too.
  12. sams255

    f10 IDrive problem

    Yea he fixed mine
  13. For those who have the oyster leather, how much cleaning is required/ how dirty does it get compared to the dark brown or black leather ?
  14. sams255

    Car power?

    if its not responsive maybe the MAP/MAF sensor need a clean ? if you have ista put it on and see what error codes are showing up?
  15. sams255

    Noise from back of engine

    If it is a chain replacement you require, i know a few mates/family who have had work done by this garage for chain replacement etc, they are cheaper and comes with warranty. They are in Dartford though and appear to be more reasonable than your other 2k quote https://www.porscheenginebuilding.com/bmw-timing-chain-failure I don't know if plugging in ista will tell you if there is a problem with chains or this noise or not. I suppose you need to get it properly diagnosed rather than it could be this or could be that.
  16. I got a call from snows BMW saying that they need my car in again as there is another campaign on the EGR cooler that's outstanding on it. Anyone else got another phone call ??? It went to them last year already and it was OK and didn't need changing
  17. So i decided to replace my oxygen sensor Pre cat. See the pic below its caked in carbon. Car has done around 183K. It wasn't too difficult to remove i had to buy a 22mm oxygen sensor socket for around 4 pounds and i used some specialist wd40 an hour before removing the sensor. Just make sure you follow the wires and see how they are clipped in. As you will need to reroute the wire then when you put the new sensor make sure the wires are clipped in otherwise they will melt etc. As you have to take off the intake housing i thought id might as well take off the MAF/MAP sensor and give them a clean. see pics below they were covered in carbon. One i reinstalled the new sensor and torqued it up you have to reset adaptations for the emission side. so did that on ista. What took more time was initially looking around to see how cables went. The actual job was straight forward. The car seems way more responses maybe due to MAp/MAF cleaning
  18. sams255

    Need some help here pls

    I had waster ingress and is got that module wet. I had to purchase a new module and silicone up some parts
  19. sams255

    Replaced Oxygen Sensor 530D

    I just used contact cleaner for the MAP sensor
  20. sams255

    Replaced Oxygen Sensor 530D

    No i didn't have exhaust hot. i just sprayed it a few times with specialist WD40, on another youtube video a guy suggested that compared to the normal WD40, didn't really need to use Brute strength.
  21. sams255

    Gearbox low speed jolt 1 to 2

    Im glad you managed to find the faults and do the tests on them. I find that ista's functional tests are great as it will stop you from throwing parts at the car. Would be good to see some pictures of you doing the job
  22. sams255

    F11 Speaker Upgrade

    Looking to get standard crappy speakers replaced with something with a bit more quality. Anyone have any ideas on just a simple plug and play option that just requires a simple swap over and no need for an amp or rewiring. If anyone has done such an upgrade would appreciate some brand names and model numbers.
  23. sams255

    F11 Speaker Upgrade

    I dont think there is anything else apart from https://www.bavsound.com/pages/bmw-speakers But that's expensive, eton was just an easy plug an play solution for cheapskates like me who have some skill with a screwdriver.
  24. I have error code 287500 Lambda Probe Oxygen concentration low etc. I hooked it up to ista and it told me it was the Oxygen sensor before the CAT. Anyone changed this before ?
  25. sams255

    Anyone replaced Oxygen Sensor Before

    I will be getting this one https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/sealey-sx022-oxygen-sensor-socket-22mm-3-8-sq-drive-SEASX022 That would be the right one right. Now I got to see how deeply buried in the engine bay it is. 530d by the way