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  1. roundy

    Ticked over 80000 miles today

    I'm similar @ 94k, and i had mine around 50k. 2x Headlight control modules 1x set of front & rear pads 1x set of front disc's 1x rear caliper as it was sticking 1x Air condenser (hole in it) 1x Battery 2x front lower arms 1x Gearbox service
  2. roundy

    F10 Door trim Part number

    Supply and fit price is £134.19. The part only is £71.83! ooooh!
  3. roundy

    F10 Door trim Part number

    Brilliant, thank you Matthew.
  4. Hi guys, Had a quick look on RealOEM and couldn't see the part number I needed, I was told it's' called a 'weather shield or outer passenger side rear high gloss scraper seal moulding'. I think it's number 17, 18 & 19? If anyone knows that would be great. Thanks
  5. fingers crossed they last longer than my Kumho's.
  6. I almost went for Kumho's again but the stock was really low at the time and the F1s were a steal for what I got them for. Can't fault them either and would still recommend them to anyone.
  7. Just had 4 refurbs myself, it's a nice feeling isn't it, well as long as they stay spotless and no damage I'm liking the Good Year F1 asymmetric 5's over my previous Kumho Ecsta LE Sport KU39 that I had, better grip and definitely not as noisy as well.
  8. others having similar issues... https://f10.5post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1288221
  9. This is what I'm hoping doesn't happen, if it does it's bye-bye for mine.
  10. Prep work done ready for the ceramic coating.
  11. Have my 5 running smoothly again, which I'm very happy about considering the hassle I've had over the last 2 weeks. All tyres swapped over for Good year F1 Eagle Asymmetric 5's All wheels refurbed with Bm center caps and M badges replaced Hunter balanced all round new Front disc and pads Next is a full paint correction along with ceramic protection being applied to body and wheels. Happy days
  12. Touchwood, my car is running perfectly after new front disc/pads, 4 new tyres and hunter alignment. Following issues are no longer present - Brake judder when first pressing the brake pedal under 30mph i had a drone noise which was coming from the front Vibration / not smooth driving at around 80mhp also gone. Hope it last given my recent luck.
  13. roundy

    Disc and pad replacement disaster!!

    I needed 2 rear as they were low and the fronts were worn on the one side, I spoke with the owner and he agreed for the inconvenience caused and him admitting to giving me a car back that was unsafe, with no brakes and had the calipers in a terrible state. I know it changes things once he knew incorrect parts had been fitted and didn't want to know. If i hadn't contacted the garage left dealing with it and paid i wouldn't have my car back now.
  14. roundy

    Disc and pad replacement disaster!!

    I completely agree on putting behind me, it's very unlucky what's happened and it won't ever happen again. Regarding not having the wheel refurbed though, i wouldn't say that's very sound advice given the are chunks missing from the back of the alloy and it would need rebalancing.
  15. roundy

    Disc and pad replacement disaster!!

    I know you are not sniping Boba and putting your point across, but i'll have to disagree. I don't agree i've given them a hard time at all nor have i supplied the wrong parts, ECP supplied the wrong parts after checking with them several times they would be correct and checking previous orders/invoices and measurements 348 disc / 348 pads / none high speed brake system. At the end of the day the car was given to me in an unsafe condition and could have been fatal, even if they had the right pads first time round they still continued to refit an unsafe caliper clip which caused damage. I wouldn't be shaking hands on it unfortunately or using the business again, i asked for them to meet me halfway or work with me and they don't want to know.