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  1. roundy

    F10 TMS Module Issues

    especially when a new Hella light comes with the TMS module for around £300! Jokers!!!
  2. roundy

    F10 TMS Module Issues

    They wanted £2k????? WOW!
  3. roundy

    Android replacement

    I've always played with swapping to one of these but didn't know if i could given i have the 360 surround camera's.
  4. roundy

    How dirty does white leather get ?

    I use drill with soft brush attachment and a leather cleaner, works very well.
  5. roundy

    Drivers Side door handle question

    Ah that's fine then. I think since having my car back from BMW a few months back i'm double checking everything.
  6. Hi all, Should the door handle on the drivers side when opened look like the attached picture? ie silver finish and not black/less noticeable like the rest of the doors? Just wondered if i had a cover/trim missing on that door. Thanks
  7. roundy

    Number plates.

    Same here but they seller didn't ask for any proof and posted them out.
  8. roundy

    F10 TMS Module Issues

    They are a pain without removing the wheel/lights themselves. I had a flexible screwdriver in the garage which was given to me as an xmas gift ages ago, what do you know it worked!!
  9. roundy

    List of errors from Carly

    Removed any flat spots and seems far more willing in sports mode etc. Still very smooth in doing so aswell, feels like the car should of had this from the start, glad i had it done.
  10. roundy

    F10 TMS Module Issues

    Have you removed the module to check for any corrosion on the pcb pins/contact area? If corrosion is present you can try some electrical cleaner, but from my experience that will buy you another few months before needing to replace the module again. I had this happen a few times on my drivers side lights, buying a new TMS module made no difference at this point and it was going to fail it's MOT. Unfortunately i had to buy a whole new Hella light cluster that came with a new TMS module also - since then no issues.
  11. roundy

    High mileage 525d 3.0d advice

    I had Celtic Tuning come out to the car and do it for me on my drive, think it was around £250-300 from memory. They can do it via the ODB port now instead of having to remove the Ecu etc. Because they are already detuned you get a nice increase from 201bhp to 254bhp stage 1, stage 2 is 335bhp - not had it confirmed on the rolling road, but it's a impressive increase over standard regardless. I've used Celtic for my previous Honda Civic 2.2 and other family cars and always been confident on the work carried out. No doubt they are places local to you or even members on here who can offer more info / provide the service.
  12. roundy

    High mileage 525d 3.0d advice

    I have the same as you Marko530d but remapped, not for everyone but put a smile on my face with the power increased at 60k on the clock.
  13. roundy

    BMW Brake system drive moderately

    Ran a scan on Carly and couldn't see any faults relating to it either, hoping it's a one off. I presume if it's a genuine fault that message continues to repeat itself/shows on the idrive when the cars started etc?
  14. Hi All, Has anyone had the message pop up on the screen and never see it again? "Brake System Continue Journey at a moderate speed. Brake pads need to be replaced. Have brake pads checked by service" When i say again i mean like 2 weeks after the event, no braking issues to report. Thanks
  15. roundy

    Android auto retro fit to f11??

    Can you also use one of these Android units if you have 360 camera view or does that not make any difference?