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  1. roundy

    Broken down , error codes

    And these are the so called BMW Technicians!!!!
  2. roundy

    Broken down , error codes

    I really do hate Sytner and how they return cars to their owners!!!
  3. £3.68 ones - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-x-BMW-WHEEL-CENTRE-CAPS-68MM-10-PIN-CLIP-FITS-1-3-5-7-Series-E90-E34-Z4/192956389251?hash=item2ced18d783:g:184AAOSwmCVZAOiz £7.00 (£6.95) ones - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-x-BMW-WHEEL-CENTRE-CAPS-68MM-10-PIN-CLIP-FITS-1-3-5-7-Series-E90-E34-Z4/192956389251?hash=item2ced18d783:g:184AAOSwmCVZAOiz or https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-x-WHEEL-CENTRE-CAPS-68MM-10-PIN-CLIP-FITS-BMW-1-3-5-7-Series-E90-E34-Z4/143309689741?hash=item215dec538d:g:590AAOSwccFdAQQZ
  4. Wax them up and you'll be fine
  5. I've always kept my copies wax/sealed and never had an issue. Going on 3 years now.
  6. roundy

    Drivetrain warning message

    Mine is only on start up like 2 mins down the road so i presume it would be something different on mine causing the issue.
  7. Any Bmw Specialist would probably give you a good idea what's behind the issues.
  8. roundy

    Drivetrain warning message

    Does this only happen Daveh65 at the very start of a journey?
  9. roundy

    Fault code 24A100

    Mines Evey few weeks
  10. The wheel refurber's said this was never touched when they carried the work as requested. I also had a garage check them over for re-assurance
  11. Maybe i just have bad luck then but since having new disc's again i did feel some judder the other week which was really annoying as i thought it was fixed 100% My list is similar to yours TARBY but i asked the guys when they refurbed the wheel not to touch the backs/contact area. if my issues continue i'll give up and sell the car as the judder drives me mental.
  12. roundy

    Fault code 24A100

    Lets hope that resolved the issue, i know this fault can be cleared with a diagnostics tool and mine has re-occurred a few times now. It's always at the beginning of a journey for me. How much did the above cost if you mind me asking? It happened to me just entering a round about once and almost caused a big collision!!
  13. roundy

    Coding Options Summary

    Other than the bracket needed is this a big job tot swap to these lights?
  14. roundy

    Removing run-flats

    For the price i couldn't find anything as good really, no complaints from me.
  15. roundy

    535d exhaust on 530d

    I almost went ahead with something similar, the was a company on ebay/london area who carry out the work for a dual/quad conversion. I've only ever seen one car with it done and it looked nice and not too over the top.