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  1. 5ADay

    525tds idle to low

    Hi guys Normally my e39 525tds with M51 engine idles at 750rpm. But last few days it's suddenly dropped to only 550rpm when idling Any ideas on what could be at fault? I'm guessing I can't adjust the idle as it's probably electronic controlled? Rob.
  2. Just an update, I changed number 4 injector with the wire, and this fixed the problem. Thanks very much for the help Rob.
  3. Thanks very much, i have 2 spare pumps and sets of injectors so hopefully can fix that.
  4. Anyone on here know much about the BMW m51 engine? I've got a BMW e39 525tds The DDE warning light has come on, and is reduced power like only half normal. I've had the codes read, and it shows: 05 commencement of delivery sensor. Any idea of what this means? Bit of resent history on the car, I had the IP and all 6 injectors fully rebuilt by Diesel Bob at ribble Valley diesel, as IP was leaking. Fitted the IP and injectors and all seemed good, then this code came up after 150 miles, and seems like it's really down on power, possibly in some sort of safe mode. Everything seems to be connected together properly still. I also just replaced the in tank electric fuel pump in case it was that, but no difference. Cheers Rob.
  5. 5ADay

    525tds car thinks its stuck in drive

    I sorted the problem last night. Thanks to the USA bmw forum, I found someone that had the exact same problem as mine in an E39 Turns out the oil level sensor on bottom of the engine sump had failed, this then blows fuse 15 which stops the alternator working along with the car thinking it's in drive when it isn't. All I had to do was disconnect the oil level sensor, replace fuse 15 in the glove box fuse box, and it's all back to normal again: ) Rob.
  6. 5ADay

    525tds car thinks its stuck in drive

    I managed to download inpa, but the version I got doesn't support my model E39 M51 engine seemed to be only one not on it. is there other ones I can try?
  7. 5ADay

    525tds car thinks its stuck in drive

    I do actually already have the cable that plugs in my cars round plug and has the usb on the other end for a laptop. It came with some software on CD, but my only laptop has a broken cd drive so I can't install the software. Anyone know where I can download it directly to the laptop rather than having to use the CD? Thanks Rob.
  8. 5ADay

    525tds car thinks its stuck in drive

    I'm not sure how to do that, I'm alright with a spanner and tools etc. But not the computer stuff, as I don't have one other than my phone. Is there a scanner I can buy off Amazon that works with obd1 like what's found on my 1997 525tds? Big round plug under the bonnet
  9. 5ADay

    525tds car thinks its stuck in drive

    I disconnected the battery last night and gave it a good charge. I've just connected it back up and is exactly the same still, gearbox selector says it's in what ever position you leave it in, but on the clocks below the rev gauge it just always shows a D, so car won't let me start it I have a spare one of these cars as a breaker for spares, I just removed the gearbox selector switch of the side of the automatic gearbox, and swapped them over, still the same. Anymore ideas anyone?
  10. I fitted a replacement engine to my 525tds touring last week. All went well I thought, and I had done around 30 miles on it so far. The engine bay needed a bit of a clean, as changing the engine can be a bit messy with oil and coolant getting everywhere. So yesterday i gave it a pressure wash under the engine bay, this morning I drove to work all okay. Then today when I started the car the battery light was on, pulling out of work carpark I noticed that the automatic gearbox was stuck in 1st gear and not shifting up. I pulled over in a safe place and turned car off, thinking I would restart it and see if ok. But now the car wont start, ignition lights all on but no click or turning over. Called the AA out, he plugged his battery in and made no difference. Then I noticed the dashboard was saying the car was in drive, when it is in park really. AA man managed to fool the car in to starting with a wire direct to the starter motor, and followed me home. Driving the car back it was only using first 3 gears for some reason. While it was running the AA man tested the alternator with multimeter and confirmed the battery light being on is correct as it doesn't have enough voltage to be charging. So my question is what is going on? Alternator failed from me washing engine bay 24 hours before, maybe? But what about the car thinking its stuck in drive when it isn't really? Both related? Starting to do my head in
  11. 5ADay

    BMW 525tds injection pump

    Yeah I think I'm going to fit the engine with the IP it's got, but then if ever needed I have a spare IP to get rebuilt and fit at later date
  12. 5ADay

    BMW 525tds injection pump

    Hello My 525tds engine died suddenly on me the other day, seized up while driving along! No warning, was running great as normal right up to the point it wasn't running what so ever As yet I still don't know why, weather been so crap I haven't had chance to work on it. I do now have a replacement engine to fit to it, which came complete with injection pump and injectors etc. Which brings me on to my question, my car is an Automatic, but the replacement engine I got came from a Manual gearbox car (same age and model apart from gearbox) Will I need to swap the injection pump over from my broken engine to the replacement engine? They both have the exact same part numbers on them, but I have read online that the automatic had different IP to the manual cars, the part numbers being the same suggests to me that information I read was wrong. Just wondering if anyone knows? I would rather fit the replacement engine without swapping the IP over, but if I need to would rather do it before it's fitted in a car for obvious reasons.
  13. 5ADay

    Android headunits

    The app runs fine in landscape mode once you manage to get past the sign in stage, all they need to do is move the blue sign in button up near the top of the first screen and no one would have an issue
  14. 5ADay

    Android headunits

    I have BBC sounds app working on my Android head unit. As arbitrary says the app expects it to be a phone in portrait, but I found the bottom of the screen shows the slightest part of the blue sign in button on the screen, I managed to press this with a stylus pen, and then once signed in it never shows it again and all is good. You can also get an app called rotation control which I believe can force portrait mode so you can get passed the sign in stage. I've attached picture of BBC sounds app running in my E39, yet another good feature of these android head units that you don't get on anything else I bet. While I'm here I will give quick update on how mine has been now it's been in the car for over a year. (22,000 miles) In short it's been bloody great, no problems with it what so ever. I now use Google maps everywhere I go, just so I can beat the traffic jams and crashes etc as it has live traffic data. And in last few months google updated it so now warns of speed cameras. Although not as good as the free tomtom speed camera app, so I still run that in the background. Spotify works perfectly, and can be run in split screen mode along side another app like Google maps etc. I do quite a lot of driving so also use sky news app for live sky new coverage when I want an update on news. One other thing worth pointing out is the quality of phone calls using the head unit is really good and clear. Cant fault it, and at £300 they are an absolute bargain
  15. 5ADay

    Treat for the car after 1 year ownership

    Yes I've done that with a kit off Ebay, I guess you spotted it still in the engine bay picture lol (don't have up to date pictures of engine bay)