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  1. huggy

    Rattles and annoying noises

    is it a rattle or a creaking sound... my idrive display was terrible and it was replaced and now silent - before it was like the display and boards and casing had delaminated like a wafer. The other one was the trip along the front doing the same, this was replaced and in doing so they found 2 bolts had not been put in to secure the dashboard.... very very sloppy, and definitely not Vorsprung Durch Tecniq
  2. huggy

    A little change

    Looks good, I have same looking car and thought of this but not keen because another white car i see regularly has the black side skirts and black side stripe with black boot lip spoiler and it’s nkt for me. but it would be a boring world if we all liked the same - for me i didn’t even have the boot lip spoiler on even though i have rest of M sport pack, When we got mini for wife in red with black roof i pushed her to normal alloy wheels as i don’t like black but within 6 months we were at wheel refurb place getting wheels stripped and painted black - that was definitely my fault
  3. huggy

    Too many thieves about !!

    didn't they offer to do this in Germany and cover 80% of the cost, replacement keys still cost owner 500 Euro though
  4. huggy

    530i, 540i or 530d

    I only reset my eco meter when serviced, so over last 10,000-12,000 miles I have averaged 46.8mpg with a 530D X-Drive M sport - the engine is sublime, uber economical when you want and brute force when needed Typically to and from work I get 44-48 on a long motorway journey I easily get 50-55 and if M6 is playing nicely through roadworks I can get 60-64 for complete journey, I have had 860/870 out of a tank and my aim is to get it over 900 miles. Our sales managers 530e gets nowhere near that level of economy will it make so much difference over time being diesel..... ?? not sure
  5. huggy

    Road noise

    I think they lost the meaning of the word premium apart from when totting up the price
  6. huggy

    Road noise

    Where did you get the seals ? Does it stop the squeak when door bounces on the catch ? brighter pictures of you have some please
  7. huggy

    What did you try before you went for a G31

    I am glad really I didn’t wait for new A6 as touchscreen only would have driven me mad too, I don’t touch my screen there is no need and touch screen means you need to oook at screen instead of road
  8. huggy

    Rattles and annoying noises

    great news
  9. huggy

    Collision warning

    yep, it’s scary eh when it bleeps then slams on
  10. pits quite a light show at times and did take some getting used to, but it does seem to work really well
  11. huggy

    Real world mpg and range

    Now averaged 47.3 over last 12,000 miles overall, generally get 52-56-62 on motorway depending if I drive sough through M6 roadworks where i coast at 50 ish and get around 60mpg or drive north on the open road an get around 52 driving around 70 ish all of which I think is amazing for a 3 litre x Drive
  12. huggy

    Online Entertainment

    Found out why trying to access it this morning, it would appear i signed out of it so warning message came up as i need to input my username and password
  13. huggy

    Online Entertainment

    yeah i had software update done not long ago but it happened again last week, nothing would fix it apart from turning off ignition and opening door and locking car and getting in and starting again and it worked
  14. huggy

    Online Entertainment

    yes quite, it was ok up to today but i haven’t used it for 2 weeks or so the tech does get confused from time to time, like the rear camera randomly just giving black screen i will try again tomorrow
  15. huggy

    Text message on display

    it is probably the worst manufacturer for explaining advanced features, they tell you in so many ways how to open a car door or move a seat but once it gets to tech its really flaky, dealer experts are pretty good though once you get hold of one of them