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  1. Style5

    Petrol, and diesel sales banned by 2030!

    I agree with Duncan. COVID has proved one thing in that home working is possible and can work. I had been saying it for years to my company and now suddenly there is a complete 180 for it. So many benefits it’s shown including my quality of life radically improving, my safety (road accidents), less fuel, less CO2. This is what the Government wants so why was it encouraging people to get back to the office ? TBH, it is inevitable EV’s are now coming so as long as I can keep and drive my classic for 1000 miles a year, I’m ok with it. Just wonder what is going to generate all the electricity that will be needed.
  2. Style5

    Petrol, and diesel sales banned by 2030!

    Where will the government then get all their lost revenue from the loss in petrol or diesel sales........I have a feeling what’s around the corner for the then electric motorist?
  3. Style5

    Old BMW 1980s Bottles Wanted

    Bump Just resurrecting this thread in the hope someone else may see it and possibly have something?
  4. Style5

    E28 rear bumper both sides

    Look on eBay Australia. There are some on there.
  5. Style5

    Split through old age.

    “Split through old age” - I saw the title of this thread and thought - yes, that’s exactly what keeps happening to me! I didn’t realise it was about car parts !
  6. Style5

    Genuine Hartge (OZ) Alloy wheels 17x8.5 ET13

    That’s a lovely floor mat you have there !
  7. No longer required.
  8. Style5

    Old BMW 1980s Bottles Wanted

    Hi. Does anybody have any of the old BMW Bottles / Containers the same as in the photo they don’t want please ?
  9. Nice looking car indeed. That front number plate certainly isn’t going to fall off lol
  10. Style5

    1984 BMW E28 520i MANUAL

    Now that does look nice !
  11. Style5

    Grew up reading Warlord comics

    Commando, Beano and Street Machine sometimes. Topper Annual at Xmas.
  12. Style5

    TRX Style 1 Metric Rim Re-barrelled to 17 Inch

    Mixk - dat is so street man!
  13. Style5

    F31 XDrive Badge Position

    Actually not needed now. Managed to car down a local car for sale and get measurements. Regards
  14. Style5

    F31 XDrive Badge Position

    Hi All I normally post in the E28 section as I have one of these. However recently I acquired an F31 XDrive. The car was de-badged and I would like to replace the badges. I wonder if anybody could help me with the positioning of the XDrive badge on the tailgate - a diagram with dimensions would be fantastic if someone would be kind enough to take the time to do this. I have visited my local BMW dealer looking for a car to take measurements from but they have none in stock. I have also scoured the Internet. Many thanks in advance. Jez
  15. Thanks for the info Mick. Wonder if we all on here could influence any other parts for the transition? Get rear bumpers “classic status” ! Especially chromed ...........