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    2014 F11 520d SE Luxury
  1. IroningMan

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Cheers. I don't know much about air suspension systems - despite also owning a Discovery 3 (!) - but I plan to give it a few months and then pull the thing to bits again to see if there's any moisture build up. Per the other thread I reckon it's down to the drier not being able to cope with the volume of air that the compressor moves when the airbags are leaking.
  2. IroningMan

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Suspension compressor larks today - seems to have been the solenoid valve seized due to more moisture getting in than the air drier could handle. Dried-out, freed-off and re-fitted it's all working again as nature intended so far.
  3. IroningMan

    F11 Rear Suspension

    OP did you replace the entire compressor, or just the motor and pump? Not sure if it's going to be of any help, but I've just fixed my 64-plate by stripping-down the compressor, drying-out the air drier - I dried the dessicant in the microwave, then left everything in the airing cupboard overnight - and freeing-off the solenoid valve, which was seized because the air drier was saturated and so moisture had got to the solenoid and caused some corrosion. When I say the drier was saturated there was literally water dribbling out of it, even through it hasn't rained for an age. The solenoid valve was seized open, so the car was on the bump stops, which happened mid-drive and made for an interesting 200 miles on Monday. Freeing it off was just a matter of giving the solenoid body a good few taps with a small hammer and then a few bouts of rapid on/off switching with a 12v supply: when it's working correctly it gives a good solid click when energised and then another, equally solid one when de-energised as the spring closes the valve. To do this I made up a double lead with a couple of crocodile clips on one end and a couple of contacts at the other and connected it straight to a car battery. There was also some rust marking around the inlet valve for the pump, but I think that was just the screw heads rusting and the valve appears to work fine. I replaced the airbags about 8 months ago, after roughly a year of putting up with the occasional sagging: I think this is what caused the most recent problem - the compressor was having to move so much air to keep up with the leaky airbags that the drier became soaked through, and lack of regular use in lockdown has allowed the corrosion to gum things up. That may also happen just with age, though.
  4. IroningMan

    F10 misting up inside...

    Having had my 2014 condenser replaced under Warranty - 'there's a quality enhancement programme for that part' apparently - I quite fancy upgrading the ACC controls to Advanced spec from my boggo 520d spec: does anyone have any experience of any of the dozens of eBay breakers who sell the units? I'd rather not give my cash to someone who steals the bits to order if I can help it.
  5. IroningMan

    F10 misting up inside...

    I think mine may also be a problem - it should be uncomfortable to hold your hand in front of the vents when the blower is at maximum and the temperature at minimum, and it's nothing of the sort. Off to the local dealers - and presumably they won't refer me to the (non-franchised) place I bought the car from since at 30 months old it's still under the original manufacturer warranty...
  6. IroningMan

    F11 Music

    Thanks Matthew - I'll give that a go.
  7. IroningMan

    F11 Music

    Hi all, First post here, first fool questions... We've just collected our 64-plate F11 520d SE Luxury, Professional Nav and the following (standard) setup: 6AC Intelligent Emergency Call Intelligenter Notruf 6AE Teleservices Teleservices 6AK Connecteddrive Services Connecteddrive Services 6AM Real Time Traffic Information Real Time Traffic Information 6NS Enhanced Telephony With Extended Sm Komforttelefonie Mit Erw. Smartphon 6WA Instrument Cluster W. Extended Cont Instrumentenkombi. M. Erw. Umf. 609 Navigation System Professional Navigationssystem Professional 654 Dab Tuner Dab Tuner 698 Area-code 2 Area-code 2 The previous owner has left some music on the HDD, and I can rip from CDs in-car, but everything I've tried comes up as 'Unknown Artist/Album/Track etc': I presume this is to do with the Gracenote DB being out of date - can anyone point me to the most straightforward way to update it? Or am I wrong - it does seem like a bit of a weakness on BMW's part. I'm also struggling with getting music onto a USB stick and then into the car: I think this could be because I'm tripping over Apple Music DRM? An idiot's guide to how to do this either via Apple Music/iTunes or Windows Media would be really useful. Cheers!