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  1. Style5

    Alpina splitter

    Has anyone got photos of an up to 8/84 and after 8/84 item or of any spoiler so the difference shape or profile / fitting can be seen ?
  2. Hi, Does anybody wish to sell or know of someone who does ? I’m looking for Spark Model 1:43 Scale BMW E9 CSL Race cars, white with M Power stripe racing livery, specifically with car race Numbers #10, #11, #50, #51. Must be mint condition and have original case and outer sleeve if possible. Also looking for black Spark 1:43 Castrol livery BMW E9 CSL Race car, #1 or #2. Many thanks.
  3. Style5

    1:18 Otto e28 M5

    Hi, Do you still have the Black M5 ? Could you PM back please ? Jez
  4. Style5

    E28 Part Manufacturers

    Cheers for the info chaps. Still need to find out quite a bit more........
  5. Style5

    E28 Part Manufacturers

    Yeah Ford fitted Michelin too on the Granada 2.8i Injection Special.
  6. Style5

    E28 Part Manufacturers

    That’s brilliant. I’ve just bought uniroyals for mine. Guess I should of guessed Michelin with the TRX’s.
  7. Style5

    E28 Part Manufacturers

    Hi, Some may think “bit of an odd question” but I’ve been wondering for a while now what manufacturers used to make parts for the E28 and BMW in the 1980s ? Who made brake components ? (ATE i know of) Batteries ? What tyre make did E28s roll out the factory on ? Headlamps ? (Hella) Exhaust system ? Spoilers ? (Pfeba?) Anything really ? Cheers.
  8. Style5

    E28 Metal Fuel Tank Petrol Filler Cap

    Cheers Mick, I’m always on RealOEM myself. Hopefully my local dealer will be able to source me one. Jez
  9. Style5

    E28 Metal Fuel Tank Petrol Filler Cap

    Yes true - I have found some gems before. And yes, fitted very many different models indeed. I’ll let you know how I get on. Cheers
  10. Style5

    E28 Metal Fuel Tank Petrol Filler Cap

    Hi, i havent because I assumed they would only sell the later plastic type. That may be a bit naive on my part. I’ll try tomorrow. Cheers.
  11. Hi Does anybody have a mint or new metal type fuel filler cap for an E28 that they would part with / for sale ? Has to be absolutely mint or new. See photos for type. Thanks in advance Jez
  12. Style5

    E28 528i Manual with LSD, breaking complete car.

    Hi. Are the underneath exhaust sections Gen BMW ? Thanks Jez
  13. Style5

    E28 First Aid Kit - Boot Mounting

    That’s a great little thread Mick. Must do mine, had the FA kits, brackets and bits for ages.
  14. Style5

    ‘86 E28 528i Clutch Kit

    Thank you Ivor and Gaza. Really appreciate the advice. Regards
  15. Style5

    ‘86 E28 528i Clutch Kit

    They are from abroad aren’t they ? I’ll certainly keep them in mind. Cheers