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  1. sams255

    Need some help here pls

    I had waster ingress and is got that module wet. I had to purchase a new module and silicone up some parts
  2. sams255

    Replaced Oxygen Sensor 530D

    I just used contact cleaner for the MAP sensor
  3. sams255

    Replaced Oxygen Sensor 530D

    No i didn't have exhaust hot. i just sprayed it a few times with specialist WD40, on another youtube video a guy suggested that compared to the normal WD40, didn't really need to use Brute strength.
  4. So i decided to replace my oxygen sensor Pre cat. See the pic below its caked in carbon. Car has done around 183K. It wasn't too difficult to remove i had to buy a 22mm oxygen sensor socket for around 4 pounds and i used some specialist wd40 an hour before removing the sensor. Just make sure you follow the wires and see how they are clipped in. As you will need to reroute the wire then when you put the new sensor make sure the wires are clipped in otherwise they will melt etc. As you have to take off the intake housing i thought id might as well take off the MAF/MAP sensor and give them a clean. see pics below they were covered in carbon. One i reinstalled the new sensor and torqued it up you have to reset adaptations for the emission side. so did that on ista. What took more time was initially looking around to see how cables went. The actual job was straight forward. The car seems way more responses maybe due to MAp/MAF cleaning
  5. sams255

    Gearbox low speed jolt 1 to 2

    Im glad you managed to find the faults and do the tests on them. I find that ista's functional tests are great as it will stop you from throwing parts at the car. Would be good to see some pictures of you doing the job
  6. sams255

    F11 Speaker Upgrade

    I dont think there is anything else apart from https://www.bavsound.com/pages/bmw-speakers But that's expensive, eton was just an easy plug an play solution for cheapskates like me who have some skill with a screwdriver.
  7. sams255

    Anyone replaced Oxygen Sensor Before

    I will be getting this one https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/sealey-sx022-oxygen-sensor-socket-22mm-3-8-sq-drive-SEASX022 That would be the right one right. Now I got to see how deeply buried in the engine bay it is. 530d by the way
  8. sams255

    Anyone replaced Oxygen Sensor Before

    To be honest the code has been on the car since i have owned it clear it and it just keeps on coming back . I got the car a couple of years ago at 120k now im up to 182k, I have recently got ista + on the laptop and just working through the codes. i did a test on ista results are as below. Oxygen sensor is around 77 pound for a bosch one and you can get a socket for 5.99 from euros for a Sealy one
  9. I have error code 287500 Lambda Probe Oxygen concentration low etc. I hooked it up to ista and it told me it was the Oxygen sensor before the CAT. Anyone changed this before ?
  10. sams255

    Glow plug error 2AB900 ? Solved

    I actually had glow plugs replaced and kept on getting this error (2AB900), rough idle on cold morning etc. I searched the forum and could not find any solutions. I didn't want to throw parts at it so on the forum someone mentioned that when you change glow plugs you have to use ISTA and carry out a heater plug adjustment so that Ista can detect which brand etc/Type of glow plugs you have, then it can send the correct voltage etc to plugs. I had many people on other forums and even BMW specialist say that it was my glow plug module that was faulty, Here are some pictures of what i did on ista. You go to Pre heating control adjustment and run the procedure and it will detect what glow plugs you have.
  11. You were right by the way. cleared the error and got ista to recognize the Glow plugs
  12. Has anyone carried out a preheating control service function after replacing glowplugs
  13. sams255

    Manual to automatic conversion?

    Thanks, that's something i didn't know. Thought as they moved to Euro 6 they replaced the N57 with B57
  14. sams255

    Manual to automatic conversion?

    I have a 530D from 2012 N57 engine. with 182k on it, no issues with the chain at all. I suppose 2015 is the newer B57 engine, it was mainly the N47 that suffered the chain issues. I think you should be able to get 5k for it. The warranty work on chains from the dealer is what makes the car more attractive. Cars on auto trader 520d with 160k 2011 going for around 4.5k so you should be able to get more.
  15. sams255

    Manual to automatic conversion?

    If you were ever successful in doing the conversion, think of the resale value, will you buy a car that has been converted by joe bloggs or one that came from the factory ,ade correctly by BMW. The amount of money your gonna spend on doing conversions just either sell the car privately or do the part ex