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  1. huggy

    Bosch Aerotwin Wiper blade

    yep i use same glass polish,
  2. huggy

    Bosch Aerotwin Wiper blade

    yes I thought same, but I have my car cleaned monthly as well as me cleaning it when necessary and screen is always polished, maybe a bad set of blades but they do vibrate and squeak
  3. huggy

    Bosch Aerotwin Wiper blade

    I didnt like them, they were very noisy and I needed to constantly wash the screen to quiet them down, they have settled down but I would have had OEM wipers fitted on service this month but I am replacing car for an X3 M40D instead.
  4. huggy

    Bye bye G30

    Looks a great car. Similar for me, fed up with rear seat on my 530 knocking and rattling for an X3 M40D
  5. huggy

    Brake pad replacement already ?

    No I hardly ever use cruise control, good point, nothing in car indicates the brakes need doing
  6. huggy

    First service cost

    My car is serviced as early as possible, idrive advised first service and it was done at 19,000 miles with nearly 1000 miles left on idrive, now second service is due and this was at 40,000 miles - I contacted BMW before reminder came up as I knew I would do the 2000 miles during my holiday but was told as it had done more than 36,000 miles cover had expired. I argued it was for two services but they said only if due in 36,000 miles - so careful driving got me nowhere really.
  7. My 530d is due a service next week at just over 40,000 miles, I had an inspection last week as fuel cap would not stay closed and needed replacement and dealer said rear brake pads are 80% worn and needed replacing on service at £240 !! its the First car I have owned since mid to late 90's that has needed brake pads, my previous cars all Audi and some quattro were up to 4 years old, 60/70,000 miles and never had brake pads needing replacement and I feel as I got older I use brakes less and allow car to coast more and more in eco mode so not sure why they have worn so badly, driving style is displayed with main service not due until over 40,000 miles I guess.
  8. huggy

    First service cost

    it does though, my first service was called up at 19,000 miles and is due second service in 20 miles at over 40,000 - so the free 3 year 36,000 mile service pack got me my first service only - if people bought it then it was a con, obviously why its not offered anymore and is now the 3 year 900 quid 2 service, brake fluid and MOT plan
  9. huggy

    G32 First Service

    Ageing brake fluid has certainly not reduced my braking capacity. it went in today to have a new fuel flap retainer fitted as it refused to stay closed, and I didn’t like the masking tape framed look, and apparently my rear brake pads are 80% worn - and as I tend mostly to use engine braking and casual driving I’m quite surprised, and it’s only now due it’s main service at 40,600 miles
  10. huggy

    G32 First Service

    Yes I get why they say brake fluid is changed, hence why it is heated and kept under vacuum at production line but our first car was a beetle and we had that up to when it was 11 years old and over 100000 miles and no fluid change, nor with my company cars and I never had it replaced on any car before, I always refused it this is BMW online quote for service, major service minor service, brake fluid change, MOT and two additional map updates...
  11. huggy

    G32 First Service

    Service pack is a rip off, I got it included as an extra to buy the car, 3year 36,000 mile service pack problem is after 30 months I need a second service at 39,000 miles but hey it’s gone beyond 36,000 so it’s not covered -so much for careful driving 2nd and third service including MOT and brake fluid is £900 amazing how brake fluid needs to be changed now when it never was, and having worked in car production lines I’m certain dealers do not keep their brake fluid heated and under vacuum to degas and use a vacuum system to evacuate brakes and then fill with outgassed fluid
  12. huggy

    Rattles and annoying noises

    Yes I know and EU sorted a trade deal with Mexico to allow them all to imported back to Germany before they are sold
  13. huggy

    Rattles and annoying noises

    Maybe the germans really cannot keep up with far eastern manufacturers
  14. huggy

    Rattles and annoying noises

    but even the mondeo that replaced the sierra in 1992/93 had insulation between plastics to stop creaks and squeaks.
  15. huggy

    Rattles and annoying noises

    quite cos a 50 grand car should be built with cheapest materials and just sound like a bag of spanners - apart from the engine none of the materials or build quality come anywhere close to Audi so its back to a quattro as soon as its financially viable, once this is 3 years old