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  1. huggy

    Alloy Corrosion - Warranty?

    I would agree, its warranty unless there is an outside influence that has caused the corrosion around the hub and a repaired kurb graze on the rim is not outside influence for that corrosion
  2. huggy

    Creaking rear

    I had so many attempted repairs that seemed to fix it for maybe the rest of the day or a couple of days but it always came back, and it wasnt just the rear seat I felt it was rear (not active) suspension or rear bodywork not secured/welded properly - Special BMW gaffer tape was used in a lot of places to try and fix it
  3. huggy

    530e Replacement Battery Cost

    100k km is nothing over 6 years
  4. huggy

    530e Replacement Battery Cost

    or indded a problem for original owner when 2nd owner wants extra 000's taken off for battery depreciation
  5. huggy

    Keyless access break in

    Its the same as its been for years with or without remote access or remote keys, if someone wants your car, especially if its a proefessional steal to order team then they will steal it. If someone steals mine I just do not want it back
  6. huggy

    Creaking rear

    An amazing fix for a 40-50 grand prestige car eh
  7. huggy

    Creaking rear

    iincredibly well known and after 2.5 years made me change to an X3
  8. huggy

    G30 creaking

    It'll come back. I lost count of the number of times my seat came out and put back in, I was going to push them to check fuel tank and parcel shelf welds and boot lid but I got so fed up of rear seat creaking and rattling I got rid and bought an X3
  9. huggy

    Which music streaming service?

    I use deezer built into the car, I can use it on other devices like phone, Sonos and Alexa etc bit shame one cannot upgrade to family version track and artist order and deletion is terrible bit it does work ok
  10. huggy

    520d/530d conundrum.

    I have got over 900 miles in my 530D Xdrive, its gone now and I'm not gettinbg anything like thatr in my X3. Typically though 700-800 is easy, long distance motorway driving 55 mpg is easy, average was around 47 over 12,000 miles of mixed driving.
  11. huggy

    off to pastures new

    nice your 530 looks identical to my old one, and like you I wanted an X5 but wife said too big, and I had to listen as she rarely drove the 530 - but I love my X3 hope you enjoy yours as much
  12. huggy

    off to pastures new

    Sport mode around some good roads bought the MPG down I can tell you. as much as I hated M6 roadworks I think the long enforced 50mph limits helped. But I easily went from NorthWest to Manchester, Sunderland, Northampton, Eynesham, Dorking and back to NW easily - I can only remember my holiday in Scotland where I filled up anywhere bit my local place - and I checked MPG against calculation for miles and fuel needed to fill up and it was accurate not expecting same from X3
  13. huggy

    off to pastures new

    I didn’t go out for pano roig, let’s see how it is my 530d X drive could achieve over 60mpg and I often got 700-800 mile range and a few times over 900 miles so far this has averaged exactly 40mpg over 300 miles or so but mostly commuting and small roads so I am ok with that i need to do a long drive to see but from my normal day to day commute my 530 didn’t seem so much better - only time will tell - but the engine is sublime, I thought my 530 was smooth but this set up with acoustic glass is amazingly good
  14. huggy

    off to pastures new

    I like new tech and like how BMW have modernised a lot, II just prefer the display I have, maybe it’s the circular shape of the dials ? And I use head up for Nav each to his own. It’d be boring if we all liked the same things eh
  15. huggy

    off to pastures new

    X3 M40d with comfort pack, tech pack, M sport plus pack with adaptive suspension and panoramic roof