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  1. sams255

    F11 Diff oil

    i just bought a new plug for like 2 quid from the dealer with a new seal
  2. sams255

    F11 Diff oil

    i purchased this oil from amazon and used this in the Diff https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B005UGKJCS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. sams255

    F11 Tailgate light

    It is an LED unit but the reserve light is a bulb. The red LED does flicker, don't know if that means its on its way out or if there is a dry joint or even if the contacts just need to be sprayed up. will give it a go once the weather improves. I thought given the amount of members here with F10/F11 someones must have failed or started to flicker and may have experience on the repair or is it just a straight replacement
  4. sams255

    F11 Tailgate light

    I noticed over the past couple of days (F11 2012) the rear tailgate light (left) was flickering and now it has stopped working. Are these sealed units or bulbs ?
  5. sams255

    N47 timing chain cost replacement

    I know someone who used them for a rebuild N57 and they give longer warranty like 2 years but you have to let them do the oil change. etc Dal jones they are in dartford
  6. sams255

    Genuine bmw screen wash

    i just buy one of these and it sees me and the rest of my families car out. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRIPLE-QX-ALL-SEASONS-Screen-Wash-25-LTR-Concentrated-screen-wash/262483412895
  7. sams255

    Thinking about ditching Run Flats

    As I still have meat on 2 of the 4 tyres it's possible to change one axel.with non run flats ? Would it affect suspension?
  8. How many people on here have got rid of run flats ?, I feel that I'm forever changing tyres/ they wear down faster and I'm careful drive and also when I work on sites etc if I get a screw in them etc they are un repairable and need replacing.
  9. sams255

    f11 530D Coolant change

    Got it on a ramp to do the job. But saw a pink patch a mate of mine said the radiator looks like its leaking and I shouldn't change the coolant otherwise it could just come pissing out. The coolant level hasnt gone down and it isn't wet it's just a pink patch. so am I looking at a new radiator ? That's on the right hand side btw
  10. sams255

    f11 530D Coolant change

    Halfrauds also do a coolant change for 40 pounds. Couldn't find a drain bolt either so will have to look into it which hose will need taking off
  11. sams255

    f11 530D Coolant change

    Anyone done the procedure at home ? Or is it best for a specialist to do and just supply to fluid and de-ionised water. Saw the fluid cheap on autodoc. https://m.autodoc.co.uk/febi-bilstein/1879937
  12. Was checking the coolant and noticed that it was pink. Isn't BMW supposed to have blue G48 ?
  13. Got a message on the cluster that I have an Estimated 2k left until rear pads need replacing. Does a warning message come up when the sensor hits the discs if so how long of a count down /mm left
  14. The BMW tis website has now been shut down. I was just taking a look see and it turns out that BMW AG may have complained etc. Anyone know if they have set up another site under a different name
  15. sams255

    Good Oil Offer on

    The shipment i got had a production date of 2019. I also called castrol technical who said to me if its sealed it will have a shelf life of 5 years if opened you have a year to use it. But of course even if you get oil from anywhere it isn't going to be straight out of the refinery.