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  1. Style5

    Rear Chrome Bumper

    Welcome to the hunt. What I’m having to do is find a painted straight rear, get it stripped and then re-chromed. New chrome rears just do not exist anywhere. There are some stainless steel items available from USA that Mick knows about and some pattern corners crop up but actual chrome straight rear blades are totally nonexistent. I have been searching 2 years solid and nothing. I look absolutely everywhere.
  2. Style5

    Rear Window Dealer Stickers

    Yes I have seen them on eBay too. Suspect he saw mine somewhere and decided to copy some of them to sell - copying is a great form of flattery Yes incorrect digit and symbols missing breaking up the address - it’s all in the details. That’s why I do my research and bought dozens of 70’s and 80’s car magazines to make sure they were right. Fair play I suppose, for the amount they’d sell, I couldn’t be arsed myself.
  3. Style5

    Rear Window Dealer Stickers

    Oh bugger. He was my go to person for all that type of stuff. I don’t know of anybody else. Frustrating
  4. Style5

    Rear Window Dealer Stickers

    Ask Dave at DMB Graphics. He can make you up a set of Dealership Plates same as your originals.
  5. Style5

    Rear Window Dealer Stickers

    Colver and Hencher in Bucks ? There’s a picture of their dealer sticker in my pictures in the opening post above.
  6. Hi there, nothing wrong with your English at all. Well done for finding us and thanks for buying the umbrella- glad you are enjoying it. Put up some photos of what you have ? Salut, rien de mal avec votre anglais du tout. Bravo de nous avoir trouvés et merci d'avoir acheté le parapluie - heureux que vous l'appréciiez. Mettez des photos de ce que vous avez?
  7. There’s nothing like boxes of E28 goodies when they arrive!
  8. Style5

    Thanks Brexit

    I don’t have much idea about politics and what’s done re Brexit is done. But I am struggling at this point to recognise any benefits yet coming our way from leaving ???
  9. Style5

    Rear Window Dealer Stickers

    Hi, Sorry but I have never seen that one. Rgds
  10. Style5

    F10 550i

    Yeah was gonna say the same - keep it de-badged and surprise a few annoying drivers ! It looks quite underwhelming and I love that.
  11. Style5

    E28 Stainless Steel Bumpers

    Thanks again Mick for the addition info. Happy New Year to you.
  12. Style5

    E28 Stainless Steel Bumpers

    Nice find Mick. Wish they had some better pictures though.........and do they do separates I wonder?
  13. Style5

    Petrol, and diesel sales banned by 2030!

    I agree with Duncan. COVID has proved one thing in that home working is possible and can work. I had been saying it for years to my company and now suddenly there is a complete 180 for it. So many benefits it’s shown including my quality of life radically improving, my safety (road accidents), less fuel, less CO2. This is what the Government wants so why was it encouraging people to get back to the office ? TBH, it is inevitable EV’s are now coming so as long as I can keep and drive my classic for 1000 miles a year, I’m ok with it. Just wonder what is going to generate all the electricity that will be needed.
  14. Style5

    Petrol, and diesel sales banned by 2030!

    Where will the government then get all their lost revenue from the loss in petrol or diesel sales........I have a feeling what’s around the corner for the then electric motorist?