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  1. I was just taking a look at the valve service prices to see how they are for this year but was shocked to see they have included a replace DPF 125-155k There maybe some people who might just take them up in this offer but not know any better. I thought it was a cheeky thing to do.
  2. sams255

    5w40 ll04 castrol

    mine turned up yesterday, next day delivery. it's good the seller put up pictures of the label and batch numbers etc that's when you know its a genuine product/ seller and not cat piss in the drum instead of oil
  3. sams255

    5w40 ll04 castrol

    £68.50 including delivery isnt bad. 3 oil services plus change https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Castrol-GTX-Fully-Synthetic-5W40-Engine-Oil-20-Litres-5W-40-BMW-LL04-LONG-LIFE/264259742931?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  4. sams255

    5w40 ll04 castrol

    Considering the frequent oil changes i do. I was looking on eBay (motor spares shop) and found this 20l Castrol drum that's LL04 specification. called up castrol and with the batch numbers etc and they said it is the real deal but they only sell it to a few sellers. Is this oil too heavy for our cars or does it not make that much of a difference. ? works out around 3.40 per litre of oil
  5. sams255

    0w30 or 5w40 530D

    so apart from reliving the Vauxhall days whats everyones opinion
  6. sams255

    0w30 or 5w40 530D

    Was having a discussion with a couple of mates about as a car gets older/higher mileage should we put heavier oil in. What is everyone's opinion
  7. sams255

    Part Number for DPF

    Theres a DPF guy who sorted out my wifes dpf on her 1 series, dealer & indie wanted stupid money, he gave it a clean and did some other stuff was only around 140 or something. if you want his details PM me maybe he can put you in touch with someone in your local area. Indie said whack on a new DPF, this guy said dont bother wasting money and cleaned it , we have done 20k since no problems. on another note My 530D is at 170k and the dpf is still fine, so it might be some other underlying issue.
  8. sams255

    Satnav rebooting after getting back to uk

    I had work done last week but a guy who sorted out the coding on my NBT pm me if you need his details
  9. sams255

    Gearbox service completed at Mackies Glasgow

    I went to ZF in dortmund Germany
  10. sams255

    Unable to reset tyre warning

    I had it retrofitted 2 years ago and I had many tyre punctures and replacements and it always reset. Main dealer was even updating the service information on I drive, so I thought it might be module related
  11. sams255

    Gearbox service completed at Mackies Glasgow

    When I had my gearbox serviced by ZF in Germany they said 40-50 miles or every 5 years.
  12. sams255

    Unable to reset tyre warning

    Just an update, BMW dealer didn't want to know as the NBT unit wasn't the original that came with the car. I had originally had a cic unit and had an NBT unit retrofitted from a guy in derby, who no longer picks up my phone I found a guy in west London who does NBT retrofits, he said it sounds like it hasn't been correctly coded. I went to see him last week and he said that my unit when retrofitted wasn't correctly coded to my car, he corrected the problem for only beer money and reflashed the NBT so it has my VIN on it.
  13. sams255

    Gearbox service completed at Mackies Glasgow

    What kind of service did they do ?just a drain and refill ?
  14. sams255


    That is true, but for those who has purchased cars of regular guys etc its going to be challenging.
  15. sams255


    a bit crap really, how will we trace previous owners and ask questions etc