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  1. sams255

    Satnav rebooting after getting back to uk

    how old is the car ? There are plenty of guys on ebay who do a retrofit or remotely can reset or update the software. I remember a BMW specialist telling me there was a silent recall on the NBT units (updating the software to stop this rebooting) Phone another dealer and see what they say
  2. Dropped mine in yesterday they said the cooler is fine, so i got the car back
  3. sams255

    Interior car mats

    Email coltswold BMW philennis@cotswoldgroup.com i think they sponsor this forum so give better prices than most dealers. I got my replacement mats on there for way less than my local BMW dealer
  4. Got told by the dealer that if my car needs the EGR replaced then they will have to give me a hire car as parts on back order, how long is it taking for parts to trickle down to the dealers?
  5. Mines going in on Tuesday next week. we will see if it needs a new EGR cooler. I thought this recall was just a change all regardless. But it appears that they are picking and choosing the faulty ones.
  6. sams255

    Unable to reset tyre warning

    Took it to the specialist, its the first time he has seen this type of thing, he got rid of the code by resetting the NBT with his scanning tool, So the warning error has finally gone but the reset option is still greyed out. He said that BMW has done a recall on the NBT unit apparently some software updates etc. He said when the car goes in for the EGR recall then tell BMW to update the NBT unit.
  7. sams255

    Unable to reset tyre warning

    I have always had many low tyre warnings in the past and it has always reset. Just this times seems abit strange. I tried it with the engine on and foot brake pressed and it still shows the perform reset as greyed out. Im gonna take the car to a BMW specialist today, maybe the module needs to be reset or is just stuck or something.
  8. sams255

    Unable to reset tyre warning

    Your right I have just driven 130 miles and it is still greyed out. Looks like something isn't right. Would disconnecting battery and reconnecting it cause a reset ? I did a reset a last week. As it was a slow puncture it come in again and changed tyre now it is unable to perform reset. Nothing shows up on Carly app. What do you guys think I need to do ?
  9. sams255

    Unable to reset tyre warning

    Im gonna be doing a motorway run tomorrow so hopefully, it will go white again. Only got it repaired yesterday and have been doing small trips 5mins here and there.
  10. I had a flat tyre which has now been replaced. The garage was unable to perform a reset. When they went into the I drive the ^perform reset^ was greyed out and unable to select it. They just sent me away and say try it yourself later. As my tyres do not have sensors in the valves I assume it measures it from rolling resistance, is it that I need to drive it for a while then reset it ???
  11. sams255

    What do you all get on full tank?

    how are you getting these kinda miles. im getting in my 530D 500-550 miles per tank and 600-620 on motorway
  12. sams255

    F11 530D 2012 nox emmisions

    There is an enquiry page on the ULEZ site and emailed a question. They did say on there if you feel that your car meets the requirements please contact us. I emailed them asking what is the nox level requirement or whether it is just a blanket ban on euro 5's. This ULEZ should just carry on like the T charge and not apply on the weekends. looks like I will just have to pay or park just outside the zone and tube the rest of the way in.
  13. Tried to look on the internet but can't find anything with regards to finding the NOx levels that 530D Euro 5 level emit. Out of most of the manufacturers, BMW emits the least, so maybe if the level of our euro 5 -530Ds emits below the limit.
  14. Apparently Amazon have started selling their own brand oil in the USA
  15. I was told by the dealer if i have any symptoms ie losing coolant etc. call BMW assist and they will arrange a hire car and recover your car to the dealer. if it turns out there is no problem with the EGR there will be no charge for the other stuff. But she said maybe with the hire car you may have to pay 50 pounds etc