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  1. sams255

    F11 fuse box location

    I'm not sure where 182 fuse is located. I don't think it's in the glove box. It's gonna be in the rear. So I might have to take out the auxiliary battery to get to the fuse box which I can't seem to locate
  2. sams255

    F11 fuse box location

    My suspension has dropped yesterday all of a sudden, so was looking for the fuse to see if its blown
  3. I have a f11 ex police car. I read online that the fuse box is on the right side in the boot. But On my right side I have an auxiliary battery. So where are my fuses located
  4. sams255

    Automatic ZF gearbox fluid change / service

    I had an email from oliver today, pm me your email address and i will send it over
  5. sams255

    Automatic ZF gearbox fluid change / service

    email oliver, he replies strightaway then just give him a call oliver.berner@zf.com
  6. sams255

    Automatic ZF gearbox fluid change / service

    I got an email back from the Guy at ZF Dortmund, he said they now have a service centre 1km from the ZF place I went to. I did email him back and asked about the heavy service i got. He said i would go still go to him to have the mechatronic unit etc serviced. I have emailed him again and asked for a price and clarification.
  7. sams255

    Automatic ZF gearbox fluid change / service

    really when did you find that out ? was it in the news ? that service centre has been there for ages. I just took a look at the website the guy who arranged my booking is still there so i have sent him an email. I will let you know what he says.
  8. sams255

    Automatic ZF gearbox fluid change / service

    It was last year it was 400 something euros
  9. sams255

    Automatic ZF gearbox fluid change / service

    I had mine serviced from ZF in Dortmund, Germany while I was on a jolly with the missus. stripped the mechatronic unit and replaced all sorts of seals etc. completely sucked the old fluid out of torque converter and drained and refilled diff oil as well. all in 3 hours while i waited. Car was at 150k at the time
  10. sams255

    f10 IDrive problem

    I had a similar problem and i had to see a guy who codes and repairs bmws in west london. if you need details pm me, hes on whatsapp so you can send him the video and see if he can repair it
  11. sams255

    Castrol and LL04 approval ?

    i purchased a drum of castrol from this guy and its ll04, sells 5w30 & 5w40 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Castrol-GTX-Fully-Synthetic-5W40-Engine-Oil-20-Litres-5W-40-BMW-LL04-LONG-LIFE/264259742931
  12. I was on my way home last night and then all of a sudden as I got 5 miles from home the coolant light had come on, Since owning my 530d i have never topped up the coolant. topped it up and got it home, I luckily enough had to take it to the dealers this morning anyway so i thought i'd better find out what the issue is before i drop my car off for its service. opened the bonnet and coolant was everywhere at the bottom of the engine etc smell was strong, first i thought it was the EGR cooler but i already had mine done, then i ran the engine and found it to be the return pipe which goes into the return hose, see pics and videos. it looks like you have to take off manifolds/ alternator etc to get to this plastic pipe which is bolted onto the engine block, so got it to the dealer and they said they would take a look they confirmed it was the issue and now replaced it all, i was abit pissed that the plastic has failed but i suppose parts are going to need replacing now on my F11 as im up to 175k now VIDEO0696.mp4
  13. sams255

    Anyone retrofit DAB radio before ?

    I had a NBT retrofitted ages ago which came with dab. But i didn't have the dab amp or aerial. so i purchased a f30 dab amp and just wired it in to the car and had a really long copper cable as an antenna and left it in the roof near the shark fin aerial
  14. Anyone retrofit DAB radio before if so what did they do and was it hard ?