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  1. No longer required.
  2. Style5

    Old BMW 1980s Bottles Wanted

    Hi. Does anybody have any of the old BMW Bottles / Containers the same as in the photo they don’t want please ?
  3. Nice looking car indeed. That front number plate certainly isn’t going to fall off lol
  4. Style5

    1984 BMW E28 520i MANUAL

    Now that does look nice !
  5. Style5

    Grew up reading Warlord comics

    Commando, Beano and Street Machine sometimes. Topper Annual at Xmas.
  6. Style5

    TRX Style 1 Metric Rim Re-barrelled to 17 Inch

    Mixk - dat is so street man!
  7. Style5

    F31 XDrive Badge Position

    Actually not needed now. Managed to car down a local car for sale and get measurements. Regards
  8. Style5

    F31 XDrive Badge Position

    Hi All I normally post in the E28 section as I have one of these. However recently I acquired an F31 XDrive. The car was de-badged and I would like to replace the badges. I wonder if anybody could help me with the positioning of the XDrive badge on the tailgate - a diagram with dimensions would be fantastic if someone would be kind enough to take the time to do this. I have visited my local BMW dealer looking for a car to take measurements from but they have none in stock. I have also scoured the Internet. Many thanks in advance. Jez
  9. Thanks for the info Mick. Wonder if we all on here could influence any other parts for the transition? Get rear bumpers “classic status” ! Especially chromed ...........
  10. Style5

    old skool ford fans - tool kit tools for sale

    Didn’t go for as much as I expected but not too bad. Current climate won’t help obviously. Glad they sold for you though.
  11. Style5

    E28 525e - Opal Green 89K Miles

    What is your gut feeling? Up or down?
  12. Style5

    E28 525e - Opal Green 89K Miles

    I appreciate this is very subjective, but in just trying to get a feel of values for models other than E28 M5s and M535s, what do you think of this one’s asking price of £8995 ?
  13. Style5

    Keyring for where my E28 once lived

    Nice one, thanks very much indeed !
  14. Style5

    Keyring for where my E28 once lived

    Guys, You both mean Ashdown Garage ones ? Shaun, I look all the blooming time on eBay - typical I missed one and only for a Fiver ! And Taffy, you threw 2 away ? OMG Hope the lady finds one, she lives in the right area if she’s been there forever ! Thanks for replying both. Jez PS, just seen the eBay ad - found it too ! £4 plus post and it was bloody mint !
  15. Style5

    old skool ford fans - tool kit tools for sale

    Blimey if I still had my 3.0 Capri I would of ripped your hand off for those. I reckon they’ll sell easy.